“Crypto Millionaire” Found Chopped Up In A Suitcase

Millionaire Crypto Influencer Body Found
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The remains of crypto influencer Fernando Perez Algaba were found by a group of children in Argentina. Algaba’s body had been disassembled and placed inside a suitcase alongside a stream in Buenos Aires. Allegedly, Algaba owed massive debts to the wrong people. A murder investigation is ongoing, and atleast one suspect has been arrested.

“Millionaire” Crypto Influencer

Like many other “millionaire influencers”, Fernando Perez Algaba did his best to show the world he was made of money and knew how to create a profitable business. Algaba’s antics were shady from the get-go. 

He ran a luxury vehicle renting service, claimed to make millions through his crypto trading, and claimed to accumulate all his wealth from “rags to riches.” While making these claims, Algaba turned himself into a franchise and amassed over 900,000 followers on Instagram. Selling them the dream of becoming as rich as he was.

Late Fernando Algaba Instagram

Algaba’s average Instagram post entailed some luxury car, a selfie, or some trading advice. However, Algaba was in heavy debt. In the past few years, Algaba registered several companies of his own. Some had no tax identification number, and others were accused of being straight-up fraudulent.

Algaba reportedly owed the Argentine tax agency millions, and his “Successful luxury car rental company” started bouncing checks back in 2018 already. It’s assumed that Algaba fled Argentina because of his debts as he moved to Miami, US. Algaba ran a car and jetski, the rental company in Miami too. Earlier this year, Algaba back to Spain and opened up a crypto-trading business with 25 full-time employees.

A few weeks back, Algaba made a visit to Argentina for a bit. He had been acting differently as his posts on social media weren’t as flashy and held some “cryptic” messages with them. 

The Death Of Fernando Perez Algaba

In one post, he created a collage of pictures with audio saying,

“It’s incredible how there are such evil people in the world that while you’re thinking of helping them, they’re thinking of destroying you.” (Translated from Spanish)

Fernando Algaba, a few days before his death

In his final post before his death, Algaba said,

“I needed to clear my head as always. And from here, I am realising two things: that we can’t escape from problems and that problems will follow us. Well, if something happens to me, everyone is already warned.”

Fernando Algaba, a few days before his death
Crypto Millionaire Found In Suitcase

That was on July 15th. On July 19th, Algaba was supposed to return the keys to the apartment he was renting, but he didn’t show up nor answer his phone.

On July 23rd, in the Buenos Aires town of Ingeniero Budgesome, Argentinian children were playing soccer and noticed a large red suitcase abandoned near the river. Naturally, the kids were horrified when they saw what was inside and reported back to their parents, who eventually called the police.

Algaba was identified by his fingerprints and his noticeable tattoos. At just 41 years old, Fernando Perez Algaba was murdered. 

Crypto Influencer Body Found

His body had been “cleanly amputated” according to local police suggestion the hit was done by a professional. An autopsy revealed that Algaba had already been shot three times, indicating he had died before the attackers disassembled his body.

Possible Motives

While police have arrested one possible suspect, it’s still not clear why Algaba faced a horrific end to his life. The primary assumption is that Algaba assumed some massive debts and could not come up with the funds. 

Over the years, Algaba had garnered a bad reputation. According to Nypost, Algaba made enemies with the Barra Bravas, the most violent gang in Argentina. Algaba took out a $40,000 loan and likely could not pay it back.

According to his brother, Algaba was “was under psychiatric treatment for an anxiety disorder.” and would lash out sporadically. He may have fought with the wrong individual and lost his life due to this. 

And the final, less likely motive may have been a simple robbery. Neither his wallet nor his phone were found around the body. Something may have gone wrong, and the robber had to dispose of the body.


The investigation of how crypto millionaire Fernando Perez Algaba was violently murdered and chopped up is still ongoing. One thing that’s clear is that this “Millionaire” was broke. But his life ended in a terrifying tragedy.