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12 Best Vendors on Vice City Market You Must Know

12 Best Vendors on Vice City Market You Must Know
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In the dark corners of the Internet, where illicit activities go down, there is a market for everything. And no illicit activity is complete without a bit of contraband to grease the wheels. One such market is Vice City; with over 10,000 listings, it has long been known as a reliable source for hardcore drugs and other contraband.

To help you navigate the murky waters of the Vice City Market, we’ve compiled a list of the top 12 vendors on Vice City. Whether you need illegal drugs or malware, these vendors have you covered. So, let’s get started!


Listed in April 2021, WA2018 is one of the most popular vendors in the Vice City Market. In just over a year, it has sold more than 450 items and has a trust score of 100.

Vice City Market - WA2018 Vendor Profile
Vice City Market – WA2018 Vendor Profile

The vendor’s success can be attributed to its unique offerings and ability to meet users’ needs. The product lineup includes a wide variety of flowers, concentrates, and distillates, all of which are high quality and safe to buy. Additionally, the vendor offers fast shipping and excellent customer service.

Vice City Market - WA2018 Listings
Vice City Market – WA2018 Listings

The vendor claims to have 10,000 tests on the stealth and packaging that back up his product quality and trustworthiness. In addition, the vendor grows some flowers on their own to add additional authenticity to his offerings. Every month, this California-based vendor offers various discounts on its products.


The MiamiVice vendor has been selling items on the Vice City Market for over a year. His total completed sales are over 2900, with a trust score of 96. They offer a variety of illicit digital items, including methods and software. You can get items as simple as premium accounts to more advanced and sophisticated tools to carry out carding.

Vice City Market - MiamiVice Vendor Profile
Vice City Market – MiamiVice Vendor Profile

The vendor offers instant delivery, a major selling point on the Vice City darknet market. Additionally, the vendor claims to provide five items from its shops if any of its products are found not working.

Vice City Market - MiamiVice Vendor Products
Vice City Market – MiamiVice Vendor Products


If you’re looking for a place to buy hashish, then Hash2Go is your go-to vendor. The vendor has been selling hash, weed, Cocaine and other illicit goods on the Vice City market for over a year.

Hash2go has an average rating of 96 from buyers and has successfully initiated 199 sales on the darknet market. His customers have praised him for providing high-quality hash at affordable prices.


Hash2go sells various strains of marijuana at a very affordable price point, making it one of the most popular sellers on Vice City Market. In addition, if the products fail to get delivered, the vendor claims to offer 50% extra product on the next reship (20g max) and a 25% refund on the amount you paid.

Hash2Go - Hash Listings
Hash2Go – Hash Listings

Currently, the vendor is running a promotional offer in which it claims to offer free samples of 2g hash. Though, the user needs to pay shipping charges.


FreeWalder is a Vice City vendor specialising in selling illegal drugs and other contraband, including Givencys, Mephedrone, Ketamine R-isomer, Cocaine, and Amphetamine. FreeWalder has been around since April 2021 and has garnered a fair amount of following on the Vice City Market due to its low prices and high-quality products.

FreeWalder On Vice City Market
FreeWalder On Vice City Market

So far, the vendor has completed 283 sales with a trust score of 99. FreeWalder also claims to ship internationally, including North America, South America, Asia, EEC, Australia, New Zealand, Balkans and UK. The vendor doesn’t ship to the USA.

FreeWalder Listings
FreeWalder Listings

Here are some policies that the vendor has described in his description for buyers:

  • Posting is being done from Monday to Friday.
  • Orders placed from Friday to Sunday will be posted on Monday.
  • Your order will be shipped after a day we complete your order.
  • Don’t be a little B*tch and Finalise ASAP. You receive your order and DON’T just wait to auto-finalise it. The first time we will warn you, and next time blacklist it is.
  • We keep your address PGP-encrypted and delete it within 30 days after you finalise the order.


DrugsfromNL is one of the most popular sellers on the darknet market Vice City. The vendor offers a wide variety of illicit items such as:

  • Cocaine 91%
  • Untouched Heroine
  • Strong Quality Heroine 60-70%
  • Pure Dutch MDMA 95%
  • Ketamine Needles 98%
DrugsfromNL Listings
DrugsfromNL Listings

In addition, DrugsfromNL also offers free shipping on all of its products.

This Dutch vendor has become well-known on the Alphabay darknet market for its high-quality products and competitive prices. NL is known for its fast shipping times (24 hours except for weekends) and careful packaging.

Within more than a year of being listed on the market, DrugsfromNL has garnered over 374 successful sales with an average feedback score of 93.


THCDoctorHq is the one-stop shop for all THC vaping needs in the Vice City Market. The market offers a wide selection of high-quality strains and products. Whether you’re looking for Magic Mushrooms, Edibles, Shatter, Live Resin, or Terpenes, TheThcDoctor1 has something for you.


