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A Guide to ChipMixer: Everything You Need to Know

ChipMixer Guide
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Satoshi created Bitcoin as a “decentralized” system for people to make truly anonymous transactions. Perhaps it was because Satoshi did not see how big Bitcoin would become. Or he missed the flaw in how a public ledger makes Bitcoin traceable. This is where ChipMixer comes in.

Since governments have learned how to track Bitcoin, it’s become a little more complicated to ensure your transactions are 100% anonymous. The best option would be to use Monero (XMR), but if you want to stick to Bitcoin, you will need to use a mixing service. ChipMixer is perhaps the best Bitcoin Mixing service available today. 

A ChipMixer Guide

The best Bitcoin tumbling service, ChipMixer, launched back in 2017, and was an instant success in the OpSec and Crytpo world. The service is effective, quick and free. This is how it broke the hearts of all who are looking to keep their Bitcoin transactions both private and clean. 

What makes ChipMixer so unique is there are no service fees. The service only survives using a donation-based system. So ChipMixer is easily the cheapest Bitcoin mixing service. 

ChipMixer Overview

Chipmixer Guide - Why to choose chipmixer

Clearnet address:

Onion address: chipmixerwzxtzbw.onion

Currencies: Bitcoin

Established: Early 2017

Fees: Optional – Donation-based

Min Deposit: 0.001 BTC

Max Deposit: 60 BTC

Logs Policy: 7-days

Time Delay: Available and controlled by the user. 

Usually, Bitcoin tumbling services will take in multiple Bitcoin transactions from different users and spit them out in hundreds of transactions to multiple crypto wallets. This makes the transaction almost blurred as it’s almost impossible to know who owns the Bitcoin. But there is still an opportunity to try and trace these transactions.

To ensure pure anonymity, Chipmixer takes in the BTC from the users and converts it into an on-site “Chip” that is non-traceable and non-fungible. When you deposit the funds, the converted Chips hold a  value tied to the current Bitcoin value. When the user deposits their funds, the Chips are consistently mixed around and separated until the user withdraws them again. 

The user has multiple options, such as the opportunity of a timed delay as well as the ability to withdraw their funds to as many wallets as you’d need. The ChipMixer service simply gives the users every opportunity to stay anonymous. This is because ChipMixer has a primary focus on user privacy. 

Something we should note is that due to ChipMixers nature, there are many phishing and scam copycat sites. So it’s important that you only use official links from reputable sources such as our site.

In addition to the incredible service that ChipMixer provides, the website is both Aesthetically pleasing and simple enough to make it user-friendly. They also include a few additional features that we should note when talking about ChipMixer.

ChipMixer Betting

Users can gamble using the ChipMixer service. This brings a little thrill to the player where they can enjoy Provably Fair gameplay! The betting feature is an additional anonymous feature. The amount of BTC you send to the site is different from the amount you’ll be receiving. 

The Zero Logs Policy

Having a zero logs policy is essential to keeping pure anonymity. However, the site will clearly need to hold some sort of data to ensure the tokens belong to you and so that they can return the BTC back to you. But these logs are automatically destroyed 7 days after you create an “Account”

If you’re looking to keep the funds in the ChipMixer service for a bit longer, they do provide an opportunity to extend your account’s time limit by a further 7 days. 

ChipMixer Chips

When you deposit your funds, they’re transferred into a “CHIP.” There are multiple CHIPS that hold different values, each chip holds a specific Bitcoin value. The lowest chip value starts at 0.001 BTC, the second is at 0.002 BTC, then , 0.004 BTC, and the value doubles until the largest Chip which is 4.096 BTC.  

When you make your Bitcoin deposit, keep in mind that there is a minimum deposit of 0.001 BTC, and any funds transferred with decimals more than 0.000 will be counted as a donation to the ChipMixer service. 

Getting started with Chipmixer.

Now that you have a basic understanding of ChipMixer features and how the system works, let’s look at what you need to do to use ChipMixer. 

No Accounts

ChipMixer doesn’t use any accounts, instead, ChipMixer gives their users a “Session Token,” which acts as a login for the next 7 days. Using the session token, users can return to the website for depositing, mixing, betting, and withdrawing. Once the session ends, if there are any tokens left, they count as a donation to ChipMixer.

Cryptocurrency payments

It may sound obvious, but you must understand the basics of cryptocurrencies and their transactions. You should have a good understanding of BTC addresses, payments, and transaction fees.

Here is a guide to using Bitcoin Wallets 

Tor Browser

While ChipMixer is available on the Clearnet, we recommend using the Tor browser.  The Onion Router (Tor) is an open-source browser designed with the user’s privacy in mind. 

Before visiting the site with the TOR browser, you should switch off JavaScript (Options -> Privacy & Security -> Security Level -> Switch to “Safer”).

However, you need to understand how to access the browser, but also how to use the browser effectively and securely. 

