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Dread forum link: http://dreadytofatroptsdj6io7l3xptbet6onoyno2yv7jicoxknyazubrad.onion

If you have been wondering if there is any trusted forum on the dark net where you can find the relevant information about anything, Dread Forum is one of the sites you will want to visit.

“HugBunter.” Dread Forum, the successor to DeepDotWeb, was constructed and launched by “HugBunter.” It was rebuilt with a new user interface shortly after (see “Hacking event” below) to increase security. The Dread Forum is the Darknet’s Reddit. This is due to the site’s obvious resemblance to Reddit. The user interface is a rip-off. This means you’ll be able to create your own posts and subreddits.

The 2018 Reddit ban on all darknet drug industry subreddits was most likely the catalyst. Someone had to build a reddit clone for this reason, since material can never be properly limited on the internet. Dread also runs totally without Javascript, making it far safer in terms of browser security than Reddit.

Dread darknet forum logo

Why Dread is it so popular on the darknet?

One of the many reasons why it is hugely popular amongst darknet lovers is because of its approach to cencorship. Unlike the other conventional forums, it does not use a strict filter and heavy moderation on all threads. Users can freely create posts and no one will take down their posts. Whatever topics that you choose, you can rest assured that the site will make it stay there without the risk of banning.

Most of the topics are drug-related issues.

But one exception that every user needs to know is that users are not allowed to share any private information or doxing. It is not allowed to share the sources of raw materials for drug manufacturing. It is also against the policy to offer drugs sales in the forum since it is a forum, not marketplace.

Therefore, if you are planning to sell any product there, make sure you don’t do it directly. But it is still okay to advertise the sites where you can purchase and sell drugs.

Although many people have been focusing on drug-related topics, you can use the Dread forum for casual topics as well.

Dread Security Recommendation

When you access darknet sites, including Dread Forum, you will need to consider the security measurements. It is important to stay anonymous and safe at all times.

Consider using the TOR browser and switching off the Java script to improve your security.

Recommended by many experts, you will need to have a dedicated system and a specific device for this purpose. Do not mix the darknet and clearnet activities in one device. If necessary, you could purchase a new device for your darknet activity. Also, connect to the VPN server before using your TOR browser to access your Dread Forum.

Why use Dread?

The forum contains every Reddit feature.Censorship is the primary distinction between the two message boards. In addition to providing a censorship-free forum, Dread also provides additional services. In addition to market research, they also provide aid with product design and development, as well as web hosting.

Accessing the Dread Forum

dread forum login
dread forum login

Just like other darknet sites, Dread is located on the TOR Network. Therefore, you just need to use your Tor Browser to access the site by clicking the safe link that we’ve shared in this post.

Making an account on Dread Darknet forum

dread market registeration page
dread market registeration page

It is straightforward to register an account on the Dread site. But there will be several security challenges that you will need to overcome to finalize the registration process. The CAPTCHAS challenges are case-sensitive. After completing the second CAPTCHA challenge, you will be able to login by using your created credentials.

Dread Interface and UX

Dread interface discover area
dread interface discover area

Dread has a similar look and feel to Reddit on the internet. This is comparable to the subreddits seen on the popular social networking site Reddit. Each subdread focuses on a different demographic.

In a similar fashion to Reddit’s “hot” postings, the most popular posts are shown prominently on the homepage. Subdreads are suggested to you on the right sidebar depending on the ones you’ve visited or posted in previously. Additionally, there are subdreads like /d/OpSec, which focuses on security and anonymity, in addition to specific marketplaces like d/EmpireMarket. Similar to Reddit’s upvotes and downvotes, here. The most popular articles have gone viral (if sorted by “hot”). When looking for anything new, sort by “New” or by “Top” (posts with the most upvotes).

It’s up to you which subreddits you want to follow or join. On Dread, Reddit-style subforums are available, such as darknetmarkets and darknetmarketsnoobs. There is a lot of information on the market and announcements in the first one. The latter serves as a guide for those who are new to darknet marketplaces or have limited knowledge of them. Dread: Dread was created when Reddit banned the matching subreddits.

Searching for products

Dread, unlike most darknet markets, does not have categories or listings. On the other hand, some subdreads for specific markets or merchants, on the other hand, will offer specials or discounts on specific items.

Several vendors have issued free samples on the subdread/d/EmpireMarket to give buyers a taste of their wares before purchasing larger shipments.

Dread, like most markets, has a search feature with filters. Only the “search term” field is required. When you search for “molly,” you’ll obtain results related to that term.

You can also filter by author username or subdread name and sort by “Newest” or “Best Match.” The most current postings are displayed first, while “Best Match” attempts to find the most relevant results.

Choosing a Vendor

This reminds us that while we can’t buy directly from Dread, we can see who the merchants are and what they have on sale.

If their posts fascinate you, you may visit the markets where they sell their wares (for instance, the post above pertains to the Empire Market). When making a purchase, look at how recently each seller has been active, how many transactions they’ve accomplished, and user reviews.

As stated previously, the only option to buy directly from Dread is via P2P transactions, which is not advised. The easiest approach is to search or visit a subdread for an item, then go to the market where that merchant sells it. The fact that Dread knows so much about which sites to utilize (or not) shouldn’t be an issue.