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Bitcoin tumbling, or mixing, is a popular service for those who wish to remain anonymous. It can be difficult to navigate the world of Bitcoin tumblers and find one that fits your needs, which is why we are here to review – one of the leading Bitcoin tumblers on the market. 

With its easy-to-use interface and special security measures in place, this platform has gained the trust of many cryptocurrency users.

In this article, we will be taking a close look at to evaluate how it stacks up against the competition and whether or not it’s worth your money.

What is is a revolutionary Bitcoin mixing platform, revolutionizing how people use digital currencies. It offers users an effective and efficient solution to their privacy concerns when using Bitcoin, allowing them to have clean and untraceable coins with no trace of where they came from or who owns them. 

So how does it work? takes your unclean, traceable Bitcoins and divides them into many parts before storing them for a long period. During this process, your data is completely anonymous, so no one else can access it except for you.

 Once stored safely, these parts are mixed in random combinations with other users’ coins before being sent back as clean, untraceable coins straight to you – all in exchange for a small fee!

Additionally, the platform has its own reserve of coins and coins from other users that have no connection to the coins you sent. These are the coins that will be sent to you. Overview

  • Website:
  • Alternate URL:
  • Onion URL: http://blenderiocpxfema.onion
  • Additional Addresses: 8
  • Fee : 0.5-2.5% + (0.0005BTC/extra address)
  • Distribution share: Manually controlled.
  • Confirmations Required : 3
  • Letter of Guarantee: Yes
  • Mixing Code: Yes
  • Time Delays: Manually controlled.
  • Minimum Deposit: 0.001 BTC.


The user interface has been designed to be as straightforward as possible, providing an intuitive experience from start to finish. Not only are the options easily recognizable and understandable, but they are also broken down into multiple steps, making them easy to follow. 

As you can see in the above image, there is a “i” sign next to each option in Blender’s interface. It provides a quick explanation if you’re ever confused about what it does – perfect for those just starting with this software. The user interface is designed to be straightforward, even for beginner users. 

All you need to do is enter the recipient’s address, and the platform will handle the rest, including setting the default values for time delays and fees. Adding new addresses or adjusting the fees and delays is just as easy – simply click the relevant buttons.

Additional Addresses

The primary purpose of a Bitcoin mixer is to add anonymity to your coins, and additional addresses are the key ingredient for successful mixing. A Bitcoin mixer can break down a set of coins into multiple parts and send them to individual addresses. 

This ensures that no single address contains the entire set of mixed coins, thus making it difficult for anyone to trace them back to their source. 

The more addresses provided by the mixer, the better it is. Each new address serves as an extra layer of security by further breaking down the mixed coin set into smaller parts, making it even harder to trace its origins.

Additionally, using multiple different addresses reduces any suspicion or risk associated with using just one single address repeatedly, as this may raise eyebrows with suspicious activity detectors used by financial institutions and government agencies. currently allows for up to 8 additional addresses per mix, which is the highest number of addresses I have encountered.

Time –Delays

The concept of time delay on a blockchain is the gap between when coins are put in and when they come out of the system. It’s an important part of keeping transactions anonymous, as any aggressive blockchain analysis can easily link inputs and outputs if they occur at the same time. A delay ensures that there is no way to trace a particular set of coins back to its source. 

Time delay also helps strengthen the security protocols that protect the Blockchain from malicious attacks. Increasing the distance between inputs and outputs makes it more difficult for attackers to link transactions together or gain access to user information. stands out in terms of its customizable time delays. Not only does it offer this feature, but it also allows you to select different time delays for each output address. Most other mixers do not offer this level of customization.

Furthermore, allows the client to choose their delay manually rather than having it be randomly assigned or set by the mixer. This means you have complete control over when you wish to receive the mixed coins. offers delays ranging from 1 to 24 hours, allowing you to choose any time within this range as your desired delay.

Fee charges a transaction fee that starts at 0.5% and can go up to 2.5%. 

However, the client can choose the exact fee amount they wish to pay within this range. In addition to the standard 0.5% fee, you can opt for higher fees of 0.683%, 1.028%, 1.366%, 1.686%, or 2.02%.

Customizing the fee amount can also add anonymity to your transactions. If you frequently use the service, consistently paying the same fee for each transaction to your “clean” wallet may draw attention.

There is an additional fee of 0.0005BTC for each extra address you send the mixed coins to.

Distribution Shares Control

Distribution shares refer to the amounts of funds allocated to each individual account. For instance, if you have specified 10 additional addresses, the distribution shares represent the amounts of funds that each address receives out of the total. Most other mixers do not allow users to control the amounts allocated to individual addresses, but does.

This means you can manually specify the desired distribution of funds among your accounts. You can either manually edit the values or use the “Reallocate distribution shares” feature to automatically randomize the distribution.”

Letter of Guarantee 

Not all mixers offer a PGP-signed letter, but does. This letter, which you can download from the deposit page (where the fund deposit address is displayed), serves as a signed bond from the platform.

It confirms that the displayed address belongs to the mixer and that they will send you your mixed coins. In the event that they do not fulfill this promise, you can use the letter to hold them accountable, potentially even in a legal setting.

Mixing Code

The mixed code is a unique identifier that gives you access to the Blender Mix. It is used during the second transaction and is your way to link yourself with your coins. The advantage of this is that Blender can recognize any coins from your previous mix and flag them, ensuring they don’t come back to you as “clean” ones in the new transaction. 

The mixing code also serves as an anonymous way to identify yourself when using the platform.

You can find the mixing code on the page where you start your mix and the final mix page, where the platform provides you with a deposit address.


Is it Possible to Mix SegWit and Bech32 Addresses with Blender?

Yes, the mixer supports the use of SegWit addresses as long as they begin with the number “3”. Bech32 addresses are also supported, provided they are from the witness version and start with “bc1.”

Does Blender.Io store Logs?

Anonymity and logs generally do not go together. However, takes care to ensure that no logs are stored. Any information collected is only retained until the transaction is completed, at which point it is permanently deleted. This helps to protect the privacy of the platform’s users.

Is Registration Required on

While many platforms require registration, which often comes with certain obligations and restrictions, does not. Instead, they provide a mixing code and letter of guarantee as your “identity credentials” for the coins you send without requiring you to disclose any personal information.

What is the Minimum and Maximum Transaction Limit? has a low minimum deposit requirement of 0.001BTC. The maximum withdrawal amount varies and depends on the platform’s reserves and is displayed before you send your coins in for mixing.