ChipMixer: Complete Guide On How To Use A ChipMixer

Complete Guide On How To Use A ChipMixer
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More attention is now being directed to the dark web scene. So players are also coming up with more ways to stay safe and last long in the game. A mixing service is one of the recent developments that has brought many changes in dark web trading. Today, we’re looking at a ChipMixer, one of the best Bitcoin mixing services, and how it’s used.

Now, a ChipMixer is similar to any other mixing services you know. It helps in mixing funds of its users together. This is aimed at confusing blockchain analysts and any other blockchain tracking software. A proper mixing service completely prevents blockchain analysts from associating it with user data. 

Mixing services like ChipMixer can be compared to complicated banking services in countries like Panama, the Cayman Islands, and the Bahamas. Actually, most people prefer moving their fiat currencies through banks in these countries. This is because of the stricter secrecy regulations. So a ChipMixer also works in a similar manner. Specifically, ChipMixer works by utilizing a number of bitcoin wallets containing predetermined amounts of bitcoin. It then funds these addresses before users deposit Bitcoin. After making deposits, users receive chips of Bitcoin as confirmation of their deposits. 

Donating and Betting Chips

To even take it a step further, the service let’s users split and merge any chips they have in their wallets. This helps in that it adds an additional layer of random complexity. You can as well bet and donate chips. The betting here is not a casino thing, but instead users bet a certain number of chips.  They either receive nothing or get double the amount. 

Donations also work like merging and splitting. It adds additional layers of complexity to the operation. Donating funds, the mixer itself does not require any commissions on transactions.  There are no fees involved with ChipMixer, only voluntary donations. So it’s a free service. When you withdraw funds, your chips are automatically removed from ChipMixer’s list. After that, you get a private key or password to help you sweep the address. But remember, chip withdrawals cannot be monitored on blockchain unlike normal cryptocurrency transactions. 

The program offers chips in different sizes and the smallest is 0.001BTC. From there, you go to 0.004 BTC, 0.006 BTC and so on until you get to 20 BTC and beyond.  There’s no attachment between your chips and the deposit you made on the blockchain. This is because the chips had already been funded before you made deposits. And yes, the deposits show on the blockchain network, but the chips you received cannot be traced back to you. It’s like you exchanged BTC with chips, but secretly so that no one notices their final destination. 

How to Mix BTC on ChipMixer

Before you get started on ChipMixer, kindly note that the system only allows Bitcoin. So it’s a BTC-only mixer. Sending other coins to it other than Bitcoin will result in loss of your funds and there’s no one you’ll turn to. So you better take caution as early as now. And changing other coins to BTC will also not cost you anything. 

Again, the system doesn’t ask for your user details as there are no logins or related abracadabra involved. There’s no account creation or login system. But instead, a user is given a session Id that expires in seven days. But others may need one that lasts longer than seven days to help claim their chips. In such scenarios, you’re allowed to request for a voucher that will help you reclaim them whenever you feel like. They also provide customers with the option to receive a signed source of funds to prove that the BTC in their chips is actually under their control.

The other important thing to put in mind is that ChipMixer only has two different URLS. 

And the darknet url ( Through Tor ) : Go to chipmixer page

You’ll realize that there are several ChipMixer Phishing websites that dominate google search results. And if you didn’t know, now you do, so be warned. So make sure you’re using the legit ones we shared above there.

How To Use A ChipMixer In 10 Simple Steps

1. Once you’re on the ChipMixer site, and you have your Bitcoin ready to be mixed you’ll see something like what’s on the picture below. Then click the “Start Mixing” button. Just on the right-centre of the home page. 

How To Use A ChipMixer In 10 Simple Steps
How To Use A ChipMixer In 10 Simple Steps

After that, there’s a captcha to be solved. After which you’ll get to the initial session page, which looks like this; 

chipmixer step2
chipmixer step2

2. On the screen, you’re reminded to save your session token. It is a long alphanumeric string. Remember, on ChipMixer, there’s no login credentials or password, so the session token serves that purpose. And you will need it in order to obtain or gain access to your chips. So copy it to your clipboard and save it somewhere. After that, there’s a red bar button written ”have saved my session token and want to continue.” Click it . 

I save my session chipmixer
I save my session chipmixer

Remember, you only have seven days to complete the session before it expires. But if you like to extend, there’s a link that will allow you to extend your session. 

Deposit Section

3. After clicking ”have saved my session token and want to continue,” you’re taken to the deposit section. The session token displayed must be the same as the one you just saved. In case it doesn’t resemble the one you saved, save it too. Beneath the text box that says “Waiting for confirmed transaction…” you will see a BTC SegWit deposit address:

Chipmixer last step 1
Chipmixer last step 1

And kindly take note of the information provided beneath your deposit address: 

Minimum amount is 0.01 BTC with 0.001 BTC increments.

Depositing 1.2345 BTC will result with 1.234 BTC funds.

Depositing 0.1239 BTC will result with 0.123 BTC funds.

And depositing 0.1230 BTC will result with 0.123 BTC funds.

For transactions under 10 BTC we require 1 confirmation. For higher amounts we require 6 confirmations.

Copy the BTC address and send to it the BTC which you wish to be mixed. For less than 20 BTC, the transaction is credited after one transaction. Larger amounts will however require sux confirmations to be confirmed.

4. After confirmation of the transaction, now refresh the page. You’ll see a message reading:  “Deposit received. Please go to [Step 2 >>]”. So as you’ve been instructed, Click step two. 

5. This step is just optional. But of course you’ll be asked if you want to donate some crypto to support the project. You can ignore if you don’t want to, but you can donate if you so wish. So click donate to process the donation

6. If you donated you’ll see a “thank you” message. If you didn’t you’ll see a series of chips. For each, you’re provided with different BTC addresses and corresponding private keys to help you withdraw them at your own convenience. 

Dealing with the chips

7. If you got bigger chips, you can split them.  There’s a Resize button that will help you do so. For example, if you have a 0.004 BTC chip, you can split it and have 2× 0.002 chips. Remember, this process is also optional. 

8. Now you have the chips. So you can decide to withdraw one of them by clicking the Private Key column. After clicking that, you get a message saying; “Chip withdrawn. Please check the private key at Step 3.”

9. When you press that button, you’ll get to the private key reveal and voucher code page. At the top row, next to the amount you withdrew is the Bitcoin private key. So import this key into your Bitcoin wallet in order to redeem your Bitcoin. Or if you don’t need it at the moment, you can save it in a safe location. As a matter of fact, ChipMixer has all this information on that same page. 

10. In the final step, you can now redeem your voucher. But the process isn’t necessary especially if you already claimed all your chips via private key. Vouchers can be redeemed at any time, whether it’s within or past a week since the creation of your session. If it’s within the week, select “Restore Your Session” and put your session token then “Restore Session.” 

If it’s more than a week, click “Start Mixing” and then “I have saved my session and want to continue.” Scroll down to “Redeem Voucher” and paste the voucher code. Then press “Redeem.” You’ll get a message confirming the redemption of the amount. And there you go!