How to Access Dark Web on iPhone without risking your privacy!

how to access dark web on iphone
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Accessing the dark web on an iPhone doesn’t seem easy because of Apple’s robust security. Well, that’s not what I think. That’s something a lot of people assume. In reality, it’s not rocket science!  It’s as simple as it is for Windows users. 

So without any further ado, let’s get started. 

1. Get a Good VPN

When it comes to VPN, I’d recommend you to drop the idea of using a ‘Free’ VPN. One of my mentors used to say: you should never trust the free stuff. 

As of now, the market has many premium VPN services like Nord, IP Vanish, Norton and the list goes on. Pick anything good and hide your identity before getting into it. 

I’d recommend Nord VPN because they have an ‘Onion Over VPN’ feature which assures your safety and many other things such as: 

good vpn for accessing dark web on iphone

I’m not affiliated with Nord VPN, it’s just something I personally use.

Update: I’ve also started using Orbot. It’s an open-source Tor proxy app, which can help you stay even more secure. You can read this article to know what is Orbot and how it can help mobile users access darknet safetly.

2. Install Tor Browser to Access Dark Web on iPhone

Although there are a bunch of Onion browsers for Apple, the Tor Browser by Stronger apps is something I personally prefer. 

tor browser for iphone

And guess what? It’s just not me, a lot of people do because Tor browser has its own legacy. Ask any darknet user about Tor and you’ll hear there’s nothing better than this. 

3. Tweak These Things Before Browsing

Generally, users do the above 2 things. They install a VPN and a Tor Browser, thinking that’s all they need to be on the safe side. 

That’s not the case. In addition to this, you have to minimize tracking. Here are a few things you can do to increase your anonymity: 

  • Turn off location services 
right way to access dark web on iphone
  • Refuse all permission requests for Tor from privacy settings, which includes camera, settings, or contacts (learn more here
  • It’s better to not have any banking, social media, or any other apps that might reveal everything about you (secondary device is recommended) 
  • Make sure your device is not connected to other smart devices such as watches, speakers, lights, etc. After all, being on the same network makes you more vulnerable, just in case you get hacked

4. Get Links from LiveDarknet to Access Dark Web via iPhone

Unlike the clear web, darknet is filled with a bunch of phishers. So on the dark web, it’s not like you can Google your favourite thing and you get whatever you want. Instead of this you have to get trustworthy onion links. 

LiveDarknet has been one of the leading and trusted dark web magazines, so all the links you will see in our marketplace or vendor section are legit. 

In fact, we even have links to some of the best darknet search engines.

One important thing to note is the fact that we keep you safe from phishing. We always keep our list updated! If you take a look at the right side of this article, you’ll notice everything that’s red has been either discontinued or taken down by the FBI. So you don’t want to visit those marketplaces, even if others urge you to believe that XYZ marketplace is back.

Now You’re All Set

Finally, you can now visit the dark web on iPhone. But before you do so, it would be better for you to have a motive. Lurking around the shadiest corner of the internet without a motive is a threat to your privacy because those areas are filled with a lot of traps. A single click on any link might end up giving your data to hackers. So stay on the safe side!