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Dark Web Monitoring Giant StealthMole Adds $7M in Funding

StealthMole Dark Web Monitoring Tool
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StealthMole, an AI-powered dark web intelligence startup focusing on Asian cyber threats, has raised $7 million in Series A funding led by Korea Investment Partners. The funds are aimed at expanding operations, including the development of more R&D centers and enhancing technology commercial applications within the B2B sector.

Key Facts

  • StealthMole announced a $7 million Series A funding round.
  • The funding round was led by Korea Investment Partners, with contributions from Hibiscus Fund and Smilegate Investment.
  • The startup was founded in 2022 by Louis Hur and Simon Choi; StealthMole serves over 50 clients across 17 countries.
  • It uses AI to analyze 255 billion data points from the dark web and other sources.
  • The technology allows for the tracing of cybercriminal activities with high precision.
  • The company focuses on Asia-related cyber threats.
  • StealthMole’s platform is used by law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and corporate security teams.
  • The Darkweb Tracker is StealthMole’s platform, offering real-time data collection and advanced search filters.

StealthMole’s Focus on Asian Cyber Threats

The investment round was headed up by Korea Investment Partners, with major contributions from Hibiscus Fund—a joint venture between investors such as RHL Ventures, Penjana Kapital, and KB Investment—and Smilegate Investment. This combination of funds shows the growing recognition of StealthMole’s unique value it brings to the table in the cybersecurity community, mainly in its focus on Asia-related cyber threats.

The company, which is based in Singapore, and also has a strategic R&D office in South Korea, is said to make use of this new capital to grow its operations, including the development of more R&D centers and the expansion of its technology’s commercial applications within the B2B sector.

Founding the AI-Powered Cyber Threat Analysis

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StealthMole was founded in 2022 by enterprise IT security expert and serial entrepreneur Louis Hur, alongside threat investigator and open-source intelligence (OSINT) profiler Simon Choi, StealthMole has quickly grown into key role player in the realm of cyber threat intelligence. The startup boasts a very diverse clientele, serving over 50 clients across 17 countries, which also includes government and law enforcement agencies as well as cybersecurity teams within major corporations.

According to Stealthmole’s Website “The Darkweb Tracker serves as a valuable tool for Law Enforcement Agencies to gather insights on criminal activities, investigate cybercrimes, and identify potential threats. Using the platform, LEAs can monitor illegal activities on the dark web, crack down on cybercriminals, and enhance their capabilities for digital investigations and criminal profiling.”

The main goal of StealthMole’s operations is its new and advanced AI technology which is capable of analyzing 255 billion data points from the dark web, deep web, as well as other hidden sources such as possible leaked databases and cybercriminal blogs. Reports state that this comprehensive approach allows StealthMole to trace cybercriminal activities with unprecedented precision, which offers some critical insights into the growing landscape of cyber threats.

Strategic Advantage in Asia

Chief Technology Officer Simon Choi has highlighted what he sees as the strategic advantage of the company’s presence that it could bring to South Korea, noting the invaluable insights and information gained into hacker operations that occurred in East Asia. StealthMode’s global reach, with the combination of a deep understanding of regional cybercrime dynamics, positions StealthMole in a unique place to address the very complex challenges which is faced by its clients in navigating the digital threat landscape.

The company’s impressive growth comes at a needed time when Asia is seeing and experiencing a significant increase in its cyberattacks, attributed to factors like the growing use of the digital world and the expansion of the hybrid, work-from-home workforce, which became the norm after the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Industries holding sensitive intellectual property, such as the semiconductor sector, are always targeted for cyberattacks, which has increased the demand for specialized intelligence solutions offered by StealthMole.

StealthMole’s Vital Role and Growth Plan

The CEO of StealthMole, Louis Hur, is said to have looked back on the role of the startup as a response to an important market gap that needed to be filled in the availability of data points and information networks, mainly within Asia. 

With serious cybercrimes that is escalating due to both malicious intent and human error, StealthMole’s platform shows that it is a vital tool for law enforcement, intelligence agencies, corporate security teams, and equally as important, cybersecurity experts in analyzing and fighting against digital threats.

As StealthMole goes on its next phase of growth, which is helped by the Series A funding, the company is set to also strengthen its status as a leader in the fight against cybercrime, delivering high end solutions that help with and cater to the urgent need for comprehensive dark web intelligence across Asian digital communities and the globe.