Bohemia Market Withdrawal Issues: Exit Scam Allegations

Bohemia Exit Scam Accusations
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Perhaps the most popular darknet market in 2023, Bohemia Market, is experiencing some issues. For weeks now, the market’s vendors and customers have started raising their concerns over withdrawal issues and login issues. This could pose as the early sign of an exit scam. So as one Dread forum user put it: What’s going on with Bohemia?

Whats Going On With Bohemia

Since its creation back in early 2021, Bohemia has always been the people’s choice. They have over 10,000 listings across multiple categories and vendors from all around the world. Their support has always been quick, yet all of a sudden, it’s not looking so good.

Log In Issues

Captcha Not Appearing Bohemia
Vendor Complaints Bohemia

If you’ve tried to log into Bohemia over the past seven days, you would have found difficulty as the Captcha system during the log-in screen does not appear. This used to be a typical word with a line in it, but the image simply doesn’t log in. The issue is either with the captcha service entirely, or some fault in the back end coding, what ever it is, it’s causing the image to not appear. Even top-tier vendors who have their own private mirrors for the website are experiencing the same issue.

Not only has LiveDarknet received multiple complaints, but the Dread Forum is filled with users raising their concerns over the marketplace. For a “On site Wallet” based darknet marketplace, this is a major concern that shouldn’t be dealt with lightly.

On the plus side, the Market admin has come forward to say:

We are working on it as we speak. – Bohemia Team

And it could easily be overlooked if this were an isolated incident. However, aside from login issues, the website has had more withdrawal and deposit concerns as of late too.

Withdrawal Issues

Multiple Users Complaining About Bohemia Market

Bohemia staff are almost avoiding questions, or ask users to open a ticket when they make posts, but for the past few weeks, the amount of missing deposit disputes have grown continuously. Bohemia usually has brilliant support, yet all of a sudden they don’t understand the basics of blockchain.

As one user put it after days with minimal and unhelpful support from the Bohemia team:

Support is completely useless. They are acting like it is a Monero issue when I have clearly said multiple times in multiple replies how it is bitcoin. Then I say “hey I just made a bitcoin withdraw” so ignore that one and they send me the text id for that very same withdrawal. No one is this retarded. It seems they know what i am talking about but don’t want to address the issue. To me that kind of suggests that they know low level skimming is going on that they don’t want to address. Vendors I would very very closely follow each finalization and make sure the funds go to your wallet and make sure the funds stay in your wallet until you withdraw.


Don’t Use Bohemia: Don’t Lose Faith In Bohemia Yet

While there are many concerns over the darknet marketplace and whether they’re planning to exit scam their community. The accusations are fresh, and the issues are apparently being worked on by the admin and development team.

With that in mind, it’s easy to make these claims as users continue to deposit funds unknowingly. Until their issues are sorted, its best to just hold the ship and wait for all to be reconciled. Time will tell if there is a simple error, or if the admin is throwing up his hands and taking what he can with him. For now it’s probably best to keep away from the market, but we don’t recommend vendors shopping for a new home just yet.