What is Hacktown? Should You Join it?

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With the rise of cybercrime, new and more sophisticated platforms have emerged that specialize in teaching would-be hackers how to use their skills for financial gain. Among these dark web hideouts is a mysterious forum known as Hacktown. 

Established to instruct aspiring cybercriminals on how to launch successful hacking campaigns, Hacktown thrives off its slogan: “Hacking for Profit.” But what courses does it offer? Should you join it? To know more, keep reading this article!

What is Hacktown?

Hacktown provides an array of tutorials on key cybercrime topics such as phishing scams, malware development, and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. Despite its illegal activities, it’s an institution where hackers can hone their skills to commit sophisticated cyberattacks and monetize their efforts through illicit income.

Hacker University was created by an anonymous group of experts who wanted to ensure that their techniques and methods would be shared with future generations of cybercriminals.

To this end, they’ve put together a curriculum filled with tutorials and videos focused on teaching new hackers about topics such as phishing scams and ransomware attacks.

They also offer some free courses as well as those that require payment. You don’t have to break the bank either; an application fee of only $125 (97) will get your foot in the door! You can make payment in Bitcoin or Monero – whichever suits your needs best. 

An activation process will then provide access to various topics ranging from operational security and network attacks to Wi-Fi hacking and carding. 

HackTown also offers courses on how to breach networks and access router administration areas. The courses teach target detection within a compromised network, brute force attacks, man-in-the-middle attacks, and more.

However, HackTown isn’t stopping there. According to Armor Security Solutions Group Inc., HackTown plans to sell its line of ransomware, keyloggers, password stealers, and trojans so that hackers can easily purchase what they need without worrying about getting caught.

Some Popular Courses at Hacktown

HackTown is a cutting-edge virtual platform that offers comprehensive courses designed to teach individuals the essential skills and knowledge necessary to become successful cybercriminals. 

From obtaining a diploma in carding to acquiring a professional cybercriminal degree. Hacktown’s homepage provides an informative roadmap for targeting people and organizations effectively. 

The courses offered by Hacktown are packed with information and abilities tailored to those looking to get into the criminal world of cybersecurity: from gaining access to confidential data and exploiting vulnerable networks to intercepting financial transactions and more. All of these are taught while emphasizing ethical hacking practices so as not to break any laws or regulations. 

Some of the most opted courses on Hacktown are:

OPSEC Course

This course is the perfect starting point for any aspiring cybercriminal. It provides valuable information on how to hack Wi-Fi organizations and operations security (OPSEC) – an essential skill for anyone looking to become a successful hacker. 

Whether you’re a beginner or someone with experience in the field of hacking, this course will teach you all the tricks and techniques needed to gain access to secure networks without detection from law enforcement. 

Furthermore, this course also has a requirements section that needs to be fulfilled before accessing the content. This section explains what steps need to be taken to keep yourself off the radar of law enforcement, such as using proxy servers and encryption services.

 Along with these technical procedures, it goes over proper communication protocols and safety measures that should be followed when engaging in illicit activities online.

Network and MiTM Attacks

For those who have just succeeded in hacking your neighbor’s Wi-Fi or the local cafe, HackTown is the perfect place to hone your skills. From learning how to put ransomware to practical use to understanding where and when you should use it, HackTown offers a range of courses for very cheap prices. 

On HackTown, you can find classes that will teach you all the basics of hacking – from how to prevent yourself from being hacked to more advanced techniques such as SQL injection and buffer overflow attacks. The courses are designed for beginners and experienced hackers alike, so no matter what your experience level is, there’s something here for everyone.

Hacktown has created a unique set of courses to help users exploit home routers, giving them access to connected devices. With these step-by-step guides, learners can quickly become experts in this field.

The courses include learning about tools and procedures that allow hacking of printers, android devices and even committing credit card fraud! Through these comprehensive guides, learners will learn how malicious attackers could infiltrate their networks through their routers. 

The Resource Shop at HackTown offers “Cybercrime Tools” for Purchase.

HackTown promises to provide all the necessary tools and resources in its courses to help aspiring criminals “accelerate their career” and gain personal gain from deploying ransomware and RATs (Remote Access Trojans). 

The online platform has an excellent team of highly-skilled staff that can offer support, guidance, and advice throughout each course. As well as teaching students how to use malicious software, HackTown is also preparing a resource shop that will include hacking tutorials, malware samples, vulnerability research reports, and more. 

In this resource shop, students can acquire all the malware, keyloggers, and password stealers they need as tools for their trade.

Hacktown Membership

The membership includes:

  • Access to exclusive forums focused on the courses offered by HackTown
  • Membership fees are reinvested into the HackTown community for research and development
  • The Armory, a curated selection of proven malware tools for cybercriminals
  • Invitation codes for access to additional resources such as MagBo, Benumb, and more

So, Should You Join Hacktown?

If you’re looking to make a living off of illegal computer activity and further your understanding of security threats, then Hacktown is worth considering.

Hacktown has been around for a good period and offers courses on tools, techniques, and skills you can use to conduct malicious activities. These courses range from hacking websites to creating malware, allowing users access to advanced training in various areas of cybersecurity crime. Not only that but members are also given resources such as tutorials and forums where they can learn from each other’s experiences.

On the plus side, joining Hacktown will undoubtedly give you access to an exclusive network of well-versed criminals in the field. You can learn their tricks and techniques for breaking into secure computer systems and stealing valuable information.

On the other hand, joining this group comes with risks that could land you in serious trouble with law enforcement authorities.