14 Darknet Hacking Forums That Everyone Should Be Aware of

Darknet Hacking Forums
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Hidden away on the web, in deep, dark corners of the internet, there are communities of people who live and breathe the Darknet. Darknet Forums is one such community that provides a safe haven for people to discuss all things related to the Darknet.

Whether you’re an individual looking for new markets to buy contrabands or an individual who wants to learn more about this secretive part of the internet, Darknet Forums are the perfect place for you.

Various dark web forums offer a wealth of information and support for those seeking to engage in illegal activities anonymously. But which one is the best? For that, you need to go through this article!


The largest online forum discussing the darkest corners of the internet is Dread. It started in 2018 after Reddit discontinued the subreddit that they found too sensitive. Dread is only accessible through Tor and i2p networks and has no clearnet presence.

Dread’s creator is HugBunter and the principal administrator in Paris. The forum’s interface shares some similarities to Reddit, with all the contents subdivided into ” subreads ” categories. You can easily set up a dread account for free if you are connected through Tor and the i2p network. Forum owners have tried to create a permissive environment in which most content is not primarily moderated as long as it is not flagged as spam or deemed inappropriate.

Dread Darknet Forum
Dread Darknet Forum

The Dread forum, which has more than 200,000 members, uses a points system similar to Reddit’s. In recent updates, Dread has introduced some Twitter-like functions that enable users to choose topics they are interested in to offer tailored subdread community suggestions and other personalised experiences.

Dread features several sophisticated safety measures that make it quite different from most other discussion forums. The forum offers PGP verification for its users if desired. It erases any information its users have deleted and does not use a script. It has a somewhat rigorous anti-spam mechanism and a tricky Captcha system to fight DDoS attacks.


Darkfail is a resource providing access to a wide assortment of hidden services sites (accessible through the Tor browser) on the dark web. You can find it on the clearnet and Darknet. Darkfall has long been considered the most respected meeting ground between the surface of the web and the dark web.

DarkFail admin is a devoted privacy advocate who claims to offer its service to cybersecurity researchers interested in tracking darknet websites’ uptime. Despite some links pointing to the dark net sites, the site also features links to other dark web resources. In addition, the admin is also active on Twitter.

Various categories are being hosted on DarkFail, including dark net markets, resource pages, other types of services (such as anonymity-based email services, VPNs, and coin mixers), entertainment, news, social media forums, and even the Central Intelligence Agency’s official website on Tor.

DarkFail does not do any tracking or use JavaScript. These links are always verifiable via PGP (their own data processing tool only utilises PGP, but verification can always be attained via a personal PGP program as well). Since darkfall does not direct any links, users can be prevented from DNS leaks attributed to accidental clicking in a clearnet browser.

The DarkFail administration maintains a strict standard for inclusion for those darknet markets that desire to publish a mirror link to them on the site. This will include a requirement to supply a PGP key and PGP-signed messages to ensure the mirrors are included. Market administrators must also offer a PGP-signed canary message that is refreshed once every 14 days. This demonstrates proof that market management is still being performed under the control of market admins.


An online, English-based cybercriminal forum, Nulled is home to more than 4 million members worldwide as of 2020. Cybercriminals primarily use the platform for information exchange, trade, and purchasing stolen stock, documents, and other leaked materials. In 2016, Nulled was the target of a massive data breach, exposing about 9.65 gigabytes of the forum’s users’ personal data.

Nulled cybercriminal forum

The Nulled forum contributes over 25,000 new daily posts, including threads and comments. At the time of writing this article, the site contained 27 million posts. In addition, over 3500 users register on Nulled every day.

This leak, generally thought to be the work of government-backed computer hackers, provided valuable information to law enforcement that helped them to track down suspected cyber criminals.


RaidForums’ legacy was continued by the renowned dark web hacking forum Breached. The forum upholds its legacy as the chosen spot for talking about data breaches and information leaks. The European authorities took down RaidForums.

Breached is seeing a surge in its following, and at the same time, it has a vast number of confidential data information. Recently, the administrators of Breached were responsible for buying and leaking Mexican bank data.


CryptBB is the next hacking forum on the list, which began functioning in 2017 and is concentrated around English-speaking users exclusively. It is known for having a stringent code of conduct, giving access to only those who pass an interview conducted by them.

CryptBB darknet forum

Recently, they’ve divided a completely different section for new users to the forum. CryptBB is a meeting place for many of the brightest programmers and hackers, so it always stays under the eyes of cybersecurity professionals. Furthermore, it has a sub-dread in the Dreaded forum.


One of the world’s most prominent hacking forums is FreeHacks, which functions under the criminal community of Russia and offers data leaks.

The forum is devoted to discussing issues of hacking and security risks as well as information about Carding or stealing credit and debit cards and theft. The forum is also a gathering place to discuss search engine optimisation, how to affect them, and malware and viruses.


Founded as an Arabic forum, then switched to English natives in 2018, Altenen is another common name when discussing the best hacking forums on Darknet. It majorly deals with the discussion about carding and credit card fraud.

Altenen darknet forum

The forum is still in its early stages and gaining credibility among cybercriminals and those who want to pursue the world of digital crimes.


Known as the Hacker University on the Dark Web, this forum educates people on hacking to become professional cybercriminals in exchange for monetary gain. It has a slogan aimed at hacking for profit and committing cyber fraud.

