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Archetyp Darknet Market
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Archetyp Market Link: vur2iyo5he4m77wrwmfrsqjffmgn4f2id3pgyrwf6kl6hi6iasxg2ryd.onion

Archetyp Marketplace is a technically advanced darknet marketplace where you can buy drugs in a friendly and safe environment. It was founded in 2021 and recently celebrated its third anniversary on May 17th, 2023. 

What I find really interesting is that they marked their anniversary by not taking any commissions and urging vendors to provide discounts to their customers. 

Archetyp Market Basic Facts

Archetyp Market URLvur2iyo5he4m77wrwmfrsqjffmgn4f2id3pgyrwf6kl6hi6iasxg2ryd.onion
Archetyp Forum URLN/A
Number of Listings1,900+
Listing CategoriesCannabis, Stimulants, Ecstasy, Opiates, Benzodiazepines, Psychedelic, Prescriptions, Steroids, Dissociatives
Total Vendors488
Total Users39,000+
Vendor Bond300€
Site WalletYes, and direct pay available
PGPForced for Vendors
2FAForced for Vendors
FEFor Trusted Vendors Only
MultisigNo Multisig option available
AffiliateAvailable by request
Bug Bounty ProgramYes, no amount specified
Language SupportEnglish only
Currency SupportXMR, BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, DOGE, DASH, and ZEC
Instant WithdrawsN/A
Date Market OpenedMay 2020
Security IssuesNone
Support RatingAverage

What Does Archetyp Market Offer?

Archetyp market is one of the well-organized darknet marketplaces. On the top left pane, you may find more than 10 filters that can help you find out whatever you’re looking for. 

archetyp market review

Not only this, the category section of this site tells us a lot about what they’re offering. Here I’m listing what they’re selling currently: 

  • Cannabis 
  • Stimulants
  • Ecstasy 
  • Opiates
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Psychedelic 
  • Prescription 
  • Steroids
  • Dissociatives
  • Chemicals
  • Tobacco 
  • Other 

Archetyp Market Overview 

Even though Archetyp market is based on the idea of minimalism, its technologically advanced features never ceases to amaze me. 

Here’s why! 

Advanced Payment, Security, and Other Features

  • 30+ Fiat currencies supported
  • PGP 2FA 
  • Anti-phishing jail 
  • Default redirect settings 
  • No image load feature
  • Worldwide Support 
  • Forum posts in multiple languages (Svenska, Espanol, Deutsch, and Suomi) 

Impressive Support system

When it comes to support, I really like it. Last time I came across trouble, they responded to me within 24 hours. Other than this, there’s a ‘forum’ where users can ask each other questions related to the Archetyp market. 

TXID-Recovery Tool 

Just in case you don’t get your deposit after 20+ confirmations, you can use Archetyp’s TXID-recovery tool which is available inside the ‘wallet’ section. 

archetyp market txid tool review

Even though I never had a problem with transactions, I know that putting transaction ID in the TXID tool will help you recover your funds.

Play Games to Make Money on Dark Web

The Archetyp market has games where you can place bets on events, which market might close next, and a dice. 

archetyp market games

I don’t think it’s a good idea to play the Dice game. After all, no one could ever beat random games like Dice. But yeah, betting on events or which market might close next is interesting. 

Some Top Vendors of the Archetyp Marketplace

top vendors of the archetyp market

The Team Behind Archetyp Market 

team behind archetyp market

Archetyp Market Statistics (Updated 2023) 

  • Users: 184936
  • Vendors: 1145
  • Listings: 6670
  • Banned: 928

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Be friendly: Treat others with kindness and respect, just like you would like to be treated yourself. Good behavior is always encouraged.
  • Be fair: Provide fair and honest feedback and try to understand any issues that may arise from the other person’s perspective.
  • Be honest: Describe your goods truthfully and clearly, and maintain your security standards while communicating with others.
  • Be helpful: Report any wrongdoing you encounter, provide guidance to those who need it. 


  • Sell forbidden goods: It is strictly prohibited to sell illegal items such as porn, racist materials, weapons, poison or to engage in fraudulent or scam activities on the platform.
  • Hurt individuals: Never disclose personal data, doxxing or any individual’s data on our platform.
  • Be evil: Insults, personal attacks or any kind of negative behavior is not acceptable is something the Archetyp market doesn’t tolerate. 

