15 Darknet Market Statistics & Facts That Can Make Anyone Crazy!

darknet market statistics
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All darknet platforms have been attacked once. Although I don’t have any research paper to prove my theory, I have been writing on dark web for 8 years and I’ve never seen even a single market that has never been hacked. 

Want to take a look at those cool darknet market statistics that most people don’t even notice? Keep reading this blog post and I’m sure it will surprise you.

#1 – Tor Browser is Every Darknet User’s First Choice

Whenever it comes to browsing darknet marketplaces, Tor Browser is everyone’s first choice. Currently, there are over 2 million users. 

#2 – Bitcoin and Monero Are the Most Common Currency for Darknet Marketplaces

These are the two cryptocurrencies that are mostly preferred by most of the darknet marketplaces. Even if you don’t see Monero on some markets, Bitcoin has always been there. 

#3 – Terms That Every Darknet User Knows

Every experienced darknet marketplace buyer or vendor knows what PGP, 2FA, Multisig, Escrow, and FE means.  

#4 – Phishing is the Most Common Hacking Technique in the Darknet World

Phishing is the most common practice that hackers use to steal money. Usually, they publish phishing links of the most famous marketplaces. And once you deposit money, you end up losing your funds. 

#5 – Vendors Have to Pay $100-$1K+ Bond

Whenever a vendor wants to sell something on a popular darknet marketplace, he must pay an entry fee known as vendor bond for $100-$500. On some platforms, it’s even beyond $1K. However, it’s interesting to note that most marketplaces welcome established vendors without a fee. 

#6 – Most Darknet Marketplaces Have Their Own Wallet

In order to make a purchase, you have to deposit funds as BTC, Monero, or any other cryptocurrency. After that, you can use those funds to make a purchase. 

#7 – Silkroad is the First Popular Darknet Marketplace

Founded by Ross Ulbrich, Silk Road is the first darknet marketplace which was established in 2011. But after 2 years, it was seized. 

#8 – In 2020, Hydra Was the Biggest Darknet Marketplace with Over $1 Billion Turnover

It’s interesting to note that this market was Russian. But just like Silkroad, this marketplace was seized too. 

#9 – DeSnake is One of the Most Popular Aliases Among the Darknet Markets

Since the beginning of Alphabay, DeSnake has been in action. Some people say he’s been arrested, and even died. But, I believe the guy behind DeSnake’s mask was arrested. After a while, a different person might operate DeSnake.

#10 – At some point, DeSnake’s Alphabay Became As popular As Silk Road

After all, they both have a documentary that people can watch online. 

#11 – Any Darknet Marketplace Can Do An Exit Scam

That’s why I always recommend my readers to never keep money in their marketplace wallet. 

#12 – Onion and I2P Are the Most Commonly Used Domains

Whether it’s Alphabay or modern marketplaces like ASAP, you’ll see that every darknet marketplace either using .Onion or .I2P.

#13 – Most Darknet Users Are Male

A survey by Arxiv indicates that 80% of the darknet users are male.

#14 – Top Darknet Marketplaces

Tor2Door, ASAP, Vice City, and Abacus  are the top darknet markets in 2023. 

#15 – Top Exchanges Where People Buy Bitcoin or Other Cryptocurrencies without an ID

xChange, Godex, SideShift, ChangeNow, and Morphotoken are some of the top exchanges where you can buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without an ID. 

The Bottom Line

I hope you have enjoyed these darknet market statistics and facts. If there’s anything else that you know and we don’t, feel free to comment here. And by the way, I forgot to mention one fact: Livedarknet is the #1 darknet magazine in the world.