Attempted Dark Web Sale of 16-Year-Old Girl In Central Georgia

Forsyth Man Attempts To Sell 16 Year Old Girl On The Dark Web
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A Central Georgia man has been arrested after attempting to kidnap and sell a 16-year-old girl via the darknet. After an intense investigation, the young lady in question escaped the horrifying experience, and the man will soon face charges of child abuse and sex trafficking.

The individual in question, Kelly Garrett Ivey of Forsyth, is now under indictment in Jasper County as of August 14th this year. Let’s take a deeper look at this case.

Charges of Child Abuse and Sex Trafficking

Man attempts to sell girl on darkweb

The array of charges lodged against 41-year-old Ivey emphasizes the gravity of this most unfortunate situation. The charges against him read as follows:

  • A Charge of Cruelty to Children in the First Degree
  •  A Charge of  Cruelty to Children in the Second Degree
  •  A Charge of Trafficking of Persons for Sexual Servitude
  • Three counts of Criminal Attempt to Commit a Felony, including kidnapping

The arrest report accuses Ivey of making a calculated attempt to sell the 16-year-old victim’s personal information. This included her home address and the locations she would be visiting on a regular basis. The goal, disturbingly, was to facilitate her abduction, assault, or other forms of harm to the 16-year-old girl.

The man went to a church, and was involved in the local community. He’d even volunteered at the local school on multiple occasions.

Victims Personal Information Sold on the Dark Web

“Slave Bay” is the name of the platform where these horrifying attempts took place. Shockingly, this website not only featured explicit images but also facilitated the sale of the victim’s information. The accused used this information to draw potential buyers into this personal information. The advertisement went so far as to list the victim’s age, describing her as a 16-year-old virgin female. Ivey’s claim to own detailed knowledge of her home address and frequented places amplified the danger. This was because it made it easier for prospective buyers to find and harm the victim.

After an in-depth investigation, law enforcement found out that Ivey and the victim met each other at a local church. The pastor of said church confirmed this unnerving connection. Out of respect for the victim’s privacy, the name of the church has not been disclosed.

The FBI delivered this news directly with the girls mother on June 29th. The news broke the mother into pieces.

“I’m always worried about other places– when you go on vacation, when you go here and go there–but it happened here, right around us, I’ve heard about the dark web, you know, in movies, but I didn’t really know exactly what it was.

There were two pictures, and it was from our family vacation the year before, On the picture, on the ad, it said this ‘item’, as they called, it was put for sale. If they would purchase this item, which was my daughter, then they would tell where we lived, where she frequented, and that they knew everything about her.”

16-year-olds mother

The Community is Fighting back, Highlighting Caution

While the community is fighting with this disturbing revelation, the Executive Director of Street Grace Georgia is urging vigilance among students and parents. She said that it is important to be aware of the signs of child sexual abuse and to report any concerns to the authorities. With school and extracurricular activities resuming after the summer break, she emphasizes the need to be cautious online. She highlights that online predators often mask their intentions and appear as seemingly trustworthy individuals.

The director thus advocates for open and honest conversations between parents and their children. In an era where digital interactions are commonplace, parents need to address the realities their children may face online. Just because they are experiencing all kinds of things through their phones does not mean we should not talk about sensitive things. Otherwise, a child will assume it’s normal and not communicate danger.

As this disturbing case unfolds, organizations like Street Grace are on the frontlines of raising awareness about human trafficking. Their efforts aim to protect vulnerable individuals from falling prey to the dangers of the digital age. Amidst the shock and disbelief that this incident has stirred, there is a call for community vigilance, open communication, and a united stand against such crimes.


While the Darknet is used for horrifying situations as such, we can not undermine its benefits. This case perhaps highlights personal responsibility and how easily things can turn if we do not stay vigilant. However, it’s perhaps a highlight of how it’s become increasingly difficult to remain private, and use tools to help us without giving up additional information on ourselves. Law Enforcement have their eyes set on “Slave Bay” and hopes to take the website down in due time.