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Finding a trustable and reliable Darknet market can be difficult and daunting. The Dark Web is filled with scammers, honeypots, and security flaws that can get you in trouble. 
So today we are going to look into the best deep web markets that are up and running in 2024.

Best DarkWeb Markets On The Deep Web



Abacus Market
Abacus Market

Abacus Market is the largest darknet marketplace right now!


Forum, Dark Mode

Best Uptime + Solid Forum Support

Worldwide Marketplace

23,000+ Listings


archeregister 1024x888 1

Multiple Supported Cryptocurrencies (Auto Exchange For XMR Only)

Forum + Site Support

Built In Exchange, Casino, Deadpool

Most Aesthetically Pleasing Market

📌 Quick Help in Choosing the Best DarkWeb Market  

When searching for a darknet marketplace, you must be very specific and careful. The deepweb markets are filled with scams, phishing attempts, honeypots, and people trying to gather data on you. Additionally, you need to make sure your OpSec is in check, we’ll explain this more later.
Therefore, when looking at what Darknet Marketplace you want to use, there are a few boxes they must tick. There is not one marketplace that is perfect for everyone, as your product preference, physical location, and payment type will change according to personal preference. But here are a few laws you need to follow. 
  • The website must encourage you to increase your privacy settings and never request that you lower them.
  • The deepweb market must be using a .onion link. Never use a darknet market on the clearnet. 
  • The website must only accept cryptocurrency payments. Ideally, you should pay using XMR as it’s the most private and secure cryptocurrency.
  • Research the website beforehand to make sure there is a solid community behind them backing them. 
  • Only ever use a link from us at LiveDarknet or dark.fail.
  • We have a tutorial for you if you’ve never used the Darknet before.

📈 Our Top 10 Deep Web Markets on the darkweb


🧪Darknet Markets  – How We Test DarkWeb Sites

When choosing the top ten darknet marketplaces, we took a deep dive into each marketplace. Checking that they meet all sorts of criteria and are worth your time and monty. As a result, each market will be scored according to the following.


Security is the most crucial aspect of using any darkweb market. Therefore, it’s critical that the marketplace offer top-tier security features for the users’ safety. 

Along with the obvious safety features, we want to see markets include the following safety features:

  • PGP Encrypted messages

  • Anti-Phishing methods

  • XMR Payments
  • Bug Bounties

  • Unique website coding


A Darknet marketplace with a unique and efficient reCaptcha system should have consistent uptime. In addition, while the reCaptcha system should be simple enough for the user to complete, it must be viable for keeping DDoS attacks away.

It’s a common tactic for major darknet markets to perform DDoS attacks on their competitors. These attacks can often break the marketplace functions, cause issues in the website’s coding, or simply flood the servers and cause the website to go down. 

Using an unreliable website can be highly problematic and frustrating. If there’s inconsistent uptime, the website is less trustworthy.

User Interface & Market Features

While looks do not play a large part in how great a deep web market is, having a user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing UI is important. When choosing the best darknet marketplace, we want to make sure it’s easy to use and provides users with all the necessary information they might need.

Specific darknet marketplaces include built-in mixing services, online casinos, and advanced market features. These features will separate them from the competition. 


A solid support system is crucial for the reputation and viability of the website. We want to know that when users run into an issue, the staff are quick to help. 

It’s also helpful when a website has an auto-resolve feature for vendor disputes. This means that a staff member does not need to be involved in most cases when there’s an issue with a product’s general delivery system. Instead, the vendor can first work directly with the user and replace/refund as needed. 

We appreciate an active and helpful admin in their website forums who reacts quickly to any major issues while keeping the community informed. 

Product Listings

We looked at how many items were for sale and good vendors were in the market. We understand if the dark web marketplace caters to a specific niche (i.e., drugs only). But we want to know that there’s a decent amount of competition and listings available to the user. 

We also took into account the item prices. We compared listing prices to competitor marketplaces. Although prices from the same vendor may vary from marketplace according to fees, if this gets out of hand, we will penalize the marketplace’s score. 

