How to use Tor browser and access the Darknet in 2023

How to use Tor browser and access the Darknet in 2022
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If you’re looking to access the darknet for the first time, today we are going to break down the essentials and everything you need to know about accessing the Tor Browser, finding the right links to websites, and how to remain completely anonymous through the entire process. Stick with us today as we help you access the darknet. 

How to Access the Darknet in 2023.

Youtube, Instagram, Reddit, and Tiktok have some of the most obscured theories and stories on what happens in the darknet and what happens if you open it. There have been some stories of people being followed by simply opening links. 

Is this possible? Yes. But it’s very unlikely that somebody will be searching for you and turn up in person unless you’ve done something illegal. In which it’s most likely the cops that will be looking for you. However, even though these stories are probably made up. It’s essential that you remain anonymous at all stages. There are a few steps you need to take to keep anonymous online. 

Today we’re going to look at the following topics and use them as you enter the darknet.

  • The Tor Browser
  • Using a VPN
  • Finding Genuine Darknet Links

How to use the Tor Browser

The Tor Browser is an amazing tool that was created with users’ privacy in mind. This browser, also known as “The Onion Router,” this browser his the only tool that can be used to access the darknet. 

This browser is not only used to access the darknet but also as a safer browser for its users. You can access all clearnet websites using the browser as you please, and it makes it easier to access sites without them gathering data or targeting ads to the users. The browser is fantastic for many reasons.

It’s not a difficult browser to use as it’s completely based on the Firefox ESR. After every Firefox update, you will usually see a new Tor Browser update. This keeps the browser as user-friendly as possible. The main difference is that the Tor Browser forces all routing to go through the Tor Network.

It is possible to use the Tor Browser on your Android mobile too, but we suggest using it on your PC to access darknet websites. 

How to download the Tor Browser:

Tor Browser 2022
Tor Browser 2022
How to use tor browser?
How to use tor browser?
  1. Head over to the Tor Projects download page.
  2. Select the operating system you’re using.
  3. Tap the download button, and wait for the download to complete
  4. Open the file and complete the on-screen steps. 

Now that you have the Tor Browser on your computer, the first thing you should do is disable Javascript. This may cause a few issues on some clearnet websites, but it’s essential to keep your identity safe. If any darknet website requests you to enable Javascript, do not trust it. 

How to disable Javascript on the Tor Browser: 

  1. Open the Tor Browser
  2. Open the settings menu at the top right corner (3 dots)
  3. Select Preferences, then Privacy and Security
  4. Scroll almost all the way to the bottom and select “Safest”
  5. Tap “Save” and restart your browser. 

If this doesn’t help, you can read this: How to turn off Javascript in Tor Browser

Using a VPN on the Deep Web

Before you start looking for darknet website links, you need to have a Paid VPN that you can rely on. The VPN must use a kill switch, and it’s best to find the most anonymous VPN out there. Online privacy is essential, and even if you aren’t looking to do anything illegal, your privacy is a number one priority. 

Therefore, it’s important that you don’t just grab the cheapest or first VPN that pops up out there; you need to make sure the VPN you use abides by the following:

  • Has No-Logs policies: It’s important that you stay up-to-date with what’s happening on the VPN, as they sometimes change or are caught gathering user data. 
  • Allows Anonymous Payment Methods: If the VPN allows for crypto payments, that would be prime. But cash payments or PayPal payments are acceptable. 
  • Includes a Kill Switch and Split Tunneling: Almost all VPNs make use of a Kill Switch and Split Tunneling nowadays, but if you’re trying a newer VPN, ensure it does include these features. The Kill Switch basically cuts all internet connections as soon as a VPN disconnects for any reason.
  • High Speed and No Lag: Although this is not essential, it’s important to keep a consistent connection. 

There isn’t one answer to which VPN is the best VPN for Darknet usage. But here are our top 5 VPNs to use on the Darkweb.

VPN NameCrypto Payments ReliabilityServersTrial Period
1Express VPN4.5/53,000+ Servers (95 Countries)30 Days (Money Back)
2NordVPN5/55,523 Servers (59 Countries)30 Days (Money Back)
3CyberGhost4/58,911 Servers (91 Countries)24 Hours (Free Trial)
4SurfShark4/53,200+  Servers (65 Countries)30 Days (Money Back)
5PrivateVPN3.9/5200 Servers (63 Countries)30 Days (Money Back)

How to find Genuine Darknet Links

Every Deepweb website uses a .onion link. These links are often much longer than any clearnet website link, and the characters are usually randomized without the darknet website’s name in it. This makes it impossible to know whether the link you’re using is official or not. There are many places online that will provide .onion links. However, the Darknet is filled with scammers, phishers, and honeypots. 

This makes it difficult for users to find a legit link for the darknet website they’re looking for. Back in the day, users could access the Darknet Bible to find links. However, nowadays, this website is primarily filled with scam links. 

There are only a few clearnet websites you can visit that will provide you with trustable darknet links. Even if you find a link on these trustable websites, the darknet website could be compromised, and so you should keep an eye out for some telltale signs. 

Where can I find trustable darknet .Onion links?

The best place to find a trustable darknet .onion link is through tried and proven websites such as LiveDarknet.com and Dark.Fail. Both of these websites have been used by darkweb users for years. You can simply search for the darweb market that you’re looking for, tap on the link, and you should see a .onion link available. 

LiveDarknet.com will always add a note if the darknet website is known to be compromised. This makes them the more trustable choice between the two. But we still suggest taking a look at both websites. When it comes to accessing the darkweb, double-check everything. 

How do I know if a darknet website is a phishing link or has been compromised?

It’s almost impossible to tell if you’re using a phishing link, especially if you’ve never accessed that specific deep web market before. This is why you need to make sure you grab the .onion link from a trustable website. 

However, there are a few telltale signs that the markets have been compromised. 

  • If the market asks you to enable Javascript, leave the page right away.
  • Some darknet websites include an “Anti-Phishing” system where the .onion link is shown on the screen for the user to double-check. Make sure you check if the .onion link is identical.
  • No supported Darknet website will request a crypto payment with no reason behind it or force you to send funds just to access the website (Some websites like Dread may ask for donations to keep the website running, but this won’t be forced.)
  • Will never ask you to complete KYC. As in won’t ask for your actual identity, credit card details, and similar. 


Now that you know how to access the darknet and where to find we suggest you take a look at our articles on OpSec and how to use PGP encryption. Learning how to access the darknet is the first challenge. Next is learning how to remain anonymous on it.

If you’re set to go, take a look at our darknet market list here.