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DarkFox Market has been around for a year now, and with the recent dark market bust, it is gaining more users and vendors. DarkFox Market is using the famous Eckmar script, which in itself is not a bad thing since the script has been around for a few years now. But generally speaking, it is not a positive thing. So will the market be around in months and years to come? Is it advisable to use DarkFox Market? Is the market secure? Come a long with us as we unravel the answers to these questions on this article. Read on!

Some stats on DarkFox Market

Name:DarkFox Market
Founded:February, 2020
Total Users:81,800
Total Vendors:729
Total Products:6,545
Payment:Bitcoin (BTC)
Vendor Bond:150$

If you have used an eckmar script before, then you will feel right at home. The DarkFox Market feels and behaves like any other eckmar script. Though there seem to be some improvment in some areas of the script. And hopefully the admin have fixed some known and unknown bugs that exists in the famous eckmar script.

DarkFox Market Link

The main page of this marketplace is informative and shows some feature listings. These include all the Categories that exist, news, exchange rate and advanced search options for looking up any drugs you wish to buy.

Registration on DarkFox

Registration on DarkFox

DarkFox Registration page is simple and easy, just input a username, password and pin number and you are good to go.

Now, just like in any other big markets, a mnemonic is given, it is important to save the 24 word mnemonic since the only way to reset your password or pin is with this mnemonic.

Buying Drugs on DarkFox Market

Buying Drugs on DarkFox Market

Buying goods and any services here isn’t a struggle at all. After choosing a product on DarkFox Url, it is easy to get all the information on the product. These information include the feedback and refund policy. Again, DarkFox has even added an option to report on a listing so any scam can be detected fast.

DarkFox Market is a wallet based market. So what bdoes this mean? Well, before you can place an order you need to go to your wallet and deposit bitcoin.

It is highly advised to check the reviews on the product you wish to buy, the recent feedback tells a lot about the vendor and if he is running an exit scam. Always be very careful when undertaking any business on these markets. Remember it’s you alone against several other people. So it needs one to take extreme care and attention.

The market made sure to make the order process as simple and easy as possible. So simply make sure you have enough funds in your wallet and that you type in the address and hit the Purchase button and you’re good to go!


DarkFox has been around for a year now, It has a good design and east interface, if it will continue to stand against DDoS and will keep having good support it may become a leading market in the dark net space. Will it become the next Alphabay or dark market? only time will tell.