Darknet Markets Links And Mirrors

Dark0de Market (biggest darknet market)

Link: http://2z2wxm6p6thyo5fhi77tm5relbwhrh6pwmbb2tyhjjmydgggp2mtwzid.onion

World Market


You’ve got everything in the World Market. This market offers a wide array of categories which you can find both in darknet and clearnet sites as well.

Multisignature and periodic escrow make sure that your transactions are safe. There is a limited amount of time for vendors to ship and mark an item as shipped when a customer buys something from them. It doesn’t matter why the order is canceled. You will get your coins back. It’s up to you to finish and pay for the order once you’ve sent it. File a dispute if you don’t get your order, and your money will be held in escrow until the dispute is resolved. This way, you won’t lose your money.

It’s easy to find credit cards in this area. Each time you buy a card, you get a one-hour comment period. If you want to buy something, you can use our checker. As long as your credit card is declined, you won’t have to pay for the things you buy. If the card is activated, this happens by itself. You should let us know if you have any problems with this system, which is still very new.

You can buy anything at the World Market. There aren’t many websites like this one because there are so many things to choose from and the interface is so easy to use. The best phishing protection in the business is used by World Market to make sure you don’t end up on a fake site. If you like markets that have a lot of different things, World Market is a good place to go. People who want to go to darknet markets can click on an onion link for World Market in the top right corner to get there.

Darkfox Market


Following the closure of underground marketplaces, the number of customers and sellers on DarkFox Market has increased. The well-known Eckmar script isn’t always a bad thing because of its durability. The site also comes with prevalent security and safety features. As a user, whether you are a vendor or buyer, you can rest assured that all of your online activities are safe and sound.

To place an order on the DarkFox Market, you’ll need Bitcoin. And you will probably need a mixing service as well.
Reading the reviews of the items a vendor sells might teach you a lot about them. The vendor may be committing an exit scam based on this information.
Enter the address and then click the Buy button if you have enough money in your wallet.

DARKFOX MARKET accepts credit cards right now. Customers may use their credit cards to place orders quickly and easily.

DarkFox has been up and running for a year now. It has the potential to become a big participant in the dark net if it can withstand DDoS attacks and sustain adequate support. It’s questionable if it’ll be the next Alphabay or not. Only time will tell in the end.

In the meantime, it is highly important to conduct all of your activities in the market with your own discretion. Always keep your security and privacy priority. Always use a good OPSEC practices set to prevent something bad from happening and streamline your purchasing process in the DarkFox marketplace.

Vice City Market


Vice City is a new market that focuses on customer service and operational safety. ViceCity’s staff places a lot of value on listening to both customer and vendor feedback in order to make the best possible customer experience possible. In this case, you can go to Vice City by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

In Vice City, Escrow and Finalize Early are the only two multisignature options that can be used now. If you want to avoid having your account balance be drained by price changes, they also offer “wallet-less orders.” This means you don’t have to keep extra money in your account or risk having your balance be drained by price changes.
If you don’t have to, don’t deposit money into your bank account. If there is no more money left on an order, a fixed-price invoice can be sent out.

To add money to your market wallet, you can either add?page=account to the market’s URL or click on the wallet balance in the top right corner of the screen to see how much money you have.

To make sure you don’t fall for phishing, always check the address that has been signed with PGP. You can find the PGP Deposit Address Sign Key at the bottom of the Signed Addresses page.
View the wallet address linked to your account now. This means you can now see the address. If you send money to this address, it will be added to your account in three blockchain confirmations.

Things that can’t be sold in Vice City. As far as our point of view goes, we think that if you don’t sell any of these things, the risk to the general public goes down.

ASAP Market


This is a brand-new darknet firm that has just launched. The ASEAN Market was the name that was first used, but it was changed relatively immediately after that. It wasn’t previously one of the most well-known darknet marketplaces, but it’s fast gaining in popularity and, as a consequence, drawing an increasing number of merchants and customers as a result of this expansion. This guideline is provided for your convenience in addition to listings, anti-scam techniques, vendor fees, payment constraints, and other vital features. You will have an understanding of the platform’s benefits and weaknesses.