Lastly, we looked at how often they cleaned up the marketplace. Often a vendor will lose their details, get caught, or simply stop selling. Their products will still be up and people can purchase them. It’s important to implement methods to remove old and inactive listings/vendors.

Existing Community

The largest darkweb market is not necessarily the best. Statistically, it often means it’s closer to an exit scam or a site seizure. But a website without a community is not a good thing either. 

General Reputation

We want to know if the website has been around for a while and how much it’s grown. A website that’s only been around for a few weeks is not tried and proven; therefore, it’s not trustable(yet). 

We can also use Dread and similar websites to view the general reputation of the website. Although you can not trust every review on the website, as there are shellers and phishing that cause negative reviews on websites, we can still gather a general consensus about the website’s reputation. 

Other ways to look at the website’s reputation are where it started and if there have been any controversies.

Payment Methods

Regarding Darknet Markets, XMR payments are crucial to the users’ privacy. However, if users like to use alternative payment methods, they should be allowed to do so.  Aside from the types of tokens the darknet market accepts. We want to see if they encourage users to add funds to their account, or provide alternative options. We want to know if they allow for multisig payments, or even provide FE orders with certain vendors. These all make for a great darknet marketplace. 

💥 New Deep Web Markets In 2022

Since the start of the year, the top 3 darknet markets (Hydra, World Market, and Dark0de) have gone down. While it’s a sad thing to see the markets we love and known to leave us. It opens doors for better markets to join us.

We do suggest you give new darknet markets a chance. Although there is a slightly greater risk with them, you may find that their features and deals are simply better. It’s important to put as much research into them as you can, but don’t be turned off by the fact that they’re newer.

There have been plenty of new markets popping up this year, but here are the top 5 new markets we suggest you try out!

New Market

Onion Link

Mega Market
🥇 XMR,BTC, and USDT Payments. 19,000+ listings
Black Pyramid Market
🥇 User-friendly, Doesn't require an on site wallet, great security


Kerberos Marketplace
🥇 Aesthetically pleasing, Multi-layer encryption, User-friendly


Ares Darknet Market
🥇 Extremely active in the darknet community, Worldwide, Asthetically Pleasing, Uniquely Coded


Cypher Market
🥇 Walletless, FE + Escrow, Fastest growing community, 14,000+ listings


🥇 Top Dark Web Markets In The Darknet

The general rule of thumb is that the top Darkweb Marketplace doesn’t hold its position for too long. This is because governments and their competitors are working hard to take them down.

But being known as the best darknet market is not an easy task, and the admins put a lot of effort and money into grabbing that position.

These markets are generally the most reliable markets with a great community supporting them. It’s not easy to say which may work best for you, but here the best rated markets we could find.

Market Name

🥇 The best security features, and an amazing support team. To2Door has been around since 2020, and has an amazing 15,000+ listings to users all around the world



🔥 ASAP Market has grown drastically in the last year due to it's unique features, and amazing support systems

ASAP Market


🤑 Archetyp is easily the most aesthetically pleasing marketplace, with multiple unique features.



💰 Alphabay is the largest darknet marketplace. They have the most competitive prices, and the largest product selection



❤️ Vice City has the best reputation for it's website reliability, and has little to no down time.

Vice City

Before choosing the best darknet marketplace and making that deposit, we suggest you make a deep comparison between the markets.
The first thing you’d want to look at is where these markets cater to. Although they may be worldwide markets, are there vendors that are near enough to you?
Secondly, you’d want to find the following information out:

What are their privacy and security features
How many listings do they have (is there enough competition, and do they cater to your needs)
Is the support team functional
Is the deep web markets website reliable, or is it constantly down from DDoS attacks
When about was the website established?
There are many more factors to take into account, but these are the main questions you’d ask yourself when comparing websites. Below we’ve compared the top five darknet markets to each other to help make that decision.

Market Name






Abacus Market


Forced PGP, XMR encouraged, Forum Included


Most well managed darknet market



May 2020

XMR Only, Built-in Mixer, Unique website coding, Own Forum/ Market Deadpool


Top-tier Support

Above average

🌐 Darknet Markets: How to Access

It’s essential that you gather a decent understanding of some basic steps before accessing any deep web market. The dark web is no toy, and if you’re not careful, you can get yourself into a lot of trouble. 

