Nemesis Market

Nemesis Market
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Nemesis is essentially a vendor- and community-centered darknet market that unites a number of  features from its predecessors into a more refined marketplace and forum. It was completely redesigned as of early September 2022, allowing anyone to preview the full range of products available in the marketplace without setting up an account.


The forum part of Nemesis has a distinctly influential role, like the market, as users enjoy being able to participate in discussions on the updates and additions made by the administrators. In this review, we will cover the features of Nemesis and other aspects that make it stand out from the other markets. So, let’s get started!

Nemesis Market Overview

Nemesis is a new market with a basic design layout and buying experience. The market has only prohibited the distribution of underage adult videos. That said, almost everything is available on the market as Nemesis is running short on vendors due to its short time on the market.

Nemesis Market URLgyyfzvzn5t2hfudi6yp6zoloh3iez7iu4jbxcwwfkq5ahxqu7iwkggid.onion
Number of Listings2,100+
Total VendorsN/A
Total UsersN/A
Vendor Bond250$
Site WalletDirect pay only
PGPForced on all users to use the market
2FANot forced
MultisigNo Multisig option available
AffiliateNot available
Bug Bounty ProgramNo
Language SupportEnglish only
Currency SupportMonero
Instant WithdrawsNo, up to 24 hours manual withdraws.
Date Market OpenedSeptember 2021
Security IssuesNone
Support RatingAverage

Some features coming soon are auto-withdrawal, night mode, Bitcoin support, Recon reviews integration, comments notification, a friendlier messenger system, an exchange service, improving two-factor authentication, improving the search engine, and many more.

Nemesis User-Interface

The first thing you’ll notice about Nemesis’s layout is that it’s not like any other darknet market. Rather than the standard model of presenting just one storefront, Nemesis functions more like a forum, and the marketplace’s forum opens by default instead of starting from the homepage.

Nemesis Market - Listing
Nemesis Market – Listing

They only relocated the product category from the left sidebar to the top bar of the page. The other part of the screen is used to present product listings.

However, categories are pretty disorganized. The listing format can sometimes be bizarre, resulting in listings with out-of-the-ordinary product descriptions.

Nemesis Market Products

As a new market on the scene, Nemesis offers about 2000+ listings which are pretty impressive as it’s not seen on the markets found in 2022.

Nemesis Market - Products
Nemesis Market – Products

Here is the list of categories that are available on the market:

  • Drugs (Cannabis, Stimulants, Opioids, Ecstasy, Dissociatives, Psychedelics, Benzodiazepines, Prescription Drugs, Steroids, Tobacco, Weight Loss, Paraphernalia, Other)
  • Fraud (Cards/CVVs/Fullz, SSN/DOB/DL/PII, Bank Logins, Logins/Hacked Accounts, Carding, Carded Goods, Carded Accounts, Drop Addresses, Bank Drops, Other Drops, Phone numbers/Sim Cards, Verification Service, Verified Accounts, Dumps, Credit Card Skimmers, XXX Logins, VPN/Proxy/RDP, Other)
  • Hacking (Ransomware, Malware/Botnets, Exploits, DDoS, Spamming/Anti Captcha, Access for Sale, Phishing/Social Engineering, Hackers for Hire, Scripts/Applications, Hosting, Other)
  • Forgeries/Counterfeits (Currencies, Documents – Digital, Documents – Physical, Jewelry, Clothing, Electronics, Art Works, Deep Fake, Other)
  • Other (Cash to Crypto, Crypto to Cash, Real Documents, Self-Defense, Guides and Tutorials, Customer Orders, Other)

Nemesis is one of the rarest darknets at which vendors offer more digital goods than physical, though it also has a decent number of drug listings. Many different subcategories are divided into sub-subcategories, which makes it easy to find the specific item you’re looking for.

The top middle of the screen houses a search bar that you can use to search for a specific product. However, you won’t find any filters or sorting choices.

Nemesis Market - Categories
Nemesis Market – Categories

Each listing’s summary displays the following information about each category or subcategory:

  • Picture and title
  • Pricing for each quantity offered
  • Vendor name
  • Vendor rating (1-5)
  • Total reviews
  • Total sales
  • Ships from the country (designated by national flag)

Click on the product to view its detailed information.

Nemesis Market - Homepage
Nemesis Market

You can easily view the product’s image, title, vendor’s logo, ratings, reviews and total sales by moving from left to right and top to bottom. In addition to these details, you can also see the different quantities and pricing options.

You can find the shipping from and shipping to info followed by the shipping method and the quantity required beneath the quantities and pricing options.

Below are the services that are prohibited in the market:

  • Weapons
  • Underage porn
  • Poisons/acids
  • Hitman for hire services.

Nemesis Market Vendor Policies

Nemesis’s vendor policies are stringent. It doesn’t just permit any scammer to sign up and take customers’ funds. For new vendors, the market demands $250 as a vendor bond which is quite expensive compared to other markets. However, the market admins state that a high vendor bond at the market is for curbing down scammers.

Another feature of the brand-new version of Nemesis is that they now place more emphasis on vendors, recently introducing 10-day finalisations for physical orders and immediate FE status for all vendors who have handled over a hundred positive reviews.

In addition to the vendor bond, the vendors are required to pay 5% as a commission fee per sale to the market.

Nemesis differentiates itself from its competitors by verifying images submitted by new vendors. New vendors (those without proven experience) must post a photo of their product or service, along with their usernames written on a piece of paper.

This ensures that the users who have the products can only signup as the vendor. Additionally, Nemesis also has a vendor bond waiver scheme. The market waives the bond if the vendor can prove their past experience and has positive reviews.

For customer ease, the market displays a wide variety of data on each vendor. That includes details such as reviews, online status, ratings etc. This eventually helps the customer make an informed decision before ordering anything from that particular vendor.

From time to time, featured listings on Nemesis change unexpectedly whenever a category page is refreshed. Listings are driven not only by the vendor’s reputation but also by their advertising prowess to bring customers to the market.

There are a few US vendors, but most of the market has vendors from UK and EU areas. In addition, you can also find vendors claiming to be from Australia and South America. The market is doing really nicely with attracting veteran vendors, although customers have been much slower to follow.

Nemesis Market Payment Options

Nemesis XMR-only market utilizes a relatively straightforward Direct Pay process. This means that buyers don’t transfer their funds to a central location but instead disperse them to a random address that initiates the payment for the order.

Then the payment is held on the market until the customer finalizes the order. Once they finalize the order, funds are released to the vendor minus the market fee.

Nemesis Market System Security

The market has only two basic protections. Primarily, PGP-based 2-FA and a withdrawal password. Additionally, the marketplace delivers a mnemonic code immediately after the following signup. This is utilized to recover the account when you lose access.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Nemesis Market Safe?

Yes, the market is safe to use. Make sure you have a good VPN and TOR browser to access it.

How many products are listed on Nemesis?

Currently, there are about 2000+ listings. But, the market keeps on updating the list at regular intervals.

What coins does Nemesis Market support?

Nemesis only supports XMR as a deposit option.