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Chipmixer is a Bitcoin mixer that allows you to mix Bitcoin. With Chipmixer you can make your bitcoin untraceable. It’s give you another layer of protection against the law enforcement that try to track down crypto users in matter of taxes or illegal activity.

When Bitcoin was created in 2009, one of its alluring features was its pseudo-anonymity in terms of usage.  But given the fact that each BTC transfer is available on the block chain ledger, it is traceable to different users. Moreover, there are various Bitcoin monitoring tools used to track crypto transactions. These shortfalls of transacting with Bitcoins has led to the creation of Bitcoin blending services. 

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ChipMixer Review

chipmixer homepage start mixing
chipmixer homepage start mixing

Since the company’s launch in 2017, ChipMixer has become the foremost crypto tumbling site on the darknet. Unlike conventional BTC mixers that simply blend users’ Bitcoins and transfer BTC to another person’s specified address from someone else’s BTC, ChipMixer functions on a chip-based technology.

Its model of operation and features makes it the go-to site for Bitcoin enthusiasts who value their anonymity. Irrespective of the amount of BTC you want to blend, the site has adequate anonymity features to make you transact without worries.

Is ChipMixer Safe?

ChipMixer is a safe and secured third party site where you can tumble your Bitcoin to protect your anonymity. The company’s model of operation is such that it is built on innovative and top-notch mixing technology. Users’ transfer logs are not kept for long. The site has features that let you split, merge, bet, donate, and withdraw Bitcoin easily. 

Splitting Chips on Chipmixer

After depositing your BTC on the ChipMixer site, you will be given a chip based on the amount of BTC you deposited. You can divide the assigned chip into lesser denominations before withdrawing it to further make your transaction anonymous. Every chip contains a pre-funded amount of Bitcoin which is equivalent to the amount you deposited.

Merging Chips on Chipmixer

Also, if you have two chips of similar price, you can blend both into a whole chip with double the value of the actual chips. That is, you can combine two 0.016 BTC chips into 0.032 chips. Blending chips fast tracks the BTC mixing process.

Betting Chips on Chipmixer

Just like on casino sites where you can bet,  ChipMixer has a feature which lets users place bets with their assigned chips. The whole idea of betting chips allows crypto users to contribute indirectly to ChipMixer’s BTC pool in case the one who placed the bet loses. And if the user wins the bet, he gets more BTC compared to the value of his original chips.

Donating Chips for Chipmixer Project

Another way to use your chips on ChipMixer’s site is to donate to the company’s running costs. ChipMixer is one of the few crypto mixing sites that don’t charge transaction fees. But, users are allowed to contribute to the services provided. People can give up to 1 BTC to support the team.

Withdrawing Chips from Chipmixer

Unlike BTC transfers that are always visible and available on the blockchain platform, withdrawals of chips on ChipMixer are not shown on public ledgers. For every chip you want to withdraw, you will be given a private key with an address that has equivalent value just as the chips.

Here lies the anonymity blend in ChipMixer’s mixing model, the BTC you transferred from the issued address and private key are not available to the public. This further solidifies the anonymity and privacy of every BTC transactions.

Is ChipMixer Legit?

ChipMixer is legit and secure for tumbling your Bitcoin. The site offers fast and secured Bitcoin tumbling services. Although ChipMixer does not charge transaction fees, it has a chip betting option that lets users place bets with their chips. If you place bets with chips you either win or lose ( this translates to income for ChipMixer). And the company is open to donations from the site users.

ChipMixer Waiting for Confirmation 

Depending on the amount of BTC you want to transact with, ChipMixer allows for 1 confirmation if you deposited less than 20 BTCs. But for BTC above 20, you will have to wait for 6 confirmations. This waiting period is necessary to ensure safe interaction on ChipMixer’s site and you can mix close to 59 BTC. vs ChipMixer and ChipMixer are two of the best crypto mixing sites on the darknet. Both Bitcoin mixers have distinct features that make them preferred in the crypto world. 


  • Both mixers run on the ONION network.
  • Both mixers don’t keep users’ BTC transaction logs.
  • Both mixers run on advanced blockchain technology.


  • ChipMixer runs a chip-based system. Users are given chips equal to various amounts of BTC deposited and private keys with addresses are issued when they want to withdraw funds.
  • functions on more advanced blockchain technology which secures your digital assets from theft and guarantees anonymity of BTC transactions. Unfortunately, was shut down in 2019

ChipMixer Tutorial

  1. Start mixing

    Go to the ChipMixer home page and click on the “Start Mixing” button. A session token will be revealed. Copy and save this code because you will need it to access the mixing portal each time you shut your browser.

  2. Copy Chipmixer Safe code

    After you have copied and saved the session code, click on the “I have saved my session token and need to continue” button. A new window will pop up where you can either Redeem the Voucher or Deposit Funds. If you want to deposit funds, copy the address you see under the “Deposit” section and send the amount of BTC you want from your wallet. Note that the smallest amount of BTC you can mix on ChipMixer’s site is 0.001 BTC.chipmixer save your token

  3. After Deposit funds on Chipmixer

    After depositing the funds, you will be given pre-funded chips with equal value to the amount of BTC deposited. As discussed above, you can split, merge, bet, donate, and withdraw these chips. chipmixer deposit

  4. How to withdraw your coins

    If you want to withdraw your coin, remove the chips you want to withdraw from the list. A private key with an address containing the amount of BTC as the chip will be issued. Simply transfer the BTC to your preferred address. For BTC less than 20, you only need 1 confirmation. But for BTC greater than 20, you will need up to 6 confirmations.


ChipMixer is currently the best Bitcoin tumbler that secures your coin and at the same time protects your anonymity while transacting with BTC. Deposit and withdrawal of funds on the site are safe. Thanks to the company’s innovative blockchain technology, you can interact with the site with confidence. ChipMixer has no transaction fees for any amount of BTC you mix, but your contributions are always welcomed.