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BitcoinMixer Review

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The emergence of Bitcoin has revolutionized the digital payments landscape, offering users a secure and anonymous way to transact. However, for many people, the default level of anonymity offered by Bitcoin is not enough. 

This is where BitcoinMixer enters the picture. It can benefit those seeking more anonymity if done right on a legitimate and feature-rich platform. But what exactly are these features? For that, you need to go through this article!

What is BitcoinMixer?

BitcoinMixer is a service for anyone looking to make their Bitcoin purchases and transactions anonymous. In a nutshell, the platform allows you to change your unclean bitcoins into clean bitcoins. 

This process, known as Bitcoin mixing or tumbling, works by adding multiple intermediary addresses between the sender and receiver of Bitcoin to obscure the transaction details. Participating in this process can protect your anonymity while avoiding any unwanted attention from financial institutions or government agencies. 

BitcoinMixer obtains a large number of bitcoins from mining pools located in the USA, China, and Europe, ensuring that the bitcoins you receive are untraceable.

BitcoinMixer Overview

  • Website:
  • Registrations: Not Required
  • Fees: 0.1% for all transactions
  • Fee Control: No
  • Additional Addresses: 1
  • Time-Delays: Available, User-Controlled
  • No Logs Policy: Yes
  • Clearnet Access: Yes

User Interface

The User-Interface at BitcoinMixer is pretty traditional, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still exciting! We’ve seen the same layout and design on other Bitcoin tumblers, and that’s exactly what we love about it. 

It’s simple and easy to use – whether you’re a beginner or an expert in the crypto space. Plus, with the clear instructions provided within their platform, anyone can quickly understand how to start using BitcoinMixer. 

Here’s how you can mix coins in BitcoinMixer:

  • Provide the Bitcoin address where you want to receive the funds
  • Specify the amount of funds to be received by address
  • Set a delay time of the address that receives its share of funds
  • Click “Continue” to proceed

Additional Addresses

When it comes to preserving anonymity, sending funds to a single address from a BitcoinMixer is not considered ideal. It is generally more anonymous to divide the output into multiple parts and send it to multiple addresses.

Unfortunately, this feature is not possible with BitcoinMixer, as it only supports a single address to be inserted for each mix.

It’s important to note that this limitation is a drawback, and we hope the platform does something about it.

However, as an alternative, you can always send your deposit in “parts.” You can send multiple smaller deposits if you want to mix 1 Bitcoin. This not only increases your anonymity but also ensures the security of your funds.

Furthermore, you will receive a unique deposit address each time you initiate a mix. By sending smaller amounts to this address, you can effectively divide your total output of 1BTC and send it to multiple different addresses.

Time-Delays (User-Controlled)

Using BitcoinMixer can add an extra layer of anonymity to your transactions by introducing a time delay between the “unclean” and “clean” coins. Because if the time of input and output are very close together, they can still be linked together.

In contrast to other mixers, BitcoinMixer allows you to decide when you wish to receive the coins, not just once, but for each address separately.

This added flexibility means that you can set different delays for each address, increasing the anonymity of your transactions. The further apart these transactions are, the more anonymous they can be.

BitcoinMixer provides a user-friendly interface to set the delay on your transaction controlled by a slider. The minimum delay you can set is 0 hours, indicating that the output will be sent immediately after receiving the deposits.

 At the same time, you can set up the maximum delay to 48 hours. 

One of the plus points of this bitcoin tumbler is that it doesn’t charge any extra fee for adding delays. This is something that many mainstream bitcoin tumblers need to improve.

This range of options allows you to decide how much anonymity you want. 

For example, the “Instant” delay option makes it clear that you can receive your coins instantly, without delay, if you choose to do so. While not the most anonymous, this option is still possible and can be used if you’re not looking for something too serious and want basic anonymity.


It’s important to note that distributing funds to multiple addresses is impossible with this specific BitcoinMixer. This is because the mixer only allows for a single output address. It means that any outputs from any transaction go to that single address.

Although this can be considered a limitation, it is not the most desirable option for those looking for added privacy and better fund distribution.

On the other hand, the simplicity of only having one output address makes the mixer one of the easiest to use in the industry. Without the added complexity of multiple address support, new users can easily navigate the mixer and start using it in seconds.


The number of confirmations needed to complete a Bitcoin transaction is important as it defines the duration of the transaction.

Fortunately, BitcoinMixer has relatively low requirements. For deposits smaller than 2.5BTC, only one confirmation is needed. For deposits between 2.5BTC and 25 BTC, three confirmations are required. This number is quite reasonable.

For transactions between 25 BTC to 40 BTC, four confirmations are needed. This number is still quite acceptable considering a large amount of money involved. And for transactions over 50BTC, five confirmations are required. Overall, the number of required confirmations is reasonable and acceptable.


BitcoinMixer charges a fixed fee of 0.1% for all transactions. This means that the fee is not adjustable and is the same for every transaction. This could be a drawback for people looking for more anonymity.

However, it also ensures that you only pay what you expect, and compared to other BitcoinMixers that demand a fee of 2% or more, this fee can be considered relatively low and favorable.

While the static nature of the fee may affect anonymity a bit, it also guarantees fairness and predictability.

Mixing Limit

The minimum requirement for any transaction is 0.010 BTC, and anything lower than that will, unfortunately, be considered a donation and not be refunded.

It’s important to keep in mind that the maximum transaction limit per transaction is 50 BTC, meaning each transaction has a maximum limit of 50 BTC. Still, there is no daily limit on the number of transactions. So, You can make multiple transactions in a day.

The BitcoinMixer claims to have a BTC reserve of more than 5,000 BTC. However, there is no proof of this claim. And if this is true, it would indicate that the maximum limit is more flexible and almost “unlimited,” as it is very unlikely that anyone will need to mix such a large amount of BTC.

No Logs Policy

On multiple occasions on its website, BitcoinMixer clearly states that it does not keep any logs. This means it doesn’t store any information, such as IP addresses, deposit addresses, output addresses, or other settings used for a mix.

It’s essential to check a mixer’s no-log policy before anything else. A no-log policy is the most important aspect of keeping your transactions anonymous, more important than any other feature.


Is registration or identification required to use BitcoinMixer?

No, BitcoinMixer does not require registration or identification. The purpose of a coin mixer is to protect anonymity. You can begin mixing coins as soon as you visit the website without registering. Additionally, no personal information or identification is needed, making the process truly 100% anonymous.

Is a Letter of Guarantee (LoG) provided by BitcoinMixer?

We could not find a guarantee letter on the deposit page in this case. Typically, a letter of guarantee is provided by a mixer as a PGP-signed document that verifies that the deposit address belongs to the mixer. This serves as a safeguard and helps maintain the mixer’s reputation.

Does BitcoinMixer provide a mixing key?

It is unclear if the mixer uses a “mixing key,” as no evidence of one was observed during use. However, the mixer’s website claims to have a feature that ensures the same person does not receive their own coins. It is unknown how this is implemented or verified, but users are expected to trust the mixer’s claim that it uses a code for this purpose.