A significant number of people from all around the world have already made use of this darknet marketplace, which was launched in 2020 and has already attracted a large number of users. For a long time, the market was referred to as the Asean market.

Because of fraud or being shut down by government authorities, several darknet markets (like Dream Market) have been forced to close their doors and disappear. A consequence of this was that buyers began searching out merchants with a better reputation from which to make purchases.

On this website, you may acquire drugs, digital products, and forged items, all of which are illegal in the United States.

Because it includes a scam hunter as well as a detector for fraudulent reviews, this market has a particular advantage over its competitors. The same subject will be covered in greater depth in the following portion of this ASAP market analysis.

A substantial amount of money was saved by users who took use of the SegWit wallet capabilities provided by ASAP.

The Versus Project Market

Link: http://fklyn57dj4i6jcxvz3d352jawzoayixj43z4ra6korc6kylvvj5jjmad.onion

The team behind this project set out to reproduce the old ambiance of Silkroad and Hansa. These were not simply commercial centers, but they also formed large populations. It is too early to assess the VS market’s effectiveness in this regard. It is a “family company” based on trust and goodwill, according to its employees.

The project officially began in January 2019. DDoS assaults started right away. The damage was severe enough that the website had to be shut down. According to others, the Versus market underground web was a ruse. The platform’s administrator assures a quick restart. They use Reddit to interact with members of their network. As a result, there is cause to be optimistic…

When a new user enters the system, they immediately accept the conditions of the system. It is only visible to the account’s creator. It is the customer’s responsibility to keep unauthorized people from accessing their account. Furthermore, never try to manipulate the search tool by jamming phrases into it.

Only trustworthy sellers are permitted in this marketplace. Customers are urged to provide feedback to the authorities regarding retailers. Reviews must be objective and unbiased. If the statement is particularly vehement, the administration reserves the right to investigate it. Customers should try to resolve any issues with a vendor before publicly denouncing them.

A client who submits an unusually large number of orders without providing feedback may be barred from using the system. Clients should never reveal their true location when reviewing suppliers.


Link: http://nd2zbdovemz4arrgapdlu6yxfnuho6y7m7m4o3namvwrrjre5q4tpgqd.onion

CGMC was the inspiration for CannaHome. Their goal is to create an environment that encourages the use of cannabis and mushrooms.

CannaHome does not ship internationally and only ships inside the United States. Cannazon items may be shipped anywhere in the globe. The organization’s main target areas are Europe and the rest of the world.
Because CannaHome is based on the code and architecture of the former CGMC market, it is a natural successor. CannaHome now only permits cannabis and mushrooms, so if you’re looking for something else, you’ll have to go elsewhere.

CannaHome offers both multi-signature escrow and full payment, as well as two other cryptocurrencies (LTC and BTC).

New vendors must follow strict guidelines. Vendors must have at least 500 rated sales and six months of favorable, neutral, or negative marketplace experience. Vendors must also have a 4.95 or above in at least one of the five graded areas. Vendors should also be capable of speaking clearly and honestly. CannaHome is currently only available to those who live in the United States.

CannaHome Market is a private website that only registered users have access to. A user name and password are required to create an account.

You’ll be sent to CannaHome’s home page after finishing the registration process, where you may browse popular vendors and items.

Popular items, new additions, and vendor announcements are all included on the main page.

If you see anything you want, you can learn more about it by clicking on it, including shipping and handling costs.
After you’ve made your choice, click “Order Product” and enter your payment information (Bitcoin or Litecoin).

You’ll be asked for your mailing address and selected delivery method on the next page.

CannaHome, a new dark web market, has exploded in popularity in the previous year and is worth keeping an eye on.

