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New Dark Web Marketplaces You Need To Visit

New Dark Web Marketplaces You Need To Visit
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The dark web is full of marketplaces selling various types of products. Most of these marketplaces are known to the dark web fraternity while some are not. The markets which have been in operation for a longer period are known by most people while those new ones are not known to many. So the reason as to why we came up with this list is to give you some of the top New dark web markets in operation. 

As usual, be very vigilant when undertaking any transaction on these markets for the first time. Do not trust too much, otherwise you won’t like what might befall you. Do thorough scrutiny before engaging any vendor on these markets. And also, if your instincts tell you to ignore the markets, please do. Remember the dark web is about your personal security and safety. So always stay safe. Otherwise here are the top New dark web marketplaces you don’t know exist. 

Ares Market

ares market new darknetmarket
ares market new darknetmarket

Ares Market link


Ares market is a young market which has grown very fast. Founded in late 2021, the market now commands a sizable user base. The market features a unique system built from scratch by the use of a unique site design. Ares market has over 8,000 listings and over 200 vendors with 15,000 total members. It’s currently accessible on 10 market mirrors and features a captcha which is very easy to solve. New users also don’t have to undergo a lot of struggles during registration. With a password and a username, you can easily create an account.  

The market management is very strict and observant when it comes to selection of vendors. They follow strict rules and regulations when choosing vendors. To trade on Ares market, one must have vended on other markets for at least two years. Also, you need a 95% or better positive feedback rate plus a minimum of 500 sales. With this, they make sure that only legit vendors operate on the market. This also reduces cases of fraud and scammers. They really want to maintain the reputation of the market and push it to higher limits. The market is buyer oriented though more attention is given to recognised vendors. 

Layout And Listings On This New Dark Web Market

The market has a very easy to use layout. The listings and categories are just on the main page of the market. So users can get everything once they log in. So the market is without doubt easy to browse. 

For payments, Ares is wallet less. Meaning, buyers don’t deposit funds into a central system before making purchases. Instead, funds are sent to the desired address once the order is made. The money however stays with Ares until the vendor releases the goods. Ares is a young  market with a potential for blowing up one day. You can check them out. 

Kerberos Market: New Dark Web Marketplace

Kerberos Market New Dark Web Marketplace
Kerberos Market New Dark Web Marketplace

Kerberos Market link


Kerberos marketplace has been in operation now for over one year. It was launched in February last year, and so far it’s in a better position. Compared to other marketplaces, Kerberos is graphically intensive. Its administrators allege to have built it from scratch and that it’s the only website that operates only special multilayer servers and services. The market is easy to navigate and supports two factor authentication. Its unique mailing system allows messaging for other users. 

Kerberos employs a unique captcha system, though not hard to solve. Like most of the markets, one has to register an account to get the contents. And the registration process is very simple and straightforward. One thing the market identifies with is that it employs a Cataclysm Protocol. This is a system which ensures that vendors and buyers can retrieve their funds in any case the market goes offline. Though not confirmed, the administration says that’s the case. 

Kerberos is a year old and has over 5,000 listings. They have different categories of products such as; Drugs & Chemicals, Fraud, Services, Counterfeit, Carded Items, Tutorials, Software & Malware, Hostings, Precious Metals, Gemstones and Jewellery. The categories are then further subdivided into subcategories, and the most popular is the cannabis section. 

The market accepts both Bitcoin and Monero as payment options. It uses a standard account wallet system. So buyers must make deposits into a central system before making any orders. And all orders follow the standard escrow system. Again, Kerberos is another decent market though not much known. You can check it out. 

Cocorico Market

Cocorico Market New Dark Web Market
Cocorico Market New Dark Web Market

Cocorico Market link 


A French centred darknet marketplace, Cocorico was created to cater for the needs of the french speaking fraternity on the dark web. Cocorico is very small and has less than 500 listings. Somebody now thinks non french speaking users are locked out of the market. Well, that’s not the case. You can easily switch the website’s language between English and French. Most vendors only ship within France but still you can be lucky enough to get one who goes out of the boundaries. Their vendor selection procedure isn’t that strict as vendors only need to pay bonds as they make sales. And the money is paid upfront. 

Cocorico, unlike other dark web platforms, is divided into two main sections: Market and Forum. Both are set in such a way that anybody can view the contents without necessarily logging in. So this makes navigating the market easy as one makes their mind before actually registering. And creating the account is also quite easy and straightforward. You can load PGP information after creating an account. But you won’t be able to access the market with your JavaScript on. So yes, you turn off JavaScript. 

The Cocorico market is divided into the following categories: Drugs, Online Business, Software, Services, Forgeries/Counterfeits, and Defense Spying Surveillance. And the cannabis sub category dominates the listings. The market supports both Bitcoin and Monero. And the items are priced in Euros. You must deposit funds into a central system before making purchases

WeTheNorth Market

WeTheNorth Market
WeTheNorth Market

WeTheNorth Market link 


This market stepped up to cater for the services of residents of Canada in the dark web. Actually, it took the place of CanadaHQ marketplace which was playing that role. This market maintains a presence on the clear web, and this has usually raised eyebrows. We don’t know why this happens, but yes, It’s available on the clear web. According to the market, it was launched to provide residents of Canada and its environs a safe place for operations. The market is new, but most of the vendors from the former CanadaHQ marketplace have signed. So it already has some listings. Infact, over a thousand listings. And the important market information is also given in French. 

Like most new dark web marketplaces, WeTheNorth features the same layout as that of AlphaBay Market. It’s not a bad idea, as very many people are into it and this also means that they’ll be using what they’re familiar with. The market doesn’t have strict rules apart from the ban of products like fentanyl. Being a new market, we can’t say whether the market is here to stay, but we know WeTheNorth is up and running. 

It features a traditional collection of items such as:  Fraud, Drugs & Chemicals, Guides & Tutorials, Counterfeit Items, Digital Products, Jewels & Gold, Carded Items, Services, Other Listings, Software & Malware, Security & Hosting. The market uses a traditional wallet system and supports both Monero and Bitcoin. As at now, all orders must go through a traditional central system. Meaning, all payments are made into a common pool before being disbursed to respective vendors.

Black Pyramid Market: New Dark Web Marketplaces

Black Pyramid Market New Dark Web Marketplaces
Black Pyramid Market New Dark Web Marketplaces

Black Pyramid Market link


This market is arguably the youngest. Just launched less than two months ago, Black Pyramid Market only has about 400 listings. This market is home to international vendors who are willing to ship to any address. This market is unique. As much as it supports both Monero and Bitcoin, it also accepts Litecoin and Dash. And for reasons best known to them, they also support Bitcoin cash and feature an easy to use mixing service. For new users, there is a detailed guide that helps browse the market. 

The market features an easy to understand design with a secure feel and a novel captcha system. The layout is unique and stylish, though annoying at times. It’s not quite hammered and at times, it surfers from bugs. And there’s a loading timeout after some given period so one has to resolve the captcha. So you can imagine how annoying it can become. Here, one must create an account for them to be able to view the contents of the market.

The listings are divided into various categories such as: cannabis & hash, benzos, dissociatives, ecstasy/stimulants, opioids/prescription, psychedelics, carding/fraud, guides & tutorials, counterfeit, digital products, hacking tools, services, security, and other. The most popular category is cannabis and hash which boasts over 200 listings.