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The deep web search engine “Find Tor” is a powerful and efficient tool for users looking to explore the depths of the internet. It is a powerful resource that allows users to easily access websites that are difficult to find using regular search engines.

With Find Tor, you can search through many different types of content such as forums, blogs, news websites, and even obscure sites. This search engine also offers features like advanced search filters and website advertisements. To know more about this search engine, keep reading this article!

What is Find Tor?

Find Tor is a deep web search engine that offers users an easy and secure way to access the darknet. The platform has advanced privacy features that allow users to browse anonymously without leaving any digital footprint. 

Unlike traditional search engines, Find Tor searches for darknet content, which popular search engines like Google or Bing do not index.

The platform offers users access to vast information hosted on the anonymous network, including websites, forums, marketplaces and other hidden services. 

Whether you’re looking for uncensored news sources, rare books, or other Illicit activities, Find Tor has you covered.

Apart from its impressive search capabilities, Find Tor also ensures user safety by encrypting all traffic between your device and the servers hosting the website.


User Interface

Find Tor’s” Deepweb search engine has a minimalistic and straightforward user interface. The search engine’s homepage only displays a search box, with no additional options or features cluttering the page. This simplistic design allows users to focus solely on their search query and get results quickly without distractions. 

Users must type their keywords or phrases into the search box and click the search button to use the search engine. The search engine crawls the Deepweb and returns relevant results based on the user’s query.

Add Site

Add Site” feature allows registered users to request the inclusion of new onion sites on the search engine. They can provide relevant details about the site. 

This feature is especially useful for users who have discovered a valuable resource on the Deepweb that is not yet indexed on “Find Tor.”

 Registered members can also leave feedback on the already indexed sites, which can be useful for other users looking for similar information.

Hidden Service Directory

Find Tor’s hidden service directory, also known as the “darknet home,” is a network of websites and services accessible only through the Tor network. 

These hidden services have addresses that end in .onion and can only be accessed using a Tor-enabled browser. The platform allows you to add your site for free.

Some of the popular .onion sites listed on the platform are:

Horizon Store

Horizon Store is a CC marketplace on Find Tor’s darknet search directory. This friendly CC store provides quality credit cards and offers its customers both physical and digital versions.

 In addition to delivering quality products, Horizon Store prioritizes its customers’ security and anonymity.

Drugs Empire

Drugs Empire boasts an impressive selection of products available to customers worldwide.

 From high-quality cannabis strains to potent extracts and concentrates, there’s something for everyone here. It also offers free shipping and a 14-day return policy that ensures buyers can shop confidently. 

Paypal World

The products sold on Paypal World include personal and business accounts hacked or stolen from their rightful owners. 

These accounts can be purchased at a fraction of their true value. This makes them an attractive target for individuals who want to use them for transactions. 

Choose Better

“Choose Better” is a .onion site that serves as a valuable resource for individuals looking to navigate the often murky and unregulated world of the darknet home. 

The site offers a comprehensive database of tested .onion sites, with each listing accompanied by a review from the site’s moderators.

 “Choose Better” is dedicated to identifying and exposing scams and fraudulent websites that can otherwise be difficult for users to detect on their own. 


Xhacker connects individuals looking to hire professional hackers with a pool of skilled and experienced technicians.

 Privacy is taken very seriously at Xhacker, with all communications between clients and hackers being encrypted end-to-end.

The platform caters to various needs, including password retrieval, social media account hacking, email hacking, spying, surveillance, DDos, spyware, botnet, and even tracking down cyber bullies. 

Clients can choose from different packages based on their budget and the type of service they require. The pricing structure is transparent with no hidden fees or charges.

Imperial Market

This online marketplace offers services, including cloned and prepaid cards, PayPal and Western Union transfers, and gift cards for popular platforms like Amazon, Google Play, Xbox, and more. 

It’s a convenient solution for anyone purchasing these items quickly and securely.

Amazon Warriors

Amazon Warriors is a website that offers users highly discounted Amazon gift cards. 

The site provides an easy and accessible platform for individuals to purchase gift cards at prices significantly lower than their actual face value. 


Xmatches is the ultimate destination for avid football fans who want to stay ahead of the game. As a place at the heart of the deep web, Xmatches provides insider information about fixed football matches.

 The site offers regular updates on upcoming matches and their predicted outcomes. 

Deep Links Dump

Deep links dumps is a marketplace where you can find uncensored .onion catalogues. 

The site provides v3 links that are updated every month and are only accessible through the Tor network. 

Hosting Mate

Hosting Mate offers a trustworthy .onion web hosting service. The platform has affordable pricing plans with high-quality features to meet the needs of any website owner. 

Furthermore, if you’re unsure if the service will work for you, Hosting Mate offers a 7-day free trial so that you can test their services before committing to anything long-term.

In addition to its affordability and free trial option, Hosting Mate is also known for its security features.

Dark Bay

Dark Bay is a popular darknet market with many products and services available. One of the key features of Dark Bay is its user-friendly interface. 

It makes navigating the site easy for even those with limited technical knowledge. Users can browse various categories such as drugs, digital goods, fraud-related items, etc. The website supports payment options, including Bitcoin.

However, users must exercise caution when using Dark Bay or any other darknet market. While anonymity provides some level of protection against law enforcement officials, risks such as scams or hacker attacks still exist.

Apart from these, the list goes on and it’s quite long. After all, they have around 72 pages: 

Provides Trending Keyword Lists

The list provides insights into what topics are currently popular among browser users. It gives an idea of what people search for beyond mainstream topics that dominate general online searches.

You can then tailor your advertising campaigns accordingly to target potential audiences better.

Keyword Advertising

To use this, users must submit their advertisement using keywords they want to advertise on. The ad will then be displayed to users searching for those keywords on the search engine. This makes it an excellent way for businesses and individuals to reach a highly targeted audience.

All the banners are displayed on the homepage of the search engine. This makes them easily visible to users who are actively searching for information. 

To increase the visibility of an advertisement, a business or organization can pay double the regular price to place its banner on the top of the homepage.  

Payment Method

Find Tor offers users a secure and anonymous payment method. The search engine accepts two popular cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Monero, as payment for its services. 

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that allows users to make anonymous transactions without involving any third party. Monero, on the other hand, is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency that provides users with an extra layer of anonymity and security. 

Affiliate Program

Under this program, if a user refers someone to buy any of the sponsored items, the user will earn $50 for each person. This program provides an opportunity for users to earn passive income. 

The program also allows users to earn money by providing personal training. To receive payment for personal training, users must provide evidence of the training and completion of the session.

If you spread the platform links, you can also earn some incentives. For every posted link on clearnet, a user can make $10 in Bitcoin; for every posted link on a .onion site, they can earn $5 in Bitcoin.