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How to Use World Market: A Complete Guide

How to Use World Market
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One of the busiest darknet markets is World Market.Although it has only been a year in operation, it has attracted a lot of active users on a daily basis.

For some people, the site’s interface and navigability are similar to AlphaBay. If you feel that too, you are not alone. In fact, the developers have grabbed the template from AlphaBay as the foundation of this marketplace.

It charges a 4% commission fee. This percentage is sensible since the site comes with layers of security and abundant helpful features that can support the users from time to time.

As long as you are doing as instructed in this guide, the World Market can be a great choice for you.

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World Market, founded in 2020. At the moment we wrote this guide, it had hosted over 10,000 listings and the number kept growing.

Its main listing categories revolve around drugs, digital goods, fraud, counterfeit items, and services.

The marketplace accepts Bitcoin and Monero as coins as payment. It does not come with multi-signature escrow. So, it might be a bit of a withdrawal for new users who have no experience of using the darknet marketplace before. But if you take a look at its security features, you will know that it is worth your time and money.

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Screenshot from 2021 03 18 10 25 51

What you need to prepare first

Before registering an account in the particular marketplace, you will want to complete all of the security tasks first. First things first, your usual browser won’t work in the darknet marketplace, including World Market.

Install the Tor Browser in advance. Then, install a VPN service. Tor Browser allows you to access darknet sites, but your ISP is aware that you are doing so.For complete anonymity, you could use a VPN and connect to another server first before opening your Tor Browser.

You also need to know the basics of using cryptocurrency, including purchasing, sending, and storing it in your wallet.

Some people still use the Windows OS to access darknet sites. If you plan to use darknet sites for a long time in the future, you could install Tails OS on your device.

You must also know that sending your crypto directly to the darknet sites is not recommended. Instead, you are going to need to use the Mixer service. Do your own research and see why mixing services are very important.

Last but not least, you must know where you can take the link to World Market from. Make sure that you’ve clicked on the right URL. Only click the link from a trustworthy site. Many darknet markets are subject to phishing attacks. So, only use the link that we shared in this post. Use your own discretion when you are clicking the link from another site.

Register an account

Just like in other marketplaces, you will need to register an account first before making your first purchase at World Market.

Click on the link that we’ve shared in this post. Then you will be on the registration page. Under the word register, you could proceed.

Create a unique user name, password, and withdrawal PIN. For the sake of your safety, make sure you use a username and password that are not tied to your personal information. Keep your credentials in a safe place. After saving the information, proceed by pressing “Join World Market.”

Then the mnemonic screen will show up. You must save it in the safest place. Your MNEMONIC is the only way to recover your account if something happens in the future.

Then you could proceed.

Congratulations! You have created an account!

Including a PGP Key

There is one more thing you need to do before purchasing any items from the World Market. You need to add your PGP public key for communicating with the vendors and other users.

Go to Profile and edit the profile.

Sleect the Edit PGP Key Tab option.

And paste your PGP public key there.Click to save changes.

You will be asked to decrypt the message using your private key. Just do it and you will be cool. If you have no idea about the PGP key, you could google it first.

Add funds to your account.

Funding your account is necessary to make a purchase in the marketplace. The World Market still uses escrow. It also offers FE-Finalize Early. But it still requires you to send the funds to your account.

You can use BTC (Bitcoin) or XMR (Monero) to fund your account. We’d suggest you use XMR because it is more anonymous than BTC.

You can add funds by using the BALANCE menu. In the Deposit Funds section, you could click “Generate Address” for the cryptocurrencies. Keep in mind that your deposit address changes every 2 days. So, you will want to send funds to another address for the next funding.

Browsing around

The World Market is navigable and easy to use. If you have ever used AlphaBay before, you will feel at home when using this site. It is just like AlphaBay in a nutshell.

The Home Screen contains two panels.

The main panels host these important elements: Quick Search, Featured Stores, Random Listings, Security, and News.

In the left panel, you will see your account information and other basic information such as buyer statistics, autoshop, categories, search options, and exchange rates.

The good thing about World Market is that it is very easy to find the product you want to purchase. Simply type the keyword in the search box and you will see the result in no time. You can also use the filters to find the right product, such as search terms, product type, price range, and so on. Use the filters to narrow down the listings and pinpoint the right product for you.

There are five different categories in the market, including drugs, fraud, digital goods, counterfeit items, and services. You could also start looking for stuff there.

Making a purchase

Just like in the other marketplaces, you just need to select your item and click Buy Now. Choose the crypto you want to use, the shipping method, and the payment option, and review the payment before continuing. You can also encrypt your shipping address to make it much safer.

It is easy and simple to use the World Market. But you will want to use it at your own discretion. After all, some of the items are taboo.