8 Best Vendors on MGM Grand Market

best vendors on mgm grand market
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MGM Grand is one of the leading darknet marketplaces since 2021. When other darknet marketplaces were struggling, MGM did its best to come up with a solution. 

This marketplace has been one of my favorites because of its interface. If there’s a perfect example of a Gen Z marketplace, I’d say it’s MGM. 

Not only this, there are some really cool vendors that might be of good use to you. Keep reading if you want to know what are the best vendors on MGM Grand market. 


best vendors on mgm grand market milo 8490

Milo8490 is a reputable vendor that has been a member since June 22, 2021. With an impressive track record of 1180 completed orders and 607 rated orders, this vendor has been serving customers with dedication and professionalism.

Due to recent exit scams in the Darkode and World Market, Milo8490 has decided to focus on the MGM Grand Market and the new Nemesis Market. 

I’ve seen that there have been considerable delays with USPS deliveries, sometimes taking 5 to 7 days to arrive even with Priority Mail Express. This vendor suggests customers to place their orders at least one week in advance to avoid any inconvenience. 

Having a rich history of being a trusted vendor in various markets such as Dream Market, Hansa, AlphaBay, Outlaw, Berlusconi, and many others, Milo8490 boasts an impressive 4.99 rating from 7800 sales on Dream Market alone. 

This vendor is quite popular across MGM Grand as well as Nemesis Market, so it’s not a big deal to trust a vendor like this. 

Milo8490 Shop Preview

milo 8490 vendor shop preview

Milo8490 Shipping & Refund Policy 

1. Refunds: Milo8490 doesn’t offer refunds unless there is a mistake made with the shipping address. To qualify for a refund, you must provide proof of the error and have a positive buyer history to eliminate any suspicion of fraud.

2. Positive Buyer History: This vendor always looks out for positive buyer history. Just in case you’re someone who disputes orders a lot, you won’t be considered. 

3. Seized or Lost Packages: In the unfortunate event that a package gets seized by law enforcement or lost by USPS or any other carrier, they will refund only 50% of the amount.

Customer Feedback

milo 8490 customer feedback
  1. UKwhite 
ukwhite best vendors on mgm grand market

UKwhite is a renowned darknet market vendor with over a decade of trading experience. It has earned the title of the number one vendor on the web. While a few clones exist, the original UKwhite stands out due to the unbeatable quality of products and exceptional customer service. 

What I like about this vendor is their transparency and honesty. Their most recent products always have updated photos. 

Orders received from Monday to Friday are shipped the same day, while orders placed over the weekend are shipped on the following working day. 

As a matter of fact, they only deal with UK customers. 

Customer inquiries and concerns are promptly addressed by the admin team, ensuring professionalism with utmost efficiency. However, UKwhite has a no-tolerance policy for any abuse directed toward staff or attempts to leave negative feedback without prior discussion. 

Time and again, I’ve seen this vendor providing discounts to their regular customers. 

UKWhite’s Shop Preview

ukwhite vendor shop preview

UKWhite Shipping Policy & Refunds

Orders are shipped via First Class Royal Mail, with an estimated delivery time of 1-3 working days. The cutoff time for same-day shipping is 2 pm, Monday through Friday. 

Customers must provide their address in the following format:

  • UK12 W34

Customer Feedback

ukwhite vendor customer feedback

The Hungry Hippy 

hungry hippy vendor mgm grand

Since May 30, 2021, The Hungry Hippy has been a reliable vendor on MGM Grand market. So far they have completed 415 orders, maintaining a positive reputation by winning 4 disputes, out of which they lost only 1. 

Offering a variety of weed and seed products, the Hungry Hippy is always on the lookout for new and interesting items to add to their inventory. 

As of now, you might face delays from this vendor because they’re having some issues with Royal Mail. 

In addition to this, Hungry Hippy also said that the post office has been running slower than usual since November 10, 2022. 

Even though orders are still processing as usual, they made it clear that there might be delays until the situation improves. 

During the holiday season, The Hungry Hippy will check messages every couple of days and will resume full operations in early January.

As a token of appreciation, free samples are occasionally sent out to customers. If you prefer not to receive these samples, you can let the Hungry Hippy know, as they respect your privacy and don’t store buyer addresses.

As a trustworthy vendor, they never ask for FE and encourage customers to be cautious of anyone that does.

The Hungry Hippy’s Shop Preview

hungry hippy vendor shop preview

Shipping and Refund Policy 

The Hungry Hippy has a standard protocol of using Mylar heat sealed packaging and printed labels, except for international seed sales. 

