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Abacus Market: Best Offers to Check

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Abacus Market Link & URL: ueokpqhkj3xyyupozf4rpeapynjolzmgjyderlez7ehptm74bpkaesid.onion

Abacus Market Link Abacus Dark Web Market
Abacus Market Link Abacus Dark Web Market

It’s been just over a year since Abacus went live on the darknet, making it a relatively new player. “Alphabet” was no longer able to sustain itself in October 2021, therefore the market renamed itself. A new AlphaBay market was recently relaunched, and this was done to reduce confusion. A few more stalls popped up after The White House Market was closed down. On the whole, the selection of suppliers and products is limited. This category on Abacus has hardly nothing in it, and most digital goods can be found elsewhere.

If you are new to Abacus Market, or simply want to find some interesting offers there, save your time for researching alone and take a look at our list instead.


RickandMortyy comes NL. Sourcing and shipping from NL, it offers the free shipping worldwide. They are offering Cocaine, Crack, Ketamine, and more. So, if you are outside of the NL, you won’t need to worry since you will have the same chance with other people to attain the product online.

  • High Quality Peruvian Fishscale Cocaine
  • High Quality Afghan Heroin #3
  • Crack Cocaine Cooked In Ammonia ( Ammonia Base ) Very Strong
  • High Quality Pure MDMA Crystal ( Lab Made )
  • High Quality Pure Ketamine S – Isomer
  • High Quality Dutch Amnesia/Haze Weed Buds

They’ll be blown away by the low prices and good quality of the items the vendor sell in their business. Because merchants guarantee the safety of their products, it’s always safe to buy from them. When you place an order with us, you can rest assured that it will arrive in pristine condition. Let your vendor know if you have any concerns or questions.

Our purchases are neatly packaged in mylar bags by the merchant. Before putting them in, they make sure they are well vacuumed.

Rubbing alcohol will then be used to clean the mylar bags of any leftover odors or residue.

Shipment and stealth procedures are employed by the vendor, and they have an excellent chance of getting the goods to most countries.

Please get in touch with me if something goes wrong with your order before posting a poor review.

The vendor will do everything in its power to meet the needs of each and every one of our customers. They’ll work with you to find a solution if you’re having an issue.

If you have any questions concerning my products or your order, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. A response will be sent to your email within 24 hours.

California Soul

California Soul is a reputable vendor in the Abacus Market that comes from the UK.

Here are the Prices for GSC flower Great quality and Lemon haze hash which is fragrant and malleable


  • 1G = 8 GBP
  • 2G = 14GBP
  • 3.5 = 25GBP
  • 7G = 45GBP
  • 14G = 85 GBP

They are also providing the Ketamin in the market.


  • 0.5G £14
  • 1G £22
  • 3.5G £65
  • 7G £118
  • 14G £224
  • 28G £412


ExpressService is competing with the other vendors in the Magic Mushrooms products. It is indeed one of the best vendors in Abacus market you are willing to check. The vendor has considerable experience both offline and online.

To be sure, you could check on its main profile to see its reputation and feedback online.

As mentioned in their profile, they are offering high class SPEED PASTE without cutting agents. They also claim that MAGIC MUSHROOMS are available in their supply.

Current strains:

  • – Mazatapec; strenght: 4/5
  • – McKennaii; strength: 5/5 (will blow your mind away)
  • – B+; strength: 3,5/5
  • – Hawaiian; strength: 3,5/5

All strains will give you a great psychedelic and mind opening experience.


It is the vendor which serves the global customers. No matter where you are, if you need a meth, this seller is ready to help you out. Here are the products which they are offering:


They have pretty good party packs. It is worth your time to check what they are offering to you.

About Abacus Market

managers claim to have started from scratch, even though much of the UI is heavily inspired by AlphaBay (which has been the subject of many imitators). Menus, listing pages, vendor pages, categories, and listing styles are included in the bundle. If you’ve got a good thing, why mess with it?

As of this writing, Abacus has about 2,800 active listings. More over half of these posts are legitimate, despite the fact that the majority of them are fraudulent. Pharmacy and chemical products, counterfeit goods, digital products, educational materials, jewelry and gold, carded things, software and malware, and security and hosting are all examples of this type of business. Several Abacus categories are unfilled due to a lack of listings. There are over two dozen subcategories in the Drugs category to help you discover what you’re searching for. In addition to the conventional functionality, Abacus provides search and filter options. Tossing your time away is a waste of energy.

Bitcoin and XMR have been introduced to Abacus’s payment options. Multisig 2/3 payments are still available, and are used by several retailers. FE is available to vendors with a large amount of completed sales (finalize early). Abacus’s FE percentage might range from 25 percent to 100 percent depending on the vendor’s level.

Abacus Market, a previously unknown darknet marketplace, was unable to gain the trust of many users in its first year of existence. The market functions as it should, but there are no goods or merchants to buy or sell them. Despite its lack of originality and novelty, the normal account wallet system is popular among its users.

If you’re surprised, advertising in your area is prohibited. When it comes to Abacus, there are some regulations. We adhere to a set of principles that includes, but is not limited to, treating others with respect, avoiding market fraud, and always thinking about your own interests. Please notify us if you discover something not listed on this website, as it’s hard to include everything. Our website does not allow the sale of human or animal parts, services that damage others (physical or mental), fentanyl or its analogues, poisons, guns, explosives, or any other products that could be used in terrorist acts (exceptions include tasers and pepper sprays).

“The war on drugs” has resulted in many fatalities, abuse of power, and wasteful spending by the public sector, according to Abacus Market. Access to illegal drugs by individuals should not be limited. If you’re in a similar predicament, you can either buy it on the street or share your experiences with others.