ASAP Market Retires: The Full Story

ASAP Darknet Market Retiring
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It’s official, ASAP Market is retiring for good in just 15 days. After a month filled with ASAP accusations and even attempts to further build the validity of the marketplace, it seems its admins have taken the drastic decision to end operations.


  • ASAP is retiring
  • Ordering is paused
  • All funds will be released.
  • Vendors have 2 weeks to complete current orders.
  • All disputes to be handled still
  • The official reason will be explained after retirement
ASAP Retirement Banner 1

When entering the website, users are met with a message titled “Ordering Disabled. We Are Retiring”

With a message saying

Dear friends,

ASAP Market is finally retiring after a successful journey.

Ordering has been disabled.

All disputes will be resolved before closing the market.

Everyone should withdraw the funds ASAP. Everyone must do it within 15 days.

ASAP Admin

ASAP Announces Retirement

ASAP Market Ends Operation

Over the last few weeks, ASAP Market has been unusually active in many ways, from exit scam accusations to taking action against Fent dealers on new levels. So for so much effort, only to hear they’re retiring was unexpected, but here we are. 

One of the largest darknet marketplaces is closing shops for good. The admin added an announcement to their website and posted on Dread on July 12th in a post titled “Its time for the goodbyes!!! ASAP Market is planning a retirement,”

u/LeChacal came forward with a short explanation of what was happening but promised to address the retirement in detail after the two weeks had been completed. Something we look forward to. 

LeChacal first eluded to retirement to mitigate panic from the community should orders be disabled, and then a few hours later made the official announcement. 

“Dear friends

We’re closing the market very soon by giving a month to complete the orders, however, don’t wait for the entire month, closing date could be earlier not later. Everyone must withdraw their coins within a week or max two weeks.(more precisely within 15 days) A smooth retirement is a very big battle.

Its a lovely journey and we really don’t want to leave you. However, everything has an end. We’ve been planning for retirement since long time and it was always a tough decision for us. At this time, we’ve planned a premature retirement for good reasons. We’re closing the market very soon. Vendors and buyers should withdraw their coins ASAP…

Retirement is not easy, and it comes with its own set of challenges. We want to ensure transparency and keep everyone informed about the next steps.

It is crucial that everyone takes the necessary steps to withdraw their coins within a week or a maximum of two weeks from today’s date. This timeline will allow us to efficiently handle the closure process and ensure fair withdrawals of all user’s coins. We encourage all market users to log into their accounts and initiate the withdrawal process.

The retirement reasons will be disclosed after the process is over.

Thank you once again.

ASAP Family.

u/LaChacal on Dread

Under u/LaChacal’s post, there was much praise and questions regarding the situation. Despite their recent history and questions over their values as a marketplace, they’ve chosen to end the Darknet Market in a respectable manner.

Generally, a darknet market retirement is extremely unlikely as it’s usually the point where an admin will make one final cash in, and remove all user funds. However, over the last few years, retiring markets have become more popular as we build some chivalry into the dark web. 

This was always how ASAP handled things, though. ASAP lived as a competent and cultured operation. They always worked directly with in favour of buyers and vendors to correct issues and provide a smooth market experience.

New Beginnings: Darknet Markets Jump At The Opportunity

In the comment section on the Dread post. Head Dread Admin u/Paris came forwards with a gracious message thanking LeChacal for his service and graceful end. He further requested some data to build onto Recon. 

Paris Responds To ASAP Retirement

At the same time, alternative Darknet markets are reaching at grabbing established vendors and a plethora of new buyers. When opening Dread’s forum, you’ll likely receive some lovely ads from ex-ASAP competitors. 

For instance, Bohemia has already created its “Join Bohemia Today ASAP!” campaign, as seen below. A cheeky snub for an opportunist. Especially considering ASAPs exit puts Bohemia comfortably into the number 1 Darknet Marketplace operating in the second half of 2023. 

Bohemia Join TODAY ASAP

Conclusion: Goodbye ASAP Market

Being the largest Darknet Marketplace (by listing offerings) with over 123,000 listings, this will devastate the darknet world and leave one question for many. Who will take their place? 

In the past, a market this size retiring opened doors to newer markets growing, and many offered vendors the opportunity to open shop without forking out a new vendor bond.