Shipping time frames vary depending on the destination: 

  • UK to UK: 2-4 days
  • UK to EU: 4-8 days
  • UK to the rest of the world: 10+ days

To speed up the shipping process, they encourage customers to provide their address in a specific format.

By default, the company uses Royal Mail 1st class post for shipping. However, they also have a refund policy in place for lost items or packages that don’t arrive. The amount of compensation depends on the number of transactions completed. If a customer has completed one to ten transactions, they will not receive any compensation. 

Those who have completed 11 to 20 transactions will receive a 50% reship. For 20 or more transactions, you might get a 90% reship.

It’s important to note that this compensation policy applies only to lost items or packages that don’t arrive. 

Customer Feedback

hungry hippy vendor customer feedback


maxundmortiz2 vendor on mgm grand marketplace

With over 300 completed orders and a few disputes under their belt, MaxundMoritz2 is a notable vendor on MGM market. They joined the platform recently, and their good performance has paid off with a steady stream of business.

Since January 2022, MaxundMoritz2 has completed 317 orders, suggesting that they have a significant level of experience in the marketplace. This can be reassuring for customers who are looking for vendors to trust their orders with.

It’s important to note that this vendor has also had some disputes in the last few months. Although they won 14 disputes, they also lost 13, which is slightly concerning. It suggests that there may be some room for improvement in their communication, service delivery, or product quality.

Overall, MaxundMoritz2 is still a reliable vendor with a decent track record on MGM. Customers who decide to work with this vendor should consider their strengths and weaknesses when placing orders to ensure a successful outcome.

MaxundMoritz2’s Shop Preview

maxundmoritz2 vendor shop preview

Shipping and Refund Policy 

I looked everywhere but it seems MaxundMoritz2 is not clear about their shipping and refund policy. 

Unless there is something only this vendor is selling, I suggest exploring other vendors from the available list instead of choosing this one. They are not even stating what will happen to the payment if the product gets stolen or lost in the process. 

So basically, I don’t care even if it’s one of the best vendors on MGM Grand. Unless they get upfront with issues that might occur, I’m not going to bother. 

Customer Feedback

maxundmortiz2 vendor customer feedback


mrhacker vendor mgm grand marketplace

MrHacker has been an active vendor on MGM Grand since May 2021. With 249 completed orders and only three disputes lost in the last 12 months, MrHacker has proven to be a reliable source. 

They promise full support for everything they sell and encourage customers to reach out with questions or concerns. This is excellent for those who may be new to the world of hacking and need some extra guidance along the way.

In addition, all MrHacker’s products are designed to work worldwide, so customers can be assured of their universal compatibility. They also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee which means that if customers are not fully satisfied with their purchase, they can expect a refund.

It is worth noting that this vendor’s offerings are strictly for academic, research, educational, and training purposes, and they do not condone illegal activities.

MrHacker’s Shop Preview

mrhacker vendor shop mgm grand market

Shipping and Refund Policy 

MrHacker has made it clear that if a buyer decides to leave a negative review, they must first reach out to the seller for a resolution within 24 hours, or they will be banned from the store.

Refund and replacement requests are accepted with adequate proof of purchase and within 24 hours of receiving the product. 

Although the vendor is confident in their products and services, download links can go down or methods may become burnt. If this is the case, the vendor requests the buyer to provide proof that the services purchased did not work as advertised. To maintain high-quality services and uphold their reputation as a reliable vendor, the seller kindly requests that buyers use the services appropriately and according to their guidelines.

Customer Feedback

mrhacker customer feedback


maurelius vendor review mgm grand darknet marketplace

Maurelius has been a vendor on MGM Grand market since April 2022. With a record of 260 completed orders and zero disputes lost in the last 12 months, this vendor has quickly become popular. 

The vendor has an open messaging system for customers so that they can reach out to them regarding any grievances or challenges they may encounter. 

Maurelius’s Shop Preview

maurelius vendor shop on mgm grand market

Shipping and Policy

Maurelius offers 24/7 opening times for orders, and customers are encouraged to place orders before 11:30 a.m. for same-day shipments. Orders placed after this time will be shipped on the next working day. 

When it comes to shipping, Maurelius relies on cutting edge means. All orders are shipped using the best stealth methods available and professionally vacuum package with a double-seal for 100% odor-proof packaging.

Once an order is marked as sent, it’s 100% on its way to the address provided by the customer. For added security, this vendor strongly recommends the use of PGP encryption for all address details and messages.

Orders can be made in different quantities, ranging from 7G to 500G. If a customer requires a different quantity, they can drop Maurelius a message, and they will discuss the available options.