To start off, you first need to download the Tor Browser. Every Darkweb market uses a .onion link that can only be connected through The Onion Router (Tor). Tor is designed with security and privacy as its priority and is trustable. As soon as you’ve downloaded Tor, you need to disable Javascript.

Next, you need to download a paid VPN. Using a free version of a VPN is not an option. Many great VPNs out there will do the trick, and some even accept cryptocurrency as payment. Research the VPN to ensure it does not collect user data. 

OpSec (Operation Security) is easily one of the most important aspects that you need to master when using the deep web. This will ensure your identity in real life is never shared. Therefore, it’s best to gather a fundamental understanding of staying anonymous. Please read our article on OpSec here.

PGP Tools. Ensure that you encrypt every message and password using a PGP key (Pretty Good Privacy). All the best darkweb markets in 2022 will force you to utilize a PGP key. We have a PGP tool built into our website! Try it out.

Ensure all links are authentic. The darknet is riddled with phishing attempts, scammers, and honeypots. Therefore, it’s vital that you grab the correct link to a darknet website. Only use trusted websites like ours or Dark.Fail.

Use your common sense! When it comes to using deepweb markets, you need to be cutthroat. If something feels fishy, leave the website. If you see a deal that’s just too good to be true, it’s too good to be true. 

🗒️ How To Register And Login To Any Deep Web Market

Almost all darknet markets require a user to create an account before making purchases. For the most part, they’ve streamlined the account creation process. There are only minor differences in the registration process between each market. Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating an account on any darkweb market.

  1. Complete the Captcha: Every darkweb market uses a unique Captcha system for DDoS protection. This will be the first thing you see as you enter the website. Once it’s complete, a login page will load. 
  2. Select “Create an account”: If you haven’t made an account before, at the bottom of the login page will be a “register” or “create an account” button.
  3. Fill in the details: The details you need to provide differ between each darknet marketplace, but the usual details required are your display name, login name, password, repeat password, a PIN used to withdraw funds, and a new Captcha to complete. It’s vital that you create unique names and passwords for every marketplace.
  4. Grab your Mnemonic code: The mnemonic code/phrase is for account recovery purposes only. This code is usually only ever given once, so it’s crucial that you save it. Not all websites use this code. 
  5. Set up your PGP Key: Although many websites do not force the users to set this up right away, we suggest that as soon as your account is up and running, set the PGP key up in the website settings.

🪙 Dark Web Markets: How to Deposit Coins?

Once you’ve set up your account and found the listing you want to purchase, you will need to deposit the cryptocurrency of your choice into the darknet marketplace. A few markets allow direct payments to the vendor, but most require you to deposit the funds first.
It’s vital that you’ve set up a VPN and have a personal crypto wallet. It would be best if you also gathered a decent understanding of how cryptocurrency transfers work.

  1. Log into the website, and head to the deposit page. It’s usually a button at the top right corner of the page.
  2. Select the cryptocurrency you want to deposit (we recommend XMR for extra security).
  3. The page will load with a deposit address (some may also include a QR code). You can copy this address.
  4. Open your private wallet, and send the funds. You should never deposit funds directly from a centralized exchange like Crypto.com, Coinbase, and Binance. If you want to remain anonymous, you have to use a personal wallet.

Before transferring any funds into the wallet, double-check the .onion address to ensure it’s not a phishing attempt. You must also take note of any minimum deposit and fees.
In general, it should not take longer than 20-30 minutes for your funds to appear on the website. However, if it’s been more than an hour and your transaction has a decent number of confirmations, you should contact support.

🥇 What Makes a #1 Ranked  DarkWeb Market?

The darknet is a place filled with different darknet markets. At least 20 of those currently up and running could contend for the best Darkweb marketplace in 2022. However, we believe that Tor2Door Market is the best of the rest. Here’s what makes a #1 ranked Darkweb market!