HackTown darknet forum

The forum sets a price for participating in classes; then, the students study various hacking techniques for individuals and companies. Furthermore, HackTown also has many of the newest hacking tools at its disposal.


The forum was one of the most famous Russian platforms known as DamageLab. The site’s original incarnation dates back to 2013. After the arrest of the main administrator of the DamageLab, the forum returned in 2018 and rebranded itself as XSS.

With nearly 217K posts with 120 posts added daily, it is well known in the internet security community and has discussions on illicit topics, including hacking and financial fraud. The forum burst into prominence in 2021 after barring content related to cybercrime.

XSS darknet forum

 Due to it primarily serving the Russian crowd, Russian is the primary language utilised on the site. And all the content is written in Russian.

The forum has additional areas and is accessible only through paid membership, around $40.


Functioning on both clearnet and the Onion network, the Private Zone is a forum where you can find discussions on carding and hacking. The community is swamped with 3,213 threads and 19,662 individual messages, so it appears to stay active. The forum is home to about 32,394 members.

The forum mainly consists of five sections:

  • PrvteZone
  • Verified Section
  • Unverified Section
  • General Discussions
  • Recycle bin

The PrvteZone section of the forum features threads posted by members of the forum, announcements and messages from moderators, and official rules.

The section also features news from around the world about hacking; even if you’re not a cybercriminal and aren’t seeking to purchase cards, It will help you learn new things.

PrvteZone darknet forum

The Verified section of the forum is a lot like a flea market. It has threads such as cashout, dumps, PayPal, documents, etc. The verified section stands out because it only allows verified sellers to sell all these data.

As for the unverified section, it’s the opposite of the verified section; anyone willing to sell dumps or any fraudulent data will be considered an unverified source.

The General Discussion section is intended to discuss carding and hacking, wherein you can learn how to protect yourself, learn ethical hacking or sharing experiences throughout using marketplaces, or other dangers related to exploits.

Registration at the forum is priced at 0.002 BTC and is free if you have an invite code. In addition, the captcha code is a bit annoying and takes time to solve.


DarkPro interface has a dark black and green theme that resembles its name. With over 30,651 members and 55,873 messages, the forum is currently active.

DarkPro darknet forum

Two-thirds of the upper part of the screen is inundated with advertisements and highlighted items. The bottom of the forum is its most rewarding and valuable part. The bottom part consists of verified sellers, escrow services, etc., most commonly used on the platform.

The forum is divided into eight main categories:

  • Darknet Home
  • Carders Marketplace
  • Accounts and Database dumps
  • Carding Category
  • Darknet Marketplaces
  • Carding centre
  • Anonymity socks and proxies.

Darknet home is where you can interact with staff members, check out announcements or news stories from the admin, or contact the team.

On Carders Marketplace, you can view sections such as Verified sellers or non-verified sellers, from where you will be able to trade card dumps. In addition to credit card purchases, the forum sells forged documents, low-priced air tickets, and cash-out money.

The Anonymity and Proxies section is also significant as it consists of crucial information on exploring proxies and socks and how to be anonymous on the internet or other carding sites.

Best Carding World

So, though it only boasts a modest number of registered users, its membership stands at close to 7000 people. Over 4000 posts have been made on the forum in total.

Its major sections are Anonymity, Hackers Zone, Market, and Carding Zone. These have threads such as RDP/VPS/ Servers, malware, exploits, hacking tutorials, etc.

The Carding Zone thread includes carding information and a list of websites where you can use such cards. There are also proofs and step-by-step tutorials on carding available. In addition, the forum also provides Credit Card fullz for killing the cards.


CardVilla is a hacking forum with 92,137 members so far. It currently has 19,230 messages posted. On average, there are 2,000 members online at any time. Registration is required to access the site, but it is free of cost.

It boasts five main section

  • Card Villa
  • Hacking and Security
  • Marketplace
  • Carding Forum
  • Premium section.

CardVilla is the official place to check admin team announcements.

CardVilla darknet forum

The hacking and security section is where you can buy exploits and tools or learn ethical hacking and programming from various tutorials in the threads.

The marketplace hosts a place for buyers and sellers looking to sell and purchase various carding stuff. In addition, it has an escrow section for any third-party purchases.

Apart from cards and banking accounts, CardVilla also provides “drop services” in case you order products from the deep web and can’t take any risk with your actual address.

The forum also has a premium section where it boasts premium carding tools and tutorials.

4 Carding

4 Carding dates back to 2002 and remains one of the oldest hacking forums that’s still active in the industry. Today there are half a million members who’ve joined its servers.

4 Carding darknet forum
4 Carding

Due to its large customer base and surge in its audience, the market will soon close the free registration and public viewing as described on its homepage.

The primary sections on the forum consist of the following:

  • Home Carding Forum
  • Carders Market Place
  • Hacking and Carding section
  • Recycle bin

The Home Carding Forum section includes announcements, news, and discussion topics posted exclusively to the forum by the moderators and admins. The announcement thread is only available to Home Admins, but new members can introduce themselves in the Introduction section.

There’s a Help desk in the Home section, followed by a Discussion desk where users may discuss various matters (preferably about Carding).

The Carders Market Place hosts a place for buying and selling card dumps by verified and unverified sources. It also contains various ads of vendors who have maintained a good reputation on the market.

In addition to the Carders Marketplace, the forum has a section dedicated to free information that includes threads such as hacking tutorials, accounts, Db dumps, Backdoors, RATs, Toolkits, Showingoff Hacking skills and so on.