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Policeman Wipes DarkNet User Evidence: TailsOS

Saved By TailsOS
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Joshua Griffin recently gained new love from the Darknet community after his arrest. After being released on bail for a series of offenses, including assault, willful damage, and threatening behavior. Griffen posted a crazy video that has turned r/Darknet community heads. Griffens “Ass was saved” after a police officer removed his TailsOS USB. CCTV footage captured the incident. 

Authorities discovered potential evidence of Joshua Griffin’s anonymous online activity using Tor and TailsOS. But the evidence got wiped out after they removed the USB from his computer.┬áIf you already know how this data deleted itself, it’s alright. But if you don’t, you should read why I recommended Tails OS over Qubes and Whonix.

Anyways, let me tell you more about this case.

Raiding Brisbane’s Troubled Resident

Self-described “Darknet vendor” Joshua Griffin is a 33-year-old fitness coach, and nutrition specialist with a history of violent behavior who recently got thrown into the limelight for posting a popular ticktock of officers conducting an investigation on his laptop. The evidence of his supposed illegal interactions disappeared after the USB was removed.

The reason behind the raid on his home in Brisbane on February 7th of the previous year remains unclear, but it’s presumed to be in association with the charges of assault brought against him for strangling, slapping, and sending distressing messages to his former girlfriend. Giffin served over a year in jail for these unscrupulous actions.

As per the court’s account, Giffin allegedly sent the victim abusive messages non-stop for three hours. Giffin commanded her to pack her things and warned her that he would slit her throat if she ever returned. Upon hearing that the victim would contact the police, Giffin made threats to kill them as well.

Giffin later confronted the victim in the lobby, where he missed a punch and instead grabbed her by the neck, squeezing her. The victim found it difficult to breathe, and Giffin teased her that she was very afraid before striking her twice in the head, causing a prominent bump. The entire incident was captured on surveillance footage.

Video: Cop fucks himself over when he accidentally unplugs USB with TAILS on it

Caption: QLD POLICE find my laptop during a raid on my house, logged into TOR, logged into a marketplace, on an account with 4.5 years’ worth of transactions. Then Senior Constable Moron saves my ass by pulling out the USB running the OS and the drive wipe EVERYTHING.

Despite his alternative circumstances, “r/NYGriffen,” AKA Joshua Griffin was captured red-handed as the police raided his house. He had a laptop open with his TailsOS USB running. According to Griffen, had the cops not pulled his USB, they could have had access to thousands of transactions along with additional details on his Darknet Market accounts.

Griffen claims to be a vendor, though it’s unusual for any vendor to brag with their true identity on the line. Making it a little more questionable. Either way, all data from the Tails session was wiped from the device upon the termination of the session. That made it impossible for investigators to know what it was being used for or where on the internet a Tails user was browsing.

What is TailsOS?

How to Use Tails OS A Guide To Your Privacy
How to Use Tails OS A Guide To Your Privacy

TrailsOS is a security-focused operating system that works by providing users with a high level of anonymity and privacy while accessing the dark web. Individuals who worry about government surveillance or who want to engage in activities that need a high level of privacy, such as whistleblowing or investigative journalism, often use it.

TrailsOS was developed to run from a USB stick, which makes it easy to use on any computer without leaving a trace of the user’s activity. It also comes with a variety of security features, such as built-in encryption and the ability to route all internet traffic through the Tor network.  These features ensure that the system cannot trace users’ online activities back to them and help them remain anonymous. 

TrailsOS is a valuable tool for anyone who needs to access the dark web while maintaining a high level of anonymity and privacy. While it is not foolproof, and there is always some risk involved in using the dark web, TrailsOS provides users with a strong level of protection that can help them stay safe and secure while engaging in sensitive online activities.

Court Grants Bail For Giffin Despite Severe Charges

Giffin was, as mentioned, charged with a series of offenses that included assault occasioning harm, willful damage to a wall, possession of testosterone, choking, and using a carriage service to threaten someone. 

During the court proceedings, Justice Lincoln Crowley noted that the Crown prosecution’s case against Mr. Giffin was particularly strong, as the alleged choking and punching incident got captured on CCTV footage. According to Justice Crowley, the injuries that he inflicted upon the complainant were significant, and the situation escalated from a verbal disagreement to a violent outburst by Giffin. 

Despite the severity of the charges, Justice Crowley granted Giffin bail on the condition that he live with his sister on the Sunshine Coast and adhere to a set of strict guidelines that included having no contact with the complainant and reporting to the Nambour Police Station twice a week. Giffin will appear before the court again on December 12th, where he will face a charge of possessing a prohibited steroid along with his previous charges. He was not charged with anything related to the Dark Web incident.

Lessons From The Joshua Griffin Case

In conclusion, the incident involving Joshua Griffin highlights the importance of using secure operating systems such as TailsOS while browsing the dark web. Despite his alleged use of TailsOS and a USB stick, the evidence of his illegal activities disappeared when the USB got ejected, so there was no evidence to arrest him again.

TailsOS is a valuable tool for those seeking anonymity and privacy while accessing the dark web, but it is not foolproof, and users must still exercise caution and be aware of the risks involved. The case against Joshua Griffin serves as a reminder that illegal activities can never be completely hidden and that there are consequences for breaking the law.

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