  • Worldwide: Although some markets may operate more excellently to a specific marketplace. It can’t be the best darkweb market if it’s not worldwide, as the audience is narrow. We want to make sure the marketplace caters to everyone. 
  • Payment Methods: The website must support Multisig payments, offer XMR payments, and allow withdrawals. 
  • Regulate The Vendors: To keep the darknet website market clean, vendors must pay a reasonable vendor fee and be active within the marketplace. They should also kick out any vendors with a bad reputation.
  • Support: The support system should be quick and should work well. The staff needs to respond to each ticket in a reasonable time, and the admin/staff needs to be active on different forums such as Dread.
  • Features: Once it’s established that the darknet marketplace works well, we want to see it stand out with unique and valuable features. The best markets should offer useful features, whether a built-in mixing service or an online casino.
  • DDoS Protection: The DDoS protection of the website should work well, but the Captcha should not be too difficult or invasive to the user. Figuring out how to do this may be difficult, but it’s necessary to be the best. 
  • Website Reputation: The website’s reputation is critical. We want to know it’s reliable and secure and that the admin is actively involved in the website’s upkeep. The moment an admin goes silent and the website is not being worked on is the moment a user should remove their funds and walk away from the website. 
  • Security: The website must have a unique coding, and not copied from an older market. They need to encourage all members to use PGP, and keep adding security features as technology progresses. They need to purge logs regularly, and be as secure of a market as possible.

👍 We Recommend the Best Dark Web Markets

There are multiple darknet markets out there, and each has its own perks. Although we may say that Tor2Door is the best darkweb market out there, it might not suit you.
We suggest you look at our darknet market list on our website, which we update frequently. We dive deep into each marketplace and help you make the decision of whether it’s the best Darknet marketplace for you.
In addition to looking into each darknet marketplace, we usually have a complete guide that will provide information on how to set up an account, add funds, and purchase items from each deep web market.
We also explain what each market has to offer, what sort of listings are available, and provide information on whether the darknet marketplace is worth a try or something you should steer clear of.

Take a look at everything LiveDarknet has to offer here.

📜 Deep Web Markets  Rules – The Main Terms & Conditions Explained

Although you are accessing the darkweb and you’re purchasing items that are probably not legal to purchase, there are some basic rules that most darknet marketplaces implement to ensure the safety of others and to keep them humane. 

Each deep web market will have its own terms and conditions, which will be viewable on its website. For example, a drug-based darknet market will not allow any weapons, fraudulent items, or porn. Here are a few deep web market rules that apply to the vast majority of darknet markets.

  • All darknet markets do not allow CP (Child Porn). 
  • All dark web markets will not allow vendors to speak to their customers outside of their website. This is to protect themselves and the customers. They will also force all vendors to use PGP, as well as set up 2FA (2-factor authentication). 
  • All listings will be monitored, and if there is false information, the listing will be removed. 
  • A general rule for the darknet is that anonymity is important. Therefore most darknet marketplaces do not allow DOXing services. 

Very few darknet markets support the following listings: Child porn, prostitution, weapons, murder services, terrorism, poison, and fentanyl. A violation of any darknet market rule usually results in an account suspension, and the user will forfeit their funds. 

DarkWeb Market Privacy & Security Tips

Privacy and security are top priorities for any user who is accessing and utilizing the darknet. Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure you can stay anonymous on the darknet.

  • Use a paid VPN: Although there are free VPNs such as Proton VPN, it’s important you use a paid VPN that does not collect logs on it’s users. We recommend NordVPN as it accepts Bitcoin payment.
  • Disable JavaScript on the Tor Browser: You simply need to Open the Tor settings menu> Select “Preferences“> Click “Privacy and Security“>Select “Safest.”
  • Personal Wallet: Only ever make a payment using a custodial crypto wallet. Never use an exchange to add funds to a darknet marketplace, as it can easily be traced back to you. We suggest Ledger.
  • Only pay with XMR Monero: Monero is a tried and proven cryptocurrency and the most anonymous currency. They consistently improve their systems, and user privacy is their top priority.
  • Use unique names: With every website you access and create an account on, use a unique username/login and a different password. This is basic security. 
  • Always use PGP: The PGP tool will encrypt and provide cryptographic privacy for all communications. This is most important for shipping addresses. Even the website owner can not unlock the PGP encryption unless they have the key. 

