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Torrez Market

torrez market tutorial
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Torrez Market is a community-driven marketplace in the darknet world. As expected from the darknet marketplaces, this site offers a wide array of items, including drugs, digital products, and services.

It accepts different cryptocurrencies for payment.

Prepare this before attempting to access Torrez Marketplace.

The Torrez market is located on the Tor network. Therefore, you will not be able to access it through your usual browser. You will need to download and install the Tor Browser to access the site.

Therefore, you will need to prepare PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) for encrypting and decrypting messages that take place in the marketplace. It is also the way to verify your identity.

Since the marketplace accepts different cryptocurrencies, you will also want to learn about cryptocurrencies first before proceeding. Torrez Market accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, and Zcash. Learn about cryptography. On most common occasions, it is much safer to use a mixer service to remove the traces of your activities from the internet.

Using the Tor Browser itself is not enough to ensure your safety and anonymity. Consider layering your security with a VPN service.

Also, it is much safer to use a dedicated device for the darknet marketplace. Do not use your regular device that you usually use to browse through encrypted sites. Purchase a new device for using your darknet markets on a daily basis.

Torrez Market Darknet Market Screenshot

Registering an account

Torrez Market welcomes everyone who wants to participate in the darknet market. Therefore, you can join the site without complexity. Create a username and password. Make sure to use a unique username that is not your real name. Use complex passwords that are hard to hack.

There’s a space for the invitation code. But it is optional.

There will be a CAPTCHA challenge to overcome to verify that you’re human.

You will also receive a MNEMONIC. Make sure to save these in the safest place you can find. It is the only way you can recover your account if something happens in the future.

Torrez Navigation and Interaction

Using Torrez’s marketplace is easy. The user interface is indeed different from other common darknet marketplaces. However, it is easy to navigate the site, even if you are a new user or new to the darknet world.
On the left sidebar, you will find the categories that you can hit to start looking at the listings. There is a listing preview in the middle part of the page.

The good thing about this site is that the UI is condensed, making it easier to reach every feature you need for a good shopping experience.

On the top left hand side, there is a user menu that includes several components, such as My Account, Communication Center, Support, and Currency.

In the currency part, the site will show the currency that you prefer.

There is a “+” at the right of the category names. When you click it, it will expand to the sub-categories. From there, you can find and narrow down the lists.

One of the top rated categories on this site is drugs and chemicals.

Torrez Dark Web Market Profile

Search functions

Torrez has search functions that can help you find the products in no time. It comes with both basic and advanced search functions. In the basic search, you simply type the search term to locate your product in seconds. Basic search is useful in that it lets you see the tip of the iceberg.If you want deeper coverage, you can use the advanced search feature.

The advanced search comes with various filters that you can use to effectively narrow down the results, such as Product Type, Shipping From, Payment, Vendors, Price From, Price To, and many more. You can get really creative with the advanced search feature to find the best products in the marketplace instantly.

Choosing the right vendor at the marketplace

If you’re new to this site, choosing the right vendor can be a bit tricky for you. It’s not only that there are a lot of vendors who offer the same things there, but also the nature of the marketplace itself, where there are some scammers lurking around. But, there’s a good way that you can do it to locate the best vendor.

First things first, it is always right to read the vendor’s profile first. Through the profile, you will be able to find a lot of things. The profile shows the statistics of the transactions. You will want to focus only on the vendors who have a high success rate of successful transactions.

When the numbers of failed transactions are greater than the successful ones, you will want to reconsider your choice and focus only on vendors with good numbers of successful rates.
Sometimes, the signals that you get from the internal site are not convincing enough. If that describes you well, you could also consider looking at the user-generated reviews on other sites. Dread and The Hub forums may be the best places to check to evaluate your vendors.The users shared their experiences at Torrez through forums since they think that they have more freedom to express their feelings there.

Based on the two recommendations above, you will be able to narrow down some of the best vendor candidates. Consider contacting the vendor first before making a purchase. You will know if you are suitable for the vendor or not by judging their courtesy when serving you.

Torrez is a wallet-less market. Therefore, you won’t need to add funds to your account to start shopping.

Find the product by browsing through the search function, categories, and your vendors. Click the “Buy Now” button to add the product to the cart. Then you need to choose the quantity, the type of payment, and the shipping option. You will also need to add your public PGP key if you are choosing a multisig escrow transaction. If it is the first time for you, we’d recommend you use multisig for safety reasons.

In the last box, you will need to fill out shipping information. Place an order, and the order will be in progress after paying.


Torrez does not have a dedicated forum. But you can see the users shared their experiences of using Torrez on popular sites like Majestic Garden, Dread, etc.

Consider using the site at your own discretion. Happy shopping.