OpSec and a VPN

Operations Security (OpSec) is arguably the most important tool you need set up on the DarkNet. OpSec is about releasing as little data transferred as possible. This keeps your real-life identity hidden from all parties you are encountering. 

Although ChipMixer does not gather any data, we still recommend using a good paid VPN and keeping basic OpSec in mind. 

How Do I Mix BTC Through ChipMixer?

Chipmixer Guide - Bitcoin mixing steps

Mixing your BTC through ChipMixer is really easy and fast, it only takes three steps. So let us break each step down. 

Step 1: Deposit

As soon as you open ChipMixers website (whether it’s their clearnet or darknet site) you’ll see a button that says “Start Mixing.” Click on this button and a new page will pop up with your Session Token. Copy this information and save it for the time being as it’s the only way you can return to the “account”

Once you’ve copied the session token and saved it, confirm this on the ChipMixer website and a screen will show a wallet address (and a QR code) to add funds to your account. You could also “Redeem a Voucher” from leftover tokens from a previous session. 

Once again, remember there is a minimum deposit of 0.001 BTC. When you’ve completed your transaction you’ll need to wait for a few confirmations before the funds show on your account. For deposits under 20 BTC, you only need one confirmation, and for anything over 20 BTC, six you’ll need six confirmations. 

Refresh your page to view the new account balance. 

Step 2: Start Mixing


Chipmixer Guide - Withdraw money

The “Mixing” page will provide the user with information with details such as how the Chip tokens were split, and will allow you t alter them as needed for your next withdrawal. As an example, if you’ve made a deposit of 0.112 BTC, it will automatically split into 1 (0.064) Chip,  1(0.032) Chip, and 1 (0.016) Chip. From here you can merge tokens or split them into smaller amounts. 

If you’d like to split the funds into more wallets, you can split the 0.064 Chip into 4 (0.016) Chips. All funds that are deposited here will only be traceable to the mixers website, and can’t be traced back to the person who made the deposit. 

A reason you’d want to split the funds into multiple wallets or multiple transactions is because if you deposit 20 BTC into the site, and a few minutes later withdraw 20 BTC in a single transaction. It can be used as evidence to show that the same funds belong to the original purchasee. This is why it’s suggested that you split the transactions. 

On this same page users can also choose to donate one of the chips as a service fee, which is a fair ask since the site does not take any fees.  Users can also place a bet using ChipMixers Provably Fair betting system with a low 3% House Edge. 

Once you’re happy with how the tokens have been split and you’re ready to withdraw the chips, you can tap the “Withdraw Button”

It gives users an option to withdraw a single chip at a time to a specific wallet, which will be better if you’re splitting the funds into multiple wallets. Or users can choose to withdraw all their funds into a single wallet (but with multiple translations according to the Chips sizes.)

Step 3: Withdraw

What makes ChipMixer unique in comparison to other darknet mixers and tumblers is that they don’t exactly send funds to a new wallet when you choose to withdraw. Instead they provide the users with the “Private Key” to a wallet that already has the funds on it, and could have had the funds on it for a while. 

Using the private key, you can copy and paste the private keys into your bitcoin wallet. We suggest using Electrum is known as one of the best and most secure wallets if you do not have one.

Here’s how you can use the Private Key

  1. Copy the private key to the clipboard of your device
  2. Head to your blockchain wallet and click “Settings”
  3. Click “Addresses”
  4. Click on “Import Bitcoin Address”, a new window will show “Import Existing Bitcoin Address”
  5. Remove all default texts and paste the Private Key from ChipMixer
  6. Click on the “Import” button, and then “Transfer”

If you choose not to withdraw all your funds from the ChipMixer, you can also choose to store them by turning them into a voucher for future use. The voucher code will be shown on the screen at the top. When you deposit coins again in the future, you can “redeem voucher” as per step 1. However, we don’t suggest this as to avoid losing your funds in a site seizure or exit scam.


ChipMixer is one of the most anonymous Bitcoin mixers with features that make it worth choosing. The darknet and general crypto community love ChipMixer. It’s free services and abilities in keeping user funds 100% anonymous. 


  • Highly Recommended by a large community
  • No Logs or accounts
  • Simple and user-friendly
  • Quick support system through ProtonMail
  • Innovative website
  • 7 days to deposit, mix, and withdraw
  • Works fast as only 1 confirmation is needed for most transactions (under 20 BTC)
  • The service uses pre-funded wallets to deliver your bitcoin, making tracing impossible.


  • The website often incurs DDoS attacks.
  • Only supports 1 currency, BTC


Are Bitcoin Mixers illegal?

No, Using a Bitcoin Mixer is no illigal. The issue with Bitcoin mixers is that they are often tied to money laundering and used to buy illigal items and substances which illigal. In some countries mixing large amounts of money could be illegal. But we should point out that ChipMixer is not regulated.

Is ChipMixer Trusted?

Yes, the ChipMixer website is one of the most reputable mixing services out there and is, therefore trustable. The website has been around for more than five years and has over 2000 positive reviews on Dread and Bitcoin Talk.