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CharlieUK Dark Web Store could be one of the best options for those who want to get supplied from the trusted party in the darknet. Without further ado, let’s see the detailed information about the seller.

About CharlieUK

“It has been more than a decade since CharlieUK has been selling drugs. It was in 2015 that CharlieUK stopped selling their products. They started selling their goods online.”For DNM cocaine that is the best, CharlieUK has what you need. Dream Market, Silkroad, Trade Route, Wall Street, and many other sites gave the store a score of 4.9/5.0! Our favorite is 100% Colombian cocoa. If you are asking other people about the store, they’d likely give a nod to the particular product.

CharlieUK Products
CharlieUK Products

How to contact them

They will answer with the relevant information if you email them via PGP or ([email protected]) with your order and mailing address. A first-class delivery service will be at your door within a few hours after receiving your money on the next business day. That’s what they’ve promised to their customers.

Refund and Shipping Policy

As far as we know, CharlieUK doesn’t give refunds to people who buy things. In this case, we only pay for things that can be seen. They don’t give refunds to people who say that their purchases never came because they want to get even more money out of them.


A more risky country might have to pay more.

To customers in the United Kingdom, the package was sent out first class If you live in a country in the European Union (EU), shipping costs are different for each one. A lot more time goes by in the world than in the EU. It is more likely that your party supplies will arrive on time if you order them early.

Their products and sources

People in South America sell the provider Colombian cocaine that comes from the source. Do not advertise through middle men. There are only two ways they buy cocaine from Colombia: in bricks and in powder form. Industrial blenders are used to break down the cocaine. To get rid of the cocaine, they use a process called Ethanol Re-crystallization to do it. To make sure the product is clean, all of the trash and waste from the first production process is removed.

CharlieUK Homepage
CharlieUK Homepage

How to Order

As previously stated, no registration is required to see or purchase things from the marketplace because it is a single vendor.

To some extent, it simplifies, speeds up, and secures the process by eliminating the need for registration, which might take longer and provide a foundation for privacy violations or data recording.

As a result, placing an order isn’t as straightforward as it would be on a typical marketplace. A Bitcoin deposit address is then provided by the administrator.

After a successful deposit, the goods is shipped out the next morning by first-class mail (as the market claims).

Ordering from is pretty simple. You could do these and everything will be great.

First, check the product to pick and take a note of the price.

Write a detailed email about the order to [email protected].

In the email, mention the address and order.

The store representative will get back to the client with the Bitcoin address information.

Pay the order and notify the seller.

After the payment is confirmed, seller will process the order and client will need to wait until the package arrive.

The shipping and package

Orders made outside the United States are dog-proofed with Mylar bags for maximum stealth. All week long, they are there for you. On weekdays, if you order before 3 p.m. CST, your order will be shipped the same day. If it’s possible, they will try to get things to people the same day (for UK domestic).

ChalieUK User Interface

Classic Darknet markets like Dream Market, Wall Street Market, Empire Markets, and others have all been praised by me for their ease of use and layout.

It’s hard for people to use because CharlieUK is just one web page, not a normal Darknet market.

According to the website, there are a lot of rules and conventions to follow. In the next step, right-sidebar links like the FAQ and PGP Key can be used to get to them.

Items that can be reached are arranged by their weight. Cocaine in different concentrations is almost the same chemical. Customers click on the links for the number of items they want to buy.

Available products on CharlieUK Market

CharlieUK isn’t a product-rich market, in fact it’s probably the lowest stocked (based on types of products) marketplace I’ve ever crossed paths with but that can be excused considering how only one person runs the operations.

Also, because it trades in only two products it probably does have an expertise in those products to quite an extent.

The primary product in its arsenal is Cocaine which is available in 6 different pre-specified quantities i.e. 0.3gm, 0.5gm, 0.7gm, 1.0gm, 1.4gm, and 2.0gms.

The only other product available is Haze Skunk and is available in either 7gm. Or 14gm.+ quantities. So that’s about the products available on CharlieUK Market folks.

It doesn’t feature hundreds and thousands of products, agreed. But for those who’re seeking exactly Cocaine or Haze Skunk it does seem to make for an acceptable marketplace.

Should I buy from this store?

Security can be both technological and moral, and both are important to make sure you are safe. There are concerns about accounting, encryption, and other things about technical security. Morally, it is good to believe in other people. CharlieUK is well-known for being a fraudster and a data hoarder, and people know this about him.

It’s not safe because nothing happens “on” the market. To be safe, 2-FA, Multisig, and Escrow aren’t available because the order is made through email and not in person.

Many people ask, “Can you trust CharlieUK to be honest with you?” If you haven’t already, CharlieUK has given you his PGP key, which you can use to check his profile on other well-known markets like SilkRoad 3.0 and Dream, if you want to.

The numbers on this PGP-protected profile can be checked by anyone in the market, allowing an open look at CharlieUK’s work.

New buyers also need to buy less than 0.3gm of things for a small amount of money, which shows that he wants to build trust and credibility with people over time.

Products and refunds aren’t the only things that happen.

No, CharlieUK doesn’t have a return policy. Both. A customer will only get their money back if there is a problem with the quality of the product.

Those who live in high-risk countries (like the United States) have to pay a little more for international shipping.

Shipments are less likely to be confiscated because they are hidden.

Customers can try to get CharlieUK to accept other currencies in exchange for a bigger purchase amount. CharlieUK now only accepts Bitcoin as payment.

In the law, it is still called Bitcoin. You can use a different currency in other places that accept CharlieUK’s profile.