Shipping time varies for various locations: 

  • From UK to Spain and vice versa: 1 to 3 days
  • Other European countries: 7 days

Although it is rare, Maurelius acknowledges that postal workers can be slow, leading to orders arriving up to 2-4 weeks after dispatch. Customers are welcome to take action and dispute orders not received before they are finalized.

This vendor offers a fair reshipment policy of 50% or a refund of the original order if the order does not show up. This policy is implemented due to people taking advantage of the previous policy, where they lied about receiving the order. 

Before initiating a dispute or leaving negative feedback, Maurelius advises customers to contact them for a possible solution to their problem. They hope that customers understand that they are here for money, and while they feel sorry for honest customers who suffer losses, they can’t continue to take losses themselves.

Customer Feedback

maurelius customer feedback


luckyskydiamonds vendor on mgm grand market

LuckySkyDiamonds is a trusted vendor on MGM Grand since March 2022, known for selling top-quality LSD. With 206 completed orders and 7 disputes won in the last 12 months, they are getting quite some respect lately. 

This vendor uses only the finest Aztec Crystal for all their LSD products, ensuring high purity and quality for their customers. To eliminate doubts about the purity or quality of their products, they encourage customers to use an ehrlich reagent test.

Additionally, LuckySkyDiamonds uses the finest crystal per tab, making their products stand out in terms of quality and potency. They also invite customers to try their low-priced samples and compare them to other products on the market. 

LuckySkyDiamond’s Shop Preview

luckyskydiamonds vendor shop

Shipping and Refund Policy 

The vendor’s online support team operates during EU working hours, including Saturdays and Sundays, so customers can expect quick responses to any queries they may have.

Although the vendor claims that they offer a 100% refund or reshipment for every order that has an issue, each case is considered on its own merits, and customers can message them for assistance.

To avoid complications with deliveries, LuckySky suggests this address format: 

Mrs Smith

1 Cherry Court


Delays can occur due to several factors, including Royal Mail’s struggling systems and DDOS attacks. So it’s recommended to have some patience if you’re going to try this vendor. 

Customer Feedback

luckyskydiamonds customer feedback


white republic vendor mgm grand darknet market

WhiteRepublic has established itself as a highly reliable and trustworthy vendor on the MGM Grand Market since it joined in June 2022. After completing 200 orders with a perfect dispute record of 0 losses in the last 12 months, this vendor has gained a reputation for reliability. 

With over 6000 sales combining all the marketplaces they’re on, WhiteRepublic offers top-of-the-line products and services to their potential customers. Their vast selection includes 93-95% pure cocaine, high-quality MDMA, Ketamine, and meth, catering to all your needs. 

WhiteRepublic’s Shop Review 

ukwhite vendor shop preview

Shipping and Refund Policy 

The vendor has excellent stealth tactics, and it delivers via priority mail, ensuring quick delivery. 

WhiteRepublic ships its products from the US to US, and it’s important to submit your address correctly following the format provided carefully: 

John Wick

5555 Lincoln dr. apt. 353

Springield TX 64844

Packages ship out from Monday to Friday, with a cutoff time of 3:00 PM (ET). Orders placed after will not go out the following day but will ship the next Business Day. 

This vendor also stated that there might be one day delay without notification, and the shipping time depends on the postal service. Customers will get notified via message system when their package is successfully shipped. 

WhiteRepublic only accepts refunds and reship requests if their tracking information confirms that the products were lost, intercepted, or not delivered due to postal service problems. Refunds and reships are only provided for the first time to a new address. If the package is not delivered after they resend, the vendor does not provide refunds.

Once the package is delivered to your address, WhiteRepublic is not responsible for any losses due to the package being misplaced, stolen, or taken by someone else. They do not provide refunds or reships for such scenarios.

WhiteRepublic also offers a promotion on samples where customers can get an extra 20% free product on their next three orders after purchasing and leaving a review. This promotion applies only if the review is left on Dread and MGM Grand Market.

If customers have waited for their product for five days or more, WhiteRepublic encourages them to inquire about it so that they can check if there is any problem. Just remember, they don’t guarantee next-day delivery as the shipping time depends on various factors, including postal service, address accuracy, and unpredictable events.

Customer Feedback

white republic customer feedback

Is it Worth Buying from Any of These Vendors? 

All these vendors have their own speciality. In fact, some are even popular outside the MGM Grand marketplace. In my opinion, these vendors are legit and they have a good track record. If you want, you can buy from them without any problems. Just remember that there might be delays with some of these vendors, so have some patience.