Archetyp Market: Account Creation (Step by Step Process) 

  1. Visit this Archetyp market link. Once you do, you’ll come across this: 
archetype market sign up
  1. Click on ‘create account’ and then you’ll be prompted with a quiz that you need to solve. Only then you can make your account. In order to solve this, take a look at this: 
archetyp market xmr address verification

Once you memorize these URLs, answer these questions: 

archetyp market captcha questoins and answers

After answering all these questions, solve this Archetyp market captcha. It’s easy, you just have to click on the circle that’s cut. 

archetyp market captcha
  1. Now that you have taken the quiz, we’re now on that page where you need to fill in basic details to sign up. 
archetyp market sign up
  1. Again, there’s an annoying captcha that even I have to go through. Just click where your username is and it will be solved. 
archetyp market verification process
  1. If you have successfully signed up, something like this will appear: 
archetyp market welcome

That’s it, click on ‘ next step’ and read this short summary to familiarize yourself with this dark web marketplace. 

  1. Click on ‘go to the settings.’ 
archetyp market overview of summary
  1. You’re now finally inside the marketplace. From here, you can adjust settings to your advantage. 
archetyp settings

That’s it, you have successfully signed up on the Archetyp market.

Archetyp Market Payment Method 

The Archetyp darknet marketplace only supports XMR as their payment method. And just like any other darknet platform, you need to add XMR to your wallet first. 

archetyp market wallet

How to Make An Order on Archetyp Market 

  1. Select the product you want to buy. In my case, I’m picking those capsules.   
archetyp marketplace
  1. You’ll come across the product page where you need to click on ‘buy product.’
archetyp market page 1
  1. After pressing the ‘buy product’ button, select quantity. Here I’m selecting only 25 capsules. 
archetyp market order page
  1. As soon as you select the quantity, the final page will be shown to you. Based on your preferences, tweak this list. 
shipping details on archetyp darknet market
  1. Scroll a little and fill your ‘shipping details.’  Once everything is done, click on the circle that’s cut to continue further. 
placing order on darknet

That’s it, you have successfully placed an order on Archetyp market. 


Archetyp appears to be a well-designed darknet marketplace that completely reinvents the user experience. Their central account wallet structure is likewise out of date, as is their lack of advanced payment options. 

Archetyp’s exit scam risk is higher than that of most of its competitors, which might explain the company’s slow growth and lack of listings in various locations.

The market may disappoint you if you’re looking for cannabis, stimulants, or psychedelics. Archetyp may gain momentum in the near future as a result of recent advancements (such as support for multiple cryptos and enhanced finalization techniques).

On Archetyp, the process of canceling a user account is simplified, which is unusual in darknet marketplaces. Archetyp goes above and above to guarantee each user experience is a success in order to secure long-term market success.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Archetyp Market 

What is Archetyp Market?

This is a free platform on the darknet. With unique features, security by default and cutting-edge technology and design, their main aim is to be your go-to for your dark web needs.

Where Can I find the legit Archetyp Market Link?

Always use this link whenever you want to access Archetyp market, otherwise you might end up getting in a phishing trap.
Archetyp Market Link: vur2iyo5he4m77wrwmfrsqjffmgn4f2id3pgyrwf6kl6hi6iasxg2ryd.onion

Does Archetyp Market offer affiliate links?

Yes, they do. Just contact them for further information.

How long does it take for a payment to be processed?

While this depends on various aspects, payments should usually go through within half an hour. In rare case, it might take about an hour or two.

I accidentally sent the wrong currency/to an incorrect address, what can I do?

Unfortunately, there is nothing the management of the market can do about this. They have lots of warnings for all of these cases at the corresponding places in the interface on their site.

My payment still hasn’t been processed after a complete day. What is happening?

Please check again, if you sent XMR to the correct address. If you are sure everything has been done properly, please reach out to them via ticket.

What does Archetyp Market do to protect you and us?

Of course every market has their way of protecting their buyers and vendors. It all starts at the core. For example, Archetyp darknet marketplace only offer privacy coin XMR. They also employ the use of a 2FA, different usernames for login and public appearance.

I found a vulnerability on Archetyp Market. What now?

There are a couple of aspects. We want to hear about their motivation, their plan and planned listings. In case of a known vendor, we verify them through existing platforms.

How are vendors being selected and tested?

There are a couple of aspects. But most importantly, the market would want to hear want to hear about their motivation, their plan and planned listings. In case of a known vendor, we verify them through existing platforms.

How can we report a scam on Archetyp Market?

Please report the vendor with proofs for your claims so that the team takes appropriate action.

Why do we have rules on Archetyp market if it’s a darknet marketplaces?

As we report in their own words they write: “While we want to offer a free platform and market and this is usually being seen as a criminal activity, we do have rules, morale and values. Child pornography, causing harm to individuals, terrorism and alike, for example, is strictly forbidden. No excuses”.

Is Archetyp market safe?

Archetyp market have taken measures such as offering only privacy coins like XMR, using two-factor authentication, and different usernames for login and public appearance.