Best Shops on MGM Grand Marketplace That You Should Explore Right Now

best shops on mgm grand market
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MGM Grand marketplace has been in the spotlight lately. Although I’ve reviewed some vendors of this marketplace before, this time I’ll show you 5 shops that are killing it on MGM Grand marketplace. 

From Proxycodone to DieseGute, I must say every shop is unique in its own way. So let’s jump right in and see what these cool shops have to offer!

Proxycodone: Your One-Stop-Shop for Oxycodone

proxycodone mgm grand market shop

Proxycodone specializes in Oxycodone and they have been selling this for 5 years. Since March 07 2023, they have completed 12 orders and won 2 disputes in the last 12 months. Yes, they didn’t lose even a single dispute which is cool enough! 

What sets Proxycodone apart from others is the fact that they are easy to work with, and in case of any issues, you can message them anytime for a quick fix. 

In addition, Proxycodone offers priority shipping on every order, ensuring that their customers get their orders as soon as possible. They also provide a full refund if the order never arrives. Customers can track their orders on the USPS app after 7 days or download the Informed Delivery app for updates.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable vendor for Oxycodone, then Proxycodone is the one-stop-shop for all your needs.

Proxycodone’s Shop Preview 

proxycodone shop preview

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Drugshelvita: High-Quality Ecstasy and Amphetamine

drugshelvita shop on mgm grand market

Drugshelvita is a new shop on MGM Grand, which joined the marketplace on Mar 17, 2023. Although they are new, they have already completed one order with no reported disputes in the last months.

Currently, Drugshelvita stocks Ecstasy pills (200mg), Amphetamine Dry, and Amphetamine paste. They are also planning to add COCAINE and LSD soon.

If you’re planning to order from Drugshelvita, it’s important to note that they only ship within Switzerland. When making an order, make sure your address looks like this: 




This vendor also has a refund policy, so if you face any troubles you may message them regarding any questions or concerns. 

All in all, if you’re looking for high-quality ecstasy and amphetamine within Switzerland, Drugshelvita is your go-to shop. 

Drugshelvita’s Shop Preview

drugshelvita shop preview

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Marshall: One of the Most Trusted Shops

marshall vendor on mgm market

Marshall has been a trusted shop on MGM Grand market since March 6, 2023 with a good reputation and strong statistics. They have completed 2 orders and reported no disputes in the last 12 months. This vendor has conducted hundreds of transactions in other markets like: 

  • Torrez
  • Dark0de
  • Versus 
  • Cartel Market
  • Whitehouse Market

The list still goes on. You can verify their reputation on Recon Forum. 

Due to past difficulties with regular shipping, Marshall has recently added new services and brands to their stock since November 2022. With the introduction of PRIO and Tracking shipping option, customers can be assured of a secure and reliable delivery.

Basically if you’re looking to shop safely and securely at MGM Grand Market, Marshall is something you should go for. With their trusted reputation and high-quality products, you know things are less likely to go south. 

Marshall’s Shop Preview

marshall shop on darknet preview

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DrugXpress: One of the Best Shops for Weed 

drugxpress shop on mgm grand mraketplace

DrugXpress has been on MGM Grand market since March 24, 2023. 

You must be wondering why I put this shop on the list, after all it has no orders. Even though they might be new to MGM Grand market, they have had a good reputation in the darknet world for over a decade. 

This shop has developed a top-class logistics system that ensures rapid processing and shipping of your orders. Their delivery partners are reliable and punctual, so you can count on your order arriving in the shortest possible time.

What sets them apart is clarity. It doesn’t matter whether it’s about shipping or refunds, they’re always one step ahead to answer all of your questions. 

They are shipping in many countries but the delivery time may vary. Take a look at this: 

  • Domestic (Germany): 1-3 days (TRACKED)
  • Europe: 3-7 days (UNTRACKED)
  • International: 5-9 days (UNTRACKED)
  • For bulk customers, express tracked shipping is available upon request

When it comes to refunds and reshipments, they have strong policies. Here are some of them: 

  • If your order doesn’t arrive within 15 days, you can contact the vendor for reshipment.
  • DrugXpress ships from Monday to Saturday, and orders placed on Sunday will be shipped on Monday morning.
  • Incorrect or missing address details are at the customer’s risk and are not eligible for refund or reshipment.
  • International orders are not eligible for refund or reshipment.
  • Disputes can be filed within 15 days, and customers with less than 5 orders on the market are not eligible for refund or reshipment.
  • Each order will be evaluated individually, returning customers will be given a suitable solution, and disputes are meant to be used when the vendor and buyer can’t come to an agreement.

DrugXpress’s Shop Preview

drugxpress shop preview

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Euroopartydrugs: Your One-Stop Shop for MDMA, XTC, Speed, and More! 

euro party drugs shop on mgm grand market

Euroopartydrugs is a new vendor in the market. They joined on Apr 4, 2023. They have completed one order with no reported disputes in the last 12 months.

If you’re looking for high-quality drugs,  including MDMA, XTC, Speed, Heroin, Kokain, and Haze, this shop is your best bet. They ship worldwide, from Germany to any location.

Euro Party Drugs ship daily to ensure their customers receive their products as soon as possible.

As far as the shipping policy is concerned, take a look at this: 

  • Germany/Deutschland: 2-14 Working Days
  • International: 3-21 Business Days

Apart from this, here are their refund and reshipment policies:

  • Only for buyers with 2 positive completed orders
  • Wrong addresses, mistakes from Postal Service, or Shipping to Post Boxes are not eligible for reshipment

Euro Party Drugs’s Shop Preview

euro party drugs shop preview

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