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NCB Busts Darknet LSD Drug Ring

NCB Arrest 6 Darknet Cartel Members
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The NCB managed to take down one of the largest Indian drug trafficking networks on the darknet. This operation led to the largest-ever seizure of 15,000 LSD slots, making it a significant breakthrough. The NCB arrested six individuals and recovered a substantial haul, marking one of the biggest drug seizures in the past two decades. Here’s how the NCB made history.

NCB Takes Down Darknet Vendors

On June 6th, The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) busted an international drugs trafficking network that operating on unnamed darknet markets. The operation resulted in the largest-ever seizure of LSD blots in the country, with approximately 15,000 blots confiscated. Six individuals, mostly students and young individuals seeking anonymity, were arrested in connection with the operation. The vendor could be Tom and Jerry’s LSD (unconfirmed.)

The seized LSD blots are estimated to be worth over $300,000 in international markets. India plays a major role in darknet markets but primarily operates behind-the-scenes shipping of products globally. 

This operation was particularly difficult as the suppliers and consumers intercepted by us had no personal interaction, and every point of contact took place on the darknet. The LSD seized by them was sourced from Poland and the Netherlands. 

Taking Down A Drug Cartel

The NCB partnered with various LE and postal services in a coup to taking down one of the largest darknet LSD kingpins. The investigations into the group began in 2021, and the targeted operation aimed at dismantling an international drugs trafficking network that was operating on the darknet. Some theorise this could have been the darknet vendor “Tom and Jerry’s” a well-established LSD vendor.

The NCB hasn’t given out great details as to how they managed this particular case but attributed the success to “cyber vigilance and human intelligence.” According to the report, law enforcement agencies utilized advanced technological tools and techniques to monitor and track the activities of the drug trafficking network on the darknet. 

NCB director Singh said those arrested are mostly both educated and young.

“One is a student who is from Goa but enrolled at a private university in Noida, another is a Delhi boy who was trying to send some of these blots to Kashmir and a girl who has been arrested from the NCR,” the zonal director said.

Gyaneshwar Singh of the NCB

They worked closely with various cyber experts, and spying personnel played a crucial role in gathering information on the suspects. The suspects involved in the operation engaged in various anonymous activities, utilizing encrypted communication channels and cryptocurrencies to facilitate their illegal drug trade. However, cybercrimes unit managed around their methods. This ultimately led to the apprehension of the suspects involved in the operation.

In their announcement, they said the following:

“We’ve arrested 6 persons in two cases and seized 15,000 bloats of LSD drug which is 2.5 thousand more than the commercial quantity. The commercial quantity of this drug is .1 gram. It’s a synthetic drug and is very dangerous. It’s the biggest seizure in the last 2 decades.”

Gyaneshwar Singh of the NCB

Why Target LSD Vendors?

NCB LSD Seizure

According to NCB’s representative, Singh, LSD is “a synthetic drug and is very dangerous.” LSD, also known as lysergic acid diethylamide, is a synthetic chemical-based hallucinogenic drug. It falls under the category of hallucinogens, which are substances that alter perception, mood, and cognitive processes.

As you may know, LSD is typically consumed for its psychedelic effects. LSD is known for its persistent psychological problems that cause significant distress to the user. There are also psychological risks, LSD carries physical risks and it has both short-term and long-term side effects. 

We should note that LSD is generally considered to be less harmful than other drugs like alcohol, heroin, and cocaine, and overdoses are rare. However, the NCB found it was primarily the younger generations taking the drugs. The drug effects the youth much more than those who are fully developed. 

In this case, the synthetic hallucinogenic drug was trafficked by painting it on blots, which are approximately half the size of a stamp paper, and consumed by licking or swallowing. Approximately 15,000 LSD blots were conviscated, which is considered the largest-ever seizure of its kind in the country.

These drugs were being sent worldwide. According to Singh

“It was a huge network and was spread across Poland, Netherlands, USA, Delhi-NCR, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh. They used cryptocurrency and darknet.”

Gyaneshwar Singh of the NCB

That being said, the NCB’s operation not only focused on the seizure of LSD blots but also resulted in the confiscation of 2.32 kgs of weed, $290,000 worth of Rs Lakh in cash. They also managed to freeze bank deposits worth over $240,000. They also expect to find stashed funds in the form of cryptocurrencies. 

Does this have something to do with the LE focusing more on vendors?