The vendor’s team is passionate about providing their customers with the best possible service possible. In addition, the vendor claims that if the buyer cannot find a sufficient quantity, they can directly reach out to them and order in bulk.

So far, the vendor has frequently been active on the market and continuously upgraded its inventory, especially with the new strains and flavours of shatter and resin.

Vice City Market - TheTHCDoctor1 Listing
Vice City Market – TheTHCDoctor1 Listing

TheTHCDoctor1 claims they have experience working with the legit growers and distributors in California. They have decades of experience in sourcing organic craft size growers that are being grown in America.

In addition, the vendor also claims that the Oils listed in their shop are sourced raw from a licensed lab based in California. These oils are free from pesticides and 12% plant-derived organic Terpenes.

The vendor has been on the market for quite a year and successfully initiated 65 sales with a feedback score of 98.


Everylittlehelps is a darknet market vendor selling various high-quality goods, including Ecstasy pills and Cocaine. The vendor has been active on the market since December 2021 and has built a sizable following among buyers. So far, the vendor has completed 104 sales with a feedback score of 97.


The vendor also has an excellent reputation for customer service. You can always contact customer support via chat if you have any problems with your purchase or need assistance. The vendor generally operates from Monday to Friday, with 10 AM being the cutoff time.

EveryLittleHelps Listings
EveryLittleHelps Listings

Here is the Refund policy that vendor has mentioned in his description:

1 Day Delivery Special NDD delivery

We offer a full refund or reship if you do not receive your order. This is only for special delivery options. We expect a minimum of 7 working days before requesting a refund.

As this is the only shipping method, we can fully understand and know for sure that you did not receive your order. This is due to scammers and competitors. Thanks( PO Boxes and pack stations will not be covered for refund or reship).

Royal Mail First Class 1-3 days:

Refunds and reships will be available after four successful orders with us and will be considered on an order-by-order basis. We expect a minimum of 14 working days before requesting a refund.

Any order placed must be sent in this format to be eligible for the refund/reship. This is because an address written in a different format and missing essential details looks suspicious and is more likely to get lost or seized.


(Street Number and Name)




The vendor currently ships within the boundary of the UK only.


For those looking to purchase Cannabis and its byproducts on the Vice City market, CannaBuds is one of the popular choices. The vendor sells a variety of strains and products, including dried and live cannabis flowers.

Vice City Market - CannaBuds
Vice City Market – CannaBuds

Cannabuds also have a wide range of prices, making it possible for users to find anything from a cheap joint to a high-quality product.

Cannabuds believe in providing customers with the best possible products and service possible. They work hard to ensure that all of their products are top quality and that orders get shipped within 48 hours of being placed.

CannaBuds Listings
CannaBuds Listings

Currently, the vendor ships only in the US. With over 397 successful sales and a feedback score of 99, the vendor has a good reputation within the buyer community in the market.


Formerly operated on Torrez, PharmaTec joined the Vice City Market in December 2021. The vendor is a well-known supplier to the darknet community, and its products are often sought out for their high quality and potency.


PharmaTec has listed more than 11 different drugs on Vice City Market, including:

  • Cannabis
  • Pollen Hash
  • Cocaine
  • Hash
  • Ketamine
  • Edibles
  • XTC
  • weed
  • Speed
  • Xanax
  • Valium
PharmaTec Listings
PharmaTec Listings

PharmaTec currently ships from the UK worldwide and has experience of completing 4000+ sales in 4 different markets. The vendor has completed 169 orders at Vice City Market with a feedback score of 99.

PharmaTec mentions the following rules before placing an order:

Please stop using online websites for PGP encryption. It’s dangerous! These Websites can store your passwords in their Database. Do not send me any encryption using the BCPG C# V1.6.1.0. I’m getting tired of explaining myself to people.

Yes, I know other vendors use these websites but don’t know what they’re doing. Download an app called Kleopatra (PC) or OpenKeychain (Android) and spend 15 min on Youtube learning how to use the app. Then use one of these apps to send me your encrypted details. If you’re on a mac, buy a cheap android phone and download openKeychain from fdroid and use that instead.

Also, please stop encrypting messages that do not contain sensitive information. “Hi, hello, How are you? Do you sell drugs” does not need to be encrypted as it’s blatantly obvious what we do. Only encrypt data that may include your shipping details or other information that may potentially compromise your safety.

Before you send a direct message to the vendor, keep the following things in mind:

We do not offer free sample products.

All orders are shipped with high-quality stealth and typically next-day delivery within the UK. For example, if you place an order on Monday before 2 PM, we will endeavour to prepare your order the same day so it will arrive for NDD. Please allow additional working days for orders placed over the weekend.

