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Darkfox Market Tutorial: How To Use

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Link: http://hrlyou2ln7g4ygkqs2ojzlef46zxfok6dd6elmf76ypobmtamjafw7qd.onion/

And for good reasons, we are here to share our views on the particular marketplace for the sake of knowledge, education, and other purposes.

Darkfox Market is one of the most favorite destinations for darknet enthusiasts. It allows the users to attain the items which are difficult to get in the clearnet marketplaces.

Darkfox Market Overview

DarkFox Market has been a fantastic option since its establishment nearly two years ago. Operating since February 2020, it has attained over 90k users across the globe. It is a pretty good number for a new darknet marketplace.

There are over 800 active vendors and 6.5k listings on the site. Not the largest marketplace on dark earth, but we can see how active the marketplace is on a daily basis.

One of the convincing factors of this market is its ample anonymity thanks to its sophisticated user authentication and untraceable payments. It primarily uses BTC crypto for the payment and transactions.

Before you proceed, check out these important things

The dark web has tons of risks. Therefore, you will need to know what you are going to face out there. Although it seems fun to explore another world than your regular clearnet, safety is always top priority.

As the start, make sure to cover the basics of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Since Darkfox Market accepts BTC, learn about BTC first. That includes the basics, exchanges, wallets, characteristics, news, and others.

Your regular browser won’t work. You need to use the Tor browser to access Darkfox Market. If you’re going to use darknet markets regularly, you could prepare a dedicated device for this reason. Apply OPSEC practice in every way you can. If you don’t know what it is, you could Google it first then go back here.

Layer your anonymity with VPN service. Before accessing Tor browser, use your VPN to connect to any server.

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Register an account

Click the link from this page, and you will be redirected to the main page of Darkfox Market.

Solve the DDOS Captcha challenges.

Then click on Register to begin the registration.

Create your password and username which are not tied to your personal information. Create PIN for withdrawal and purchases.

Enter Captcha and get to the next step. Save the 24 mnemonics in the safest place. This mnemonic is the only way to recover your account or reset password in case you need it in the future.

After login in, you could set up the PGP key first. It is important to encrypt and decrypt messages for safety measurement.

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Interface and navigability

This site has a dynamic interface which is a great combination of orange and black. Since the appearance is not plain, it can be fun and refreshing to navigate the site.
The interface is easy and straightforward to use. The tailored approaches on different types of users can be seen from the design of the site.

You can see a wide array of menus and navigate them with ease.

There are item categories bar and item display window bar.

From the item categories, you could explore the products through the category that you are fond of.

Besides from the item categories and item display window bars, you can also locate the product through its advanced search engine. You just need to type the specific term and it will quickly display the items related to the term you mentioned.

You can also track your favorite items using the vendor. Accessing the specific items from the specific vendors will land you on high quality products that won’t disappoint you.

You can easily track your account activity as well.

Thanks to the advanced search functions, Darkfox is highly searchable and filterable. It won’t take a long time until you nail the whole shopping experience.

Browsing around

In order to browse around the marketplace, it is not obligatory to register an account. You could simply pass the CAPTCHA challenge and take a look at the marketplace to browse around.

Darkfox has great listings collections. The most popular categories are Drugs. But you can also get to other categories to find many interesting stuff there such as Guides & Tutorials, Fraud, Digital Products, Software & Malware, Erotica, Counterfeit items, Services, Hosting & Security, and Miscellaneous. You might notice that some of the categories look pretty “normal” to you. It is what it is. Although it is a dark place, you can find something clearnet here.

The advanced search engine of Darkfox marketplace allows the users to perform more relevant searches. Some of the filters you can use are Type, Price, Payment Options, Exclude Vendors on vacation, Automatic fulfillment, Items in Stock, Ships from, Shops to, Minimum Vendor level.

Oin the listings section, you can order them by price, popularity, latest or oldest.

You could click on the vendor name to see more details about the vendor. The DarkFox does not carry rating information from other markets. So, when you see the ratings and average rating, you could do it at your own discretion.

Multisig feature

You could use the Multisig option by setting up the Bitcoin public key and withdrawal address. It is recommended to use this option if you want to be safe in transacting. But you need to conduct one normal escrow transaction first before being eligible to use multisig escrow.

Making an order

Simply click the Purchase button and enter the quantity of the product you want to purchase. The process is simple and easy. But you need to use the PGP feature when encrypting your shipping address. You can find the PGP key of the vendor by looking at their profile, or ask them directly.

There are four different payment options, Normal Escrow, FE – Finalize Early, Finalize Early 50%, and Bitcoin Multisignature. For the first time, you are directed to use Normal Escrow. You could use Bitcoin Multisignature in the second transaction if you want to be safe. Then, you could FE if you have built a good relationship with the particular vendor.


Darkfox marketplace has a good reputation in the Dread forum and some darknet subreddits. It could be enough reason to check the site a little bit if you want to use your BTC for purchasing any item that you can’t get on clearnet. But of course, safety is always paramount. Use the site with your own discretion.