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How to Use Dark0de Market

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If you are looking for the most recent guide to the Dark0de market, you have come to the right place.

The Dark0de is a darknet marketplace and crypto exchange hosted in Tor. So, you know what to expect. You will need to download and install the Tor browser to get access to the site.

Things you will need to access the site

As you’ve probably expected from the darknet marketplace, you will need to use the Tor browser in order to get access. As mentioned, the Dark0de is located on the Tor Network. You will need to download and install the Tor browser to access it. The Tor browser is free.
The Tor browser itself is not enough for security and anonymity. You could add VPN to the equation. Connect to the VPN server first before using your Tor browser. That way, your ISP won’t raise suspicions about you.

Besides the preparations above, you will want to decide if you are going to use the darknet often in the future or not. If the darknet marketplace becomes part of your routine, then it is important to purchase a new device dedicated to your darknet browsing experience. Do not use your regular device since it will risk the safety of your personal information.

You are not finished yet. You will also need to learn about cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Monero. The Dark0de accepts these two cryptocurrencies. The next thing to consider is preparing your PGP (Pretty Good Privacy).

The Dark0de offers 2FA and multisig. So, if it is your first time using the Dark0de marketplace, you could use multisig for a safer transaction.

Dark0de home screenshot
Dark0de home screenshot

Register an account

It is simple and straightforward to create an account. On the registration page, you are required to create public and private usernames. Consider creating a username that is not tied to your personal information. The same thing goes with the password and PIN code. You will use the PIN code for the deposit and withdrawal of the funds later on. After finishing the information form, you will need to pass the CAPTCHA challenges.

Navigating the site

Although it is the first time visiting the Dark0de marketplace, you can easily navigate the marketplace thanks to its user-friendly interface and functions. The Dark0de interface is simple and clean. It won’t take a long time until you master the site’s navigability. At the top of the account money, there is some information such as account balance, support, and language choice. It offers English and Russian.

Then you will see the search feature below the account menu.

Here is where things start to be interesting. You can search for your stuff there by typing in a specific keyword.

The site also has some security functions. If you have been inactive for a long time, you will need to complete the CAPTCHA challenge to log in again.

Make sure to store all of your credentials in a safe place.

Every time you want to access your private messages, you will need to re-enter your passwords. It is to make sure that only you are able to see the private messages, preventing other people from seeing them.

The DarkOde is easy to use and navigate. You could try their interface first before starting to make a purchase.

Dark0de Darknet Market Register
Dark0de Darknet Market Register

Browsing the listings and categories

The Dark0de darknet marketplace has a wide array of categories and listings. You might notice that some categories are empty. Well, it is obviously normal. We’d expect to see it increase as time goes by. Among those categories, you might want to take your time browsing these most popular categories: databases, drugs, and digital.

Dark0de Dark web Market Home
Dark0de Dark web Market Home


It goes without saying that using your KYC exchange account is not safe in the darknet. Not to mention, it will expose your personal information to hackers, authorities, and other parties. You could use the mixer service to make your payment much safer. The idea here is to use the mixer to mask the source and destination of the crypto used in the transactions.


The Dark0de marketplace is different from others. Besides its darknet market, it also offers an exchange service. The pair are BTC and Monero. You can trade your Monero for BTC, or the other way around. There is a fee of 0.5% for each trade. So, you might want to consider the amount of crypto you exchange.

Using the search feature

You can simply type the particular keyword in the search box and hit the search button. The result will show up immediately. You can narrow down the product selection by the country where the products are shipped from.

How to Choose a Vendor

Choosing the best vendor to provide you with the product is the key to getting the best products you want delivered to your address.However, choosing a vendor can be a tricky business since it is your first time shopping in the market.
There’s a way that you can do it to pinpoint the right vendor for you. The vendor profile is the first thing you want to take a look at. The vendor’s profile shows you their rodeos in other markets.

Besdies, you could also take a look at their badges. There are different badges based on the successful number of sales that the vendor has achieved. They are silver, gold, and diamonds. The lowest rank is Basic. You will want to focus on reaching out to the vendors who have a Silver, Gold, or Diamond badge.

Next, you will want to look at their reviews. Vendors with more positive reviews tend to be better options.
You could also consider doing your own research on popular forums like Dread to confirm the signals that you’ve seen in the Dark0de market.

Adding funds

You will need to add funds to make a purchase. The Dark0de provides the wallet address for your coin deposit. After funding your account, you will be able to shop around. We’d suggest you use Monero to transact since it gives you good anonymity and security online.

Purchasing products

The process of shopping in the Dark0de marketpace is similar to other darknet markets. You can use the search box or browse through categories and vendors to find the items you want. Or, you could browse around the vendors’ profiles to attain the information.
The listings also show the payment types, such as escrow and finalize early. We recommend that first-time timmers use the escrow option because it is safer.But if you’ve built a good relationship with the vendor, using FE (Finalize Early) is also a great idea.

Click the order button and the page will direct you to the details to finish your order. Complete your order after paying.

You can also contact the seller to discuss the transaction. You can track the progress of your order on the “Your Orders” page.

The Dark0de is just like any other marketplace. It has its ups and downs. Make sure to use your discretion when using this site.