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What Kind of Goods Can You Buy On Tor2door Market?

What Kind of Goods Can You Buy On Tor2door Market
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Tor2Door Market, a young and growing dark web marketplace, opened for business in late 2020. The platform is more modern and user-friendly, with additional security measures and an advanced payment system.

The project’s administration emphasizes that usability and security are the two main priorities. Tor2Door aims to help dark web users with little experience use the marketplace more effectively.

The market features XMPP notifications, which are used to notify users

Tor2Door Market
Tor2Door Market

The platform offers a wide range of payment methods, including bitcoin, Escrow, XMR, FE, and Multisig. TOR offers competitive prices, and all trades are confirmed instantly. They allow you to trade in a variety of ways, including advanced and flexible strategies.

This website differs from similar sites on the darknet because it was written by the best programmers without relying on templates. Therefore, the site is protected from hacking and the leaking of user data by third parties.

Tor2door has never been hacked or had user data stolen in the 2 years it has been operational. It also has the cheapest darknet bitcoin exchange we’ve found.

The fact that vendors have access to products from all over the globe is a key differentiator for Tor2door – something that only a few other e-commerce platforms can provide.

What Kind of Products Are On the Tor2door Market?

Tor2door has more than 26,000 listings and 1,000 vendors listed from around the world. The sales commission on the Tor2door market is 5  percent.

The listings on the dark web reflect traditional drug marketplaces on the surface web. Drugs and chemicals account for more than 50% of the total listings. Most popular drugs include (Benzos, Cannabis & Hash, Dissociatives, Ecstasy, Stimulants, Opioids, Prescriptions, Psychedelics, Others)

In addition to the drugs and chemicals, there are also digital listings( Complete Guides & Tutorials, Erotica, E-Books, and Account Information). These comprise approximately 20% or more of the market’s total listings.

Users can also purchase fraudulent items, including counterfeit jewelry( gold, silver, etc.) and softwares (Software & Malware,VPN, Hosting, SOCKS, and others). They also sell predators like botnets and Exploits.

Listings on Tor2Door are classified under the following categories (and subcategories):

Drugs & Chemicals7031
Digital Products2331
Counterfeit Items48
Jewels & Gold10
Software and Housing186

Among the items we found, drugs and chemicals were the most varied. The search yielded a large quantity of high-quality Colombian cocaine, oxycodone capsules, and other assorted drugs. The drugs were organized into subcategories, and each drug could be easily found.

Drugs & Chemicals
BenzosPills, Powder, Others
Cannabis & HashBuds & Flowers, Concentrates, Edibles, Seeds, Hash, Others, Synthetic
DissociativesKetamine, GHB, Others
EcstasyPills, MDMA, MDA, Others
OpioidsPills, Heroin, Oxycodone, Codeine, Dihydrocodeine, Hydrocodone, Morphine
StimulantsAdderal & Vyvanse, Cocaine, Speed, Meth, Others
PsychedelicsLSD, Shrooms, DMT, Mescaline, LSA, DMA/DOX, NBOME

Other categories of stolen goods include personal fraud (identity theft and credit card fraud) as well as physical thefts (bags, clothing, jewelry).

The items available on these markets were similar to those on more established darknet markets, but they had not yet reached the same level of popularity.

Categories have subcategories, which can be accessed by hovering over the category name. Unfortunately, spam listings for worthless digital products are common in most major categories of the Tor2door Marketplace, which can make browsing a slow and tedious process.

The good thing is that Tor2Door offers a number of filters to help users narrow down listings for locations, categories, and dates. This helps in choosing authentic products from honest vendors.

The product catalog offers a variety of filters, including product type, price, seller’s last shipment, category, and payment method.

Tor2door does not allow the sale of certain items or services. As a means of protecting innocent people from harm, TOR has prohibited the sale of certain products and services. Those items are:

  1. Illegal porn of any kind/ Child Porn
  2. Weapons or explosives
  3. Hitman services for murder
  4. Content/products promotiong violence or terror
  5. Fentanyl
  6. Prostitution

The vendor bond on Tor2door Market is $300. Payment may be made by Bitcoin or Monero. Any vendor found dealing outside the market will be banned without any further warning.

The Bottom Line

Nowadays, locating a viable market is difficult. In the dark-net market environment, small markets develop and vanish. Tor2door has the potential to be a long-lasting product, as it was created with both functionality and creativity in mind.

The currency’s reliance on the traditional account wallet system means that the possibility of an exit scam is always present. However, this problem can be minimized by never leaving more coins there than needed to cover an order at a time.

The market appears to be the most effective competitor in its niche at the moment and is very easy to use. By carefully following the instructions we have provided, you should not have any difficulties with Tor2Door.