Archetyp Market

Link: http://archeosyeznj7t6ll2z6vlxzmfbympaboeyvghyhu5vuatocp7zmrxad.onion

For the first time in history, Archetyp Market is a market that is only focused on pharmaceuticals and is entirely based in Europe. Among the drugs available at this store are prescription pain relievers and marijuana, as well as other items. When it comes to pharmaceutical products, the Archetyp marketplace provides one of the most comprehensive product collections and extensive search options available on the market.

For the greatest price per gram, you may be able to narrow down your search by filtering adverts based on the number of grams being offered. It is also possible to pick the vendor’s country of origin, as well as the shipping destinations that are available.

It is not possible to receive a refund for any listing charges incurred on Archetyp Market because shipping is already included in the price of each item. At the present, only the cryptocurrency Monero is supported (XMR). According to the firm, “in order to protect our clients’ personal information, we only offer cryptocurrencies that adhere to the most stringent privacy regulations available.”

Despite the fact that pharmaceuticals make for the vast bulk of market sales, market participants are free to sell anything as long as it does not break any existing legislation. “Anything associated with pornography or bigotry,” as well as “anything associated with guns, poisons, fraud, or dishonesty,” are just a few of the many restrictions. Anybody interested in becoming a vendor at the Archetyp Market must contact the organizers individually, as there is currently no automatic process in place.

Cypher Market

Link: http://cypher2u4ovlcntadcrqaf5lhcfcum53x5ruk7rwcfueelu33feuhqqd.onion

Cypher Market is a new darknet market that has gotten little attention from the public. It already has about 3,000 listings, with medicines accounting for more than half of them. Instructions, software, and viruses take up the rest of the space. They cover the key markets despite the fact that they do not have a huge number of goods or suppliers (North America, EU, and Australia).

The ease with which you may register with Cypher is one of its best advantages. A username and password are all that is necessary. Their captchas are simple, and their website is quick to load. The lower left corner of the main market page also has a link to “Latest Orders.” It shows the most recent purchases made by customers. If the vendor has made more than 200 sales in another market, the vendor bond has been waived. While the market remains popular, it does not appear to be slowing down.

Phishing, Malware & Software, Other, Hosting & Security, Other, Other, Other, Other, Other, Other, Other, Other, Other, Other, Other, It is the most often discussed topic. To choose a filter in this market, first search for anything, then click “Search.” You may now look for products by category, shipping address, and price range.

In general, it’s unclear why Cipher hasn’t acquired as much traction as other marketplaces. The lack of advanced search options or the obligation to pay for each item may perplex some. It is conceivable that the market does not approve of the design or that insufficient time was spent developing it. It’s not always a good idea to emphasize self-encryption of sensitive data. The market, on the other hand, has been open for more than a year and has a small but loyal user base.

Abacus Market

Link: http://5fd76rc4vjzf6ipzqmeubhhgpjn74lwdfyoat4juag6usuehngqaxiad.onion

Abacus is a year-old darknet market. To avoid confusion with the new AlphaBay, the market renamed itself “Alphabet” in October 2021. After the White House Market closed, the market gained some merchants, but not many vendors or merchandise. Most Abacus digital items are free elsewhere, and the Drugs & Chemicals category is half empty.

The managers claim they built it from scratch, although much of the UI originates from AlphaBay (which has been the subject of many imitators). Pages for listing vendors and categories are also offered. But, if it works and is easy, why fix it?

2800+ postings on Abacus Most of them are frauds, although over half are for services. Included are medicines and chemicals, counterfeit goods, digital products, guidelines and tutorials, jewels and gold, carded things, software and malware, security and hosting. Abacus has few listings, thus several categories are unfilled. Drugs includes over a dozen subcategories to help you discover what you need. Abacus users have access to standard search and filter capabilities. Them.

Abacus accepts BTC and XMR as payment. In spite of this, it can handle Multisig 2/3 payments, which certain merchants accept. Profitable vendors get FE (finalize early). Interesting feature in Abacus. Intriguingly, the FE varies with seller level (from 25% to 100%).

