Search Demon

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Search Demon is a popular darknet web browser with a reputation for its advanced features and capabilities. It provides  access to the hidden areas of the internet that are not commonly indexed on traditional search engines.

In this review, we will look in-depth at Search Demon, examining its features, usability, and security to help users better understand this darknet browser and its potential risks and benefits. 

Whether you are an experienced darknet user or new to the concept, this review will provide valuable insights into the capabilities of using Search Demon.

What is Search Demon?

Search Demon is a darknet web browser. It allows users to navigate the darknet safely and anonymously. It allows them to search for a wide range of content, including illegal goods and services, anonymous marketplaces, and private forums. 

Search Demon - Search form

Search Demon has gained a significant following, with over 120,000 unique visitors per year seeking access to the hidden corners of the internet.

Its advanced features and capabilities and its emphasis on user privacy and security make it a popular choice among those seeking anonymity and privacy online.



Search Demon’s user interface is designed to be simple and straightforward. It allows users to navigate the darknet and find the content they seek easily.

Search Demon Advertising

The interface consists of a single search box. Users can search for a wide range of content, including illegal goods and services, anonymous marketplaces, and private forums. 

Above the search box, users may see advertisements, which are a common way for darknet websites to generate revenue. Despite ads, the interface is uncluttered and easy to use, focusing on providing users with a smooth and seamless experience.

You can Publish Links

One of the unique features of Search Demon is that it allows you to add your onion websites to the search results without any cost or revealing their identity. 

The process is straightforward and involves submitting the URL of the onion website you wish to be included in the search results. This simple and secure process allows webmasters to increase the visibility of their onion websites and reach a wider audience.


Search Demon offers an advertisement service that allows businesses and website owners to promote their products and services to darknet users. 

The service includes three different banner replacement options for advertisers to choose from. 

The first option is a home page banner of 468px x 60px. It appears at the top of the Search Demon homepage. This banner can be an effective way to attract users’ attention while browsing the darknet.

The second option is a side banner for the search engine results page, with a size of 285px x 200px or higher. This banner appears alongside search results, allowing advertisers to target users actively searching for related products or services. 

The larger size of this banner makes it more prominent and eye-catching, potentially leading to higher click-through rates.

The third option is a text ad that appears on the search engine result page based on search query relevance. Advertisers must provide their onion address, and the text ad is shown based on the relevance of the search query. Such type of advertisement offers an effective way to target potential customers that actively search for specific products or services.


Search Demon takes safety and security very seriously, given the nature of the content and activities available on the darknet. The search engine uses advanced security measures, including end-to-end encryption, to protect users’ privacy and ensure their activities remain anonymous. 

To prevent user information from being disclosed to third parties, Search Demon upholds a strict privacy policy. Search Demon also provides users with information and resources on protecting their online safety while using the darknet. 

These measures help to ensure that users can use Search Demon with 

confidence and avoid potential security risks.

They Accept Donations

A team of dedicated volunteers maintains the search engine and works tirelessly to ensure the platform remains secure, user-friendly, and up-to-date. 

Users can send donations to support the ongoing development and maintenance of Search Demon. These donations can help cover search engine costs, including server maintenance and development costs. 

While donations are not mandatory, they are greatly appreciated and can help ensure that Search Demon continues to provide a valuable service to darknet users.