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What kind of Goods can you buy on Abacus Market?

What kind of Goods can you buy on Abacus Market
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Abacus Market, an online marketplace on the darknet, began operating as AlphaBet in early 2020. To distinguish itself from the recently re-launched AlphaBay, which was shut down by law enforcement, the market renamed itself Abacus. It has since outgrown AlphaBay in both sales volume and customer base.

In addition to its namesake, Abacus is modeled after the old AlphaBay. The admin team describes AlphaBay as the most user-friendly and intuitive darknet marketplace.

Abacus resembles the AlphaBay marketplace but has many modern features, such as support for XMR and BTC multi-sig transactions. These features allow you to choose how much of a payment is held in escrow until delivery is confirmed.

Additionally, the capacity to differentiate between different levels of FOB (100% upon delivery, 75% upon arrival in port, 50% at the commencement of the voyage, and 25% at loading) is a fine feature.

Registering for the Abacus market is somewhat of a hassle compared to other markets, still offers a wide variety of features that seasoned users will appreciate.

What Kind of Products Are On the Abacus Market?

Though young, the Abacus market is one of the biggest darknet markets. Abacus is a comprehensive directory of chemicals, drugs, and other businesses with over 12,000 listings currently in the Drugs and Chemicals section.

The market has attracted many vendors since some buildings that formerly housed them were recently closed. Vendors offer shipping services to all parts of the world, and many vendors offer worldwide shipping. Most products are listed in fraud categories, while others include drugs, chemicals, and Counterfeit items. The listings of each category are as follows.

CategoriesNumber of Listings
Drugs and Chemicals316
Counterfeit Items6
Digital Marketing414
Guides and Tutorials134
Jewels and Golds0
Carded items0
What Kind of Products Are On the Abacus Market?: Made by Author (Source: Abacus Official Site)

People can purchase counterfeit jewelry and software, including stolen gold, silver, and other valuable items, as well as programs for hacking into computer networks or systems. The software and Malware Category includes Botnets and Malware, Exploit Kits, Exploits, Security Software, and others

Among all categories, the drug and chemical section is most popular with around 316 products. The drugs and chemical category have more visits as compared to other categories.

Drugs & Chemicals
BenzosPills, Powder, Others
Cannabis & HashBuds & Flowers, Concentrates, Edibles, Seeds, Hash, Cart, Others, Synthetic
DissociativesKetamine, GHB, MXE, Others
EcstasyPills, MDMA, MDA, Others
OpioidsPills, Heroin, Oxycodone, Codeine, Dihydrocodeine, Hydrocodone, Morphine
StimulantsAdderal & Vyvanse, Cocaine, Speed, Meth, Others
PsychedelicsLSD, Shrooms, DMT, Mescaline, LSA, DMA/DOX, NBOME
Drugs & Chemicals

The fraud category has the largest number of listings in the abacus darknet market. The fraud section includes stolen credit cards, identity theft services, and stolen personal information, such as social security numbers. There are also services for hacking mobile phones and computers and getting hold of usernames and passwords for various accounts.

Accounts and Bank Drops
CVV and Cards
Personal Information & Scans
Digital goods

Abacus features a variety of search and filter features that allow shoppers to easily locate items they wish to purchase. The site allows users to filter their search results by vendor, shipment details, category (including multiple categories), price range, and product type.

Furthermore, you can filter your results by currency accepted, whether or not the provider accepts escrow orders, and whether or not they offer multi-sig options. You can optimize the results with several different filters.

Abacus market accepts both Bitcoin and Monero for deposits, making it easier for our customers to deposit and withdraw their cryptocurrency. Monero, a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency, is a better option because of its privacy-enhanced features.

Abacus does not allow the sale of certain items or services prohibited by law. To protect innocent people from harm, the Abacus darknet market has prohibited the sale of certain products and services. Those items are

  1.  Any product or service related to child abuse, including but not limited to child pornography and child prostitution.
  1. Any kind of services that offer selling humans and their body parts.
  1. Any product or service related to causing harm to someone, like physical or mental harm, including threatening,  assassination, arson, harassment, surveillance, etc.
  1. Any product or service that produces or sells weapons of mass destruction (WMD).
  1. Any product or service related to the production or sale of illegal drugs. Fentanyl or analogs and poisons are strictly prohibited.

Final Words

This brings us to the end of our Abacus market review. We have classified it as the best darknet market for this year. While it does not have many development plans, the flexibility offered by its features compensates for that. It helps you do your business in private and has a live support system that is always active to help you out with any difficulty. This makes it very easy for even newbies to operate on this forum.