Once you’ve set up the above, ensure you stick to it and keep privacy and security in mind while using the darknet. 

The History of  Markets On The DarkWeb

The deep has been around for many years, with most of its first traces going back to 2009. However, it was not until 2011, when Ross Ulbricht created a website called “the Silk Road,” that the darknet markets became popular. 

Although the Silk Road was not the first darknet marketplace, it was the first one to accept Bitcoin as payment, and it’s the pioneer in how darknets work today. The Silk Road was also the first deepweb darknet marketplace that was seized in 2013 after Ross failed to follow some basic OpSec procedures. But as one market fell, three more were created. Silk Road 2.0, Evolution Market, and Agora Market. 

A year later, Silk Road 2.0 was seized. Agora market left after it felt it was compromised. But the next major event in the darknet world was the Evolution Markets exit scam. 

In mid-March 2015, the Evolution market servers went down. At first, many users believed their servers had been seized, but after a few days, it was revealed that they had closed the servers and ran away with $12 million in Bitcoin. 

This created a lot of distrust of online darknet markets, yet over the years since, many markets have opened up and proven themselves to be efficient. However, there’s always an opportunity that the market could run with the users’ money. 

What is the Future of The Deep Web Markets?

Although the darknet has been around for some time, many developments are still to come. For example, it was the first place where users used cryptocurrencies, yet Bitcoin and altcoins have sprung up in the broader world since.

As cryptocurrency markets grow, government regulations have tightened, making it much more difficult to remain anonymous when using crypto. Governments have cracked down on the darknet and its usage. Earlier this year, the Russian government stopped almost a quarter of its citizens from using the Tor Browser.

This makes many speculate whether the darknet markets will be as easy to use in the future. The Cyber Crimes unit in the FBI and the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs have removed at least 11 different darknet markets and carding websites this year.

That being said, the darknet markets were a 2.5 billion dollar industry in 2020. The community continually works to improve the experience, privacy, and privacy of using the darknet.
The future of darknet markets seems to be bright, and more users are learning how to use it safely and effectively. However, user’s do need to be cautious.

Final Words about DarkNet Markets Ratings

Today we have ranked and looked into some of the best online darknet markets. We have dived deep into what makes a darknet market great. However, we need to make a few things clear before we end. 

Although we may claim these are the best darknet markets, personal preference still plays a large part in the puzzle. The best marketplace for you could change depending on what you’re looking for and where you are located.

Furthermore, darkweb markets often change. Within the last year, four of the largest darknet markets have either retired, been taken down, or left in an exit scam. 

Things change very quickly in the darknet, but we’ve given these darknet markets ratings according to plain facts. We suggest you further research the market you choose to make your next home and not make the decision solely on this article. 

Take a further look at all the current darknet markets currently active. We have reviews and guides on how to use them. 

DeepWeb Markets FAQ

A Darknet market is the only marketplace that allows users to purchase items using the Tor browser. The darknet markets generally list items that are illegal to sell anywhere else, such as drugs, counterfeit items, weapons, and more.

In order to access a deep web market, the user must a website browser known as “The Onion Router (Tor browser)” The user will also need the .onion address of the darknet market. 

Take a look at our guide on how to access the darknet markets.

Choosing the best darknet marketplace for you can be a bit overwhelming as there are many markets to choose from and many phishing websites. We suggest you put a great amount of research into each darknet marketplace and ensure it suits your needs. 

There are multiple great darknet marketplaces that work well for many people. However, these change constantly. We suggest you take a look at our website’s darkweb market reviews.

Darknet Markets do still exist. The Darkweb market industry moves about $2 billion each year. 

Yes, The CyberCrimesUnit in the FBi, as well as Russian Authorities have taken down several darknet markets in the last few months. It’s more than likely that they will continue to take down other darknet markets. 

After the German authorities have taken down Hydra Market, Alphabay in now officially the largest darknet marketplace.