Deep Search

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Are you ready to explore the dark corners of the internet? Meet Deep Search, the ultimate search engine for the dark web. Deep Search is a powerful tool that allows you to uncover hidden information and discover a world hidden from the public eye. 

Deep Search provides users with a secure method to safely and efficiently explore the deep web and its associated content safely and efficiently. The platform has become increasingly popular in recent years as it is faster and more reliable than other dark web search engines. To know what features this search engine offers, keep reading!

What is Deep Search?

Deep Search is a powerful deep web links search engine that boasts a vast database of over 258981+ .onion websites. This massive index makes it one of the most comprehensive and reliable tools for exploring the deep web. 

These sites could include forums, marketplaces, private messaging services, and illegal content. To use the platform, users must first download a special Tor browser which allows them to navigate the dark web with relative ease.

As per the Subdread section of the underground web forum Dread, a team of young students reportedly invented Deep Search about a year ago. The group asserts that they have devised an original onion crawler equipped with a distinctive rating mechanism.

Users can sign up on the search engine. It enables them to petition for the inclusion of new onion sites they desire to be indexed. Furthermore, registered members can provide feedback on the site.



Deep Search offers a user-friendly interface for exploring the hidden corners of the internet. The homepage features a simple search box where users can enter search queries and quickly access relevant content. 

Despite displaying a few ad banners on the homepage, users can sigh relief knowing that the results page contains fewer ads. This allows for a distraction-free browsing experience. 

It makes it easier for users to focus on the information they seek. Additionally, the website’s massive database of indexed .onion sites ensures that users can access a wealth of information that might be difficult.

It doesn’t Show Duplicate Results

The fact that duplicate results are blocked ensures users are not bombarded with repetitive content. This creates a more efficient and enjoyable browsing experience.

Users can also leave pages of redundant content out of their Search for information. Instead, each search result shows the .onion address, the website’s name, and a brief meta description. This gives users a quick overview of what to expect before they click through to the website. 

This streamlined approach to search results saves time and makes it easier for users to identify the most relevant and valuable content. 

Track Active Sites with Last Online Time Feature

Deep Search, a deep web search engine, offers a Last Online Time feature that tracks the last time each URL was online. 

By displaying the last online time for each search result, Deep Search helps users identify which websites are still active and which may have been taken down or abandoned. 

This ensures that users are not wasting time visiting inactive sites or encountering dead links. 

Unlimited Scrolling

By default, the results page is set to unlimited scrolling. It means that users can keep scrolling until they reach the last search results.

 There are no pages, which makes it easier and more efficient for users to navigate through the search results without having to click through pages or wait for them to load. 

Additionally, unlimited scrolling allows users to quickly scan through search results and easily identify the most relevant content. 

It Provides Verified Deep web links

Since the deep web can be a risky place to navigate due to illegal activities, scams, and hackers, it is crucial to have a reliable source of information. 

With Deep Search’s verified deep web market links, users can be confident they are accessing legitimate and trustworthy marketplaces.

Provides a List of Scam Markets

With its list of scam networks, Deep Search provides a tool for users to identify and avoid fraudulent sites and networks. The list includes known scam sites, warning users of their existence and helping them make informed decisions about where to spend their time and money. 

This feature is particularly useful for those new to the deep web or conducting transactions on deep web marketplaces, where the risk of scams is high.

Trending Searches

The trending searches feature allows users to see what others search for on the search engine. It provides a glimpse into the topics and content that are currently popular or relevant. 

The trending search list can be useful for those looking for inspiration or direction in their deep web exploration, as it highlights the most searched topics and keywords. This feature also helps users stay up-to-date with the latest deep web trends and information.


The advertisement banners are located on the top section of the page, with a size of 460×60. The advertisement pricing is structured based on the duration of the ad display. 

The cost for a 1-month banner advertisement is $75, a 3-month banner advertisement is $180, and a 6-month banner advertisement is $299. 

The advertisement opportunity provides a platform for businesses to reach a highly targeted audience of deep web users actively searching for information and services. It also offers an affordable way for businesses to promote their brand and increase visibility.