We ship with high-quality packaging. You cannot tell what the contents are by looking at the outside of the package or by looking at the return address. We will not divulge how our orders are packaged here for security reasons. However, we have never had a package taken or an order damaged or crushed in transit. All your concerns are addressed. Your order will arrive undamaged and promptly.

All products listed on our profile are available unless stipulated otherwise. We will never send you a different or replacement product, weed strain, for example, unless we specifically arrange this with you during a messaging process. We have a range of products that do come and depending on availability. However, the supply chain is very strong, and we regularly restock.

If you are a regular customer and have a product in mind that you are interested in and not listed in our shop, feel free to reach out to us, and we will do our best to facilitate your request.

Before asking if your order has been shipped, please check on the marketplace to check if your order has been marked as shipped. We have processed and shipped your order if the item is marked yes.


  1. Please write your address as follows:
  2. First Name
  3. Last Name
  4. Apartment no if applicable
  5. Address line 1
  6. Address line 2
  7. Town
  8. Country
  9. UK
  10. Postal Code

We do not accept returned packages for apparent reasons.

Please double-check your shipping address; if the address you provided is wrong, you will need to bear the consequences yourself.

When sending your address via the marketplace, please encrypt your messages using our PGP public key listed on our vendor page.


Listed in March 2021, ScotchAndCoca is one of the popular vendors on the market. The supplier has an average feedback rating of 93, indicating that most customers are satisfied with their purchases. The vendor has so far successfully initiated 337 sales.


Here is the list of products vendors provide on the market:

  • Colombian Cocaine 89%
  • Peruvian Cocaine 90%
  • Dutch MDMA 84%
  • XTC Pop Smoke 300mg
  • Crystal Meth Ice 98%
  • S-isomer Ketamine 97%(Sugar)
  • R-Isomer Ketamine 84%(needles)
  • Pure 2C-B powder
  • 3-MMC Mephedrone
  • 4-MMC Mephedrone
  • LSD 200ug Hoffman Bike Tabs
  • LSD 200ug Dragonball Z tabs
  • LSD 200uf Picke Rick tabs
ScotchAndCoca Listings
ScotchAndCoca Listings

ScotchAndSoda is one of the few darknet vendors that offer free shipping, and they are also one of the few vendors that ships to a large number of countries. As claimed by the vendor, shipping generally happens within 24 hours from when the order was placed.

Orders that are placed on weekends are generally processed on Monday. The vendor claims that 99.9% of their orders are received in an undamaged condition. The orders are cleaned with alcohol so that there is no residue of odour left on it. In addition, the vendor ships all the normal products through priority mail in envelopes or mailbox packages. The vendor also accepts bulk orders.

Here are the shipping time vendor offers for different countries:

EU: 1-10 days

USA/Canada: 4-30 days

Australia: 10-40 days

Rest of the world: 10-45 days

If the order is not delivered, the vendor claims to offer a 25% refund and reship on LSD and Cocaine. In addition to it, the vendor also provides 50% reship on all of its products.


TulipNL, a darknet vendor based in the Netherlands, is currently selling products on Alphabay. Listed in January 2021, the vendor has completed 306 sales with a feedback rating of 90. TulipNL also has experience operating in other markets, such as Dream Market, where the vendor had 1250 successful sales.


The vendor has a wide variety of products in its inventory, including XTC pills, Colombian Cocaine, and crystal meth. The vendor claims to ship worldwide. The orders are generally shipped on the next day of ordering. For Europe, the general shipping time is 2-7 days; worldwide, it’s 3-28 days.

TulipNL Listings
TulipNL Listings

TulipNL offers 50% reshipment and 50% refund if your product is not delivered.


Looking to purchase something illicit on the ViceCity darknet market? JessyBakery may be your best option. In just over four months on the market, the vendor has successfully initiated 126 sales with a feedback score of 96.


Some of the most popular products available from JessyBakery include:

  • Colombian Cocaine 90%
  • Crack Cocaine 89%
  • MDMA 89% Pure champagne
  • S-Ketamine Isomer Needle
  • Afghan Heroin 91%
  • Methamphetamine Pure Crystal Ice Meth
JessyBakery Listings
JessyBakery Listings

The vendor offers fast shipping worldwide, and all provided products are lab tested and clean. JessyBakery operates from Monday-Friday. Any other places on weekends are processed on Monday. Additionally, all the products are cleaned with alcohol, so no odour residue is left on order.

The vendor doesn’t provide tracked shipping.

Here are the reship policies that JessyBakery offers:

  • 100% reship for orders within Europe
  • 50% reship for orders outside Europe (excluding Australia, Africa and Asia)
  • Must Provide a love letter to receive a reship the border police always send out a love letter when seized, even for 0.2GR
  • 0% reship for Australia, Africa and Asia
  • No Reship for not encrypting the address
  • No Reship if you provide us with an incomplete or wrong address
  • No reshipment for PO Boxes, hotels etc.
  • No Refund possible, only reships