Many digital categories contain items that are not compatible.
With only one year in existence, Abacus Market is a relatively unknown darknet market. No items or vendors exist in the market. Some individuals enjoy the traditional bitcoin storage method, but most don’t.

In fact, the “Dark Amazon” concept of a large-scale anonymous market didn’t come true until Alphabay established an extensive and diversified market of many distinct sorts (latest stats of Alphabay proves that since Alphabay, no other market has reached those numbers again in terms of vendors and listings).

Tor2door Market

Link: http://tor2d7kpglncd5gq266idba5fftyvuhddl4twu3f7hzmpvmn3lgishid.onion

Tor2Door is a newly created darknet marketplace. This website contains advertisements for both physical and digital items. Tor2Door has a unique ambiance, so you won’t get lost. With over 10,000 listings, the market has a vast number of retailers. Tor2Door pioneered multisig escrow and designed it to be as simple to use as feasible. It operates as follows:

Users may swap BTC and XMR in a matter of seconds by using Tor2Door’s Swap service. Customers can exchange their cash for a single coin before leaving the restaurant.

As of this writing, Tor2Door has almost 10,000 goods listed. Medicines account for around two-thirds of the 47 classifications of drugs. It is therefore straightforward to search for specific objects inside a specified group.

To make payments in BTC and XMR, a market account and escrow mechanism may be employed. For individuals who want a 2/3 escrow arrangement, the multisig option is handy. To execute a transaction, you must connect your account to a Bitcoin public key (xpub).

Overall, the market for Tor2Door services has evolved to become one of the largest in the world. There are many pharmaceuticals and treatments available here, as well as an organized industry for electrical devices. As seen by the expanding number of people who use it, this looks to be a popular option. The wind is howling. Administration documents, user training, and a simple FAQ are all missing. Despite this, the market is still functioning effectively and has room for future growth.

Incognito Market

Link: http://hejoodyidt37amvtdkeyck22gqplkdj5x2q2iflzm4t5gx4qhx4qlqyd.onion

Because it is a new darknet market, signing up is simple. When it comes to selling items, this darknet market is one of the most careful and limited. Opiates, including oxycodone, heroin, and other drugs in this family, are no longer available for purchase (as opposed to the standard fentanyl-only ban).

Unlike other markets, Incognito features a dedicated gaming area from the rest of the market. Despite the premise that casino games are “provably fair,” proving this proved challenging (without making a deposit). On the main market, you may easily find what you’re looking for with a professional seller. Incognito vendors are capable of managing every step of the delivery process.

The six basic categories in Incognito Market are benzodiazepines, cannabinoids, dissociatives, psychedelics, stimulants, and miscellaneous. Aside from illicit narcotics, there are a number of mislabeled items to be wary of.

The only way Incognito Market might go wrong is if users are compelled to utilize an obsolete escrow system and market account. The first step is to deposit funds into your Incognito account using Bitcoin (BTC) or Monero (XMR). You may then go out and buy something. Other forms of payment are not accepted. The “FE” designation is given to providers who have demonstrated a track record of profitability.

On the overall, this darknet market looks to be run by a trustworthy firm. In the long term, this may allow them to avoid government scrutiny while other markets continue to disobey federal restrictions. Despite the market’s present size, there is still plenty of room for expansion. When it comes to darknet marketplaces, Incognito doesn’t have many payment options, but it performs an excellent job of connecting buyers and sellers.

Bohemia Market

Link: http://bohemit62pb7dbehmmqt2wuyjg47m4ormajeinmjwuagkk3j63ptn6id.onion

Darknet marketplaces are frequently short-lived due to the illicit items and services they sell. Criminal investigations, cyberattacks, and terrible methods to flee the nation have all resulted in a large number of deaths. Market administrators may kindly step aside from time to time, such as at the White House Market. There are a slew of reasons why your company may have to relocate. Is this correct? For those who are interested, we have a potential match for you.

