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ASAP Market Link & URL: http://o3yvmfelgdud3gz5f4sct2me7fgh6n2kegaxoevlmiydentxvhol63yd.onion

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ASAP market is a promising darknet project that is still in its early stages. This market was dubbed the Southeast Asian Market shortly after its inception (SEM). This market, which has yet to become one of the largest and most well-known darknet markets, is attracting an increasing number of merchants and customers. Using this market evaluation, you can learn about ASAP in great detail and with the most up-to-date information available. You will be able to learn about the company’s listings and anti-scam measures, as well as vendor fees and payment procedures, as a new user. This course will teach you about the platform’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as its competitive advantages.

Hundreds of dealers and clients throughout the world are already familiar with the darknet market, which was founded in 2020. It was once known as the Asean market, as previously indicated.

It was able to gain traction since a number of previous darknet markets (such as Dream market) were shut down, defrauded, or otherwise shut down by authorities.

This website sells illegal drugs, counterfeit items, and digital goods.

This market has a major competitive edge because to sophisticated security measures including a scam hunter and a detector for fraudulent reviews. Each of these sectors is covered in detail in this ASAP market analysis.

According to the dark.fail website, by the end of 2020. It is an important milestone for any darknet market to strive for in the future since it proves that the market adheres to the highest quality standards.

One of the first places where clients could save money when the darknet enabled SegWit wallets was ASAP.


The store offers 30% extra for all order. As the name suggests, the vendor offers the high quality weed products for their customers.

Are you looking for a marijuana dispensary that can meet all of your physical and emotional requirements? WeedFromHome is a fantastic alternative for all of this. WeedFromHome strives to provide the greatest quality locally cultivated weeds to our clients while also providing the best possible customer service.

They provide Canada’s fastest and safest delivery service, as well as some of the highest-quality marijuana available. Because they take security very seriously, your items will be discretely wrapped, vacuum-sealed (odor proof), and precisely sealed in a Mylar bag before delivery.

They provide this service to safeguard the safety of both our organization and yours. If you have any further queries, please contact them.

All Prices are in Canadian Dollar

The things they offer:

  • Pink Kush AAA
  • Girl Scout Cookies AAA
  • Cream Caramel AAAA
  • Red Velvet Pie AAAA
  • Critical Kush AAAA
  • Double Black Cookies

More price options available, free feel to send them a message on ASAP Market.


The store claimed to offer 30% cheaper products such as Cocaine, MDA, MDMA, and Meth. They also have reputation on other darknet markets. You could check their information in the other marketplaces too.

TopShellNL – A Vendor from NL

For buyers from NL or Europe, TopShellNL could be one of the best things to check to locate the best stash. Moreoever, the store also offers the safe worldwide shipping. It is one of the most trustworthy vendors from NL. And as you’d expect, you will get the products right straight from the NL. They are selling only uncut and pure products.

Here are the perks of shopping at TopShellNL:

  • Shipping to any country in the world is quick, secure, and free.
  • They are a seasoned seller who also provides tracked international shipment.
  • There are dozens of various, one-of-a-kind ultimate stealths and decoys.
  • They keep our stealths and decoys up to date, and we develop and adapt our tactics on a regular basis.
  • The highest-quality pharmaceuticals, delivered in the most secure manners, at the most competitive costs
  • They will always be there to assist you if you have good and timely communication.
  • They can mail as many bulk packages as you desire at any time. There are always outrageous specials.

Products & pricings

  • 2C-B HCl powder 99%: 1g €80 / 5g €275 / 10g €500 / 100g €4100 / 250g €10250
  • 3-MMC Metaphedrone 99%: 1g €20 / 10g €115 / 100g €650 / 250g €1450 / 1kg €5250
  • 4-MMC Mephedrone 99%: 1g €25 / 10g €170 / 100g €1250 / 250g €2350 € 1kg €8750
  • Amnesia Haze 22% THC: 2.5g €35 / 5g €60 / 10g €115 / 25g €240
  • Colombian Cocaine 88%: 1g €75 / 3g €195 / 10g €575 / 100g €5100 / 250g €12000
  • Crystal Meth Ice 98%: 1g €45 / 10g €310 / 100g €2100 / 250g €4450 / 500g €8600
  • Ketamine S isomer 99%: 1g €25 / 5g €90 / 10g €150 / 100g €1350 / 1kg €9900
  • Ketamine R isomer 99%: 1g €25 / 5g €90 / 10g €150 / 100g €1350 / 1kg €9900
  • Dutch MDMA 84%: 1g €20 / 5g €50 / 10g €80 / 25g €180 / 100g €550 / 1kg €4750
  • Uncut Dutch Speed 75%: 5g €30 / 10g €55 / 100g €250 / 500g €1000 / 1kg €1800
  • 2mg Xanax Alprazolam: 10x €30 / 25x €55 / 100x €145 / 500x €550 / 1000x €1050

Sneedsweed – GLOBAL

Sneedsweed runs their operation globally. For the buyers who are looking for the products shipped around the world, it is definitely a bang of the buck choice.

Many lovers have been in contact with this seller for great tasting and frosty buds. the store itself has over 700++ positive reviews from the customers online. With such visibility, it is indeed clear perk to use when shopping around in the ASAP Market.


If you’re a fan of browsing through catalogs, ASAP Market is a terrific place for you to do it. Many other topics are covered on the site despite its focus on drugs. Because the market is so dynamic, new listings are being added on a daily basis, so you’ll want to return frequently. If you’re on a darknet market, the onion link for ASAP Market at the top right of the screen is a nice one to use.

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