At the end of June 2021, Bohemia is hoping to be renowned as a place where “Innovation Matters.” Recon integration, feedback from customers and sellers, and discount coupons are just a few of the features that make it simpler to shop on the platform. Take a look at this new dark web shopping website.

Bohemia appears to be the darknet market where privacy and security take precedence above speed. To get around the dark web, you’ll need to do some research and practice.

Now that you’ve logged in, you can begin making changes to your profile. Some precautions must be taken, however, due to security concerns. Your private key, like Bohemia’s PGP key, requires a lot of information. Every time you wish to access your account, you’ll be required to input a PGP-signed message that includes your username and password. This feature isn’t required for buyers, but it is for sellers.

Bohemia Market has a sleek, contemporary design. It’s easy to use and offers a wide range of search choices. As a result of the newness of the sector, there are fewer sellers and items than there were before.

Alphabay Market

Link: http://alpha7jlovh6tagqj5qx7oyjmnjk7ibpbsv7i3eh3dtf6dxt6ucwkvyd.onion

DeSnake, a co-administrator, has revived AlphaBay, a project he worked on earlier.

Alphabay’s market had reopened, according to DeSnake.

Are you aware of AlphaBay’s ongoing existence?

For anyone looking to purchase or sell goods and services anonymously and with confidence, AlphaBay has reopened. People who aren’t very good at what they do are running the markets. If you’re fed up with it, we’re here to help you out.

If you’re looking for the greatest customer service in the business and exceptional security, AlphaBay is the place to go. Experts that have worked in computer security, underground businesses, darknet markets, customer service and evading discovery for more than two decades can help you escape detection (LE).

With this in mind, we totally redesigned our programming, improved our servers and built up our own AlphaGuard (AG) system, which ensures that users and sellers may access wallet cash (including escrow) through I2P and Tor at any time, as well as automatically resolving disagreements between parties.

The top management has not changed, but all of the employees have been replaced for concerns of safety. Support and dispute enquiries will benefit from these improvements in terms of efficiency and response time.

The term “Automatic Dispute Resolution,” or ADR, refers to a system that will be implemented by DNM. They may also agree to prolong the escrow term, obtain new goods, or get a partial refund or new goods. Accepting or rejecting the other’s proposal is a choice that both parties have the option of making. As a mediator in the case of a conflict, the creators think ADR is an excellent idea because it doesn’t call for the presence of both sides.

Sellers know about your predicament, otherwise you’d try to get a refund by returning or exchanging the item. By looking back at earlier occurrences, moderators are able to quickly resolve disagreements. This approach is intended to be beneficial to them.


Link: http://dzmuoqiv7ghydvpgkn6mxhxjyhxe7razour57l457gfqhziljsaneoad.onion

Suppliers prefer the darknet because it allows them to conduct business for extended periods of time without being observed. However, just a few companies have opted to remain in the game for as long as they have. GammaGoblin is here.

This reputable darknet trader has been in business for a long time. At one time, he was on the Silk Road. That’s been roughly 7-8 years. People who sell items on the darknet are having a great time right now.

He’s been selling LSD tablets on the dark web for a long time, which implies a lot.

This vendor does not send any money at all. A bulk trader, such as GammaGoblin, will only ship (or push) large quantities. Smaller amounts are easy to come by on sites like White House Market.

Each of these should contain 105 ug of LSD, not the quantity of water used to manufacture them. It’s difficult to tell how much acid is in a tab. 100ug: I’ve heard GammaGoblin refer to blotters as 100ug, 100-110ug, and 105 ug, although I’m not sure why. I’ve seen 99.9 percent of Needlepoint offered as 99.5+ Needlepoint in the past. Consider how much safer and more secure this is than buying from strangers on the street, such as at a shop.

LSD experiences vary greatly. It’s unclear if the pills are under or overdosed. There are several factors that might make your journey more difficult, such as being weary, hungry, or thirsty, or relocating to a new location. Wikipedia has a lot of information about “setting and setting.” GammaGoblin correctly stores your tabs. The majority of tabs are mailed a week after they are opened.