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Incognito Market: Best Vendors to Check Out

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Incognito Market Link & URL: nrrkpuzsfabxvokx4ohl74vvmq4fq46l2q223jtvnx366b6c6lbc24ad.onion

Incognito market
Incognito market

Registering is all that is required to get started. One of the most carefully regulated markets on the darknet is this one. It is no longer possible to get Oxycodone, a common opioid medication (as opposed to the standard fentanyl-only ban). In order to ensure that each time an anonymous visitor checks in, they see something new, the organization has put in place a mechanism. Another illustration of the market’s lack of ethical sensibility among its participants, as demonstrated by the darknet marketplaces community.

Gambling is a distinct feature of Incognito’s market, unlike other marketplaces. To date, no one has shown that casino games are “provably fair,” despite the word being used (without making a deposit). XMR and Bitcoin can be used to play blackjack and slots at online casinos. You may be able to find what you’re looking for quickly due to the vendor’s excellent reputation. The delivery process involves all of Incognito’s vendors.

One can find benzodiazepines, cannabinoid-based psychoactives, dissociatives, stimulants, and others in the Incognito Market. Drugs and mislabeled products are also on the list. The market’s six separate categories have been well-served by an astonishing number of well-known merchants in its first year.

To use Incognito Market, customers must have a market account and escrow mechanism that is from a different time period. As a first step, you must make a deposit into your Incognito account using Bitcoin (BTC) or Monero (MMR) (XMR). Purchases may be made as soon as the time is right for you. There are no other payment options available. Vendors who have a proven track record of profitability are awarded the “FE” accreditation.

A well-known darknet marketplace believed to be behind Incognito Market. In the long term, even if certain marketplaces continue to operate unlawfully, it may be in their best interest. The market, despite its current size, has a lot of room for expansion. Incognito’s payment options are restricted, but it specializes at linking buyers and sellers in dark net markets.

TheDopeHouse Vendor

The Dope House vendor has such a tempting offer which many darknet lovers hard to reject. Most recently, they are offering $65 per ounce of shroom products. In Incognito TheDopeHouse vendor is pretty much popular choice for the avid darknet shoppers across the globe. As proclaimed by the administrator of the vendor, they have been serving the market since EMPIRE. In Incognito marketplace itself, it already has over 1500++ happy people who have purchased their products.

They also claim that the mushroom products that they offer come from their own garden. Therefore, it is comforting to know that the mushrooms are readily available anytime the buyers make the purchase.

If Incognito’s reviews are not enough to convince you to use the vendor’s service, you could also check their reviews in other platform as well.

Wendy Darling Vendor

Wendy Darling has been known for years by the avid fans of the darknet marketpalce. You can see the reviews of the vendor in various marketplaces that you can find online. However, they are only shippingg within the US. So, the huge fans across the globe might want to think about the alternatives to attain their products.

Dulcecuerentena Vendor

This US vendor is popularly known for its premium colombian cocaine. However, they are only focusing on shipping within the US. They are offering fast shipping with quick 3-7 days delivery. It is indeed a great option for those who are urgently needing some items from darknet.

CanadaGoodies Vendor

As the name suggests, the vendor is operating in Canada. However, they are ready to ship the products across the world. The vendor focuses on selling meth, MDA, MDMA, cocaine, etc. They also focus on quick shipping.

CanadaGoodies is a team consisting professionals based in Canada. They have pretty high standard in offering premium drugs. Many users gave positive reviews to the vendor due to its fast speed in delivering the stuff to their doorstep. They also source for the second distributors or sellers as well. For those who are interested in being vendor can also use their service to source the premium quality of drugs.

The vendor has 99.7% positive feedback on over 600++ sales internationally. They are looking forward to become the supplier.

What they are offering in the market:

  • Cocaine – This cocaine is made from fishscales and is of high quality. Some of the smoothest and cleanest bricks available on the market, right off the brick.
  • Meth – Meth that is made in Canada. It is cleaner and of greater quality than what you would ordinarily receive.
  • MDMA – Our Moonrock MDMA, which is produced locally, is extremely potent and comes in large boulders. The ideal narcotic for a night out
  • MDA – the real deal. Although in short supply on the market, CanadaGoodies currently has a supply on hand. Product that is in high demand.

TopShellNL Vendor

TopShellNL Vendor is one of the most renowned sellers from NL. They are popular since they are selling top quality drugs including cocaine, meth, Xanax, MDMA, and more. Although they are operating from NL, they are ready to ship the products internationally. For those who are overseas, the customers don’t have worry about the shipping anymore.

topShellNL is ready to stock your stash with pure and uncut products.


Incognito, a new darknet industry, is mostly concerned with pharmaceuticals. In the underground market, however, it is less popular than its rivals. “To effectively minimize the chance of acquiring narcotics on the street,” Incognito states in its terms of service. Addictive medications including heroin, oxycodone, and fentanyl cannot be sold without a prescription from a doctor.

Due to its young, this industry, for example, lacks subcategories. A category with only a few pages makes it difficult to look through the products. Because of Incognito’s dated account-wallet mechanism, exit scammers can easily prey on customers. Using multiple signatures to make a payment for a single order is not allowed. The darknet no longer has to be confined to Bitcoin transactions thanks to Incognito.

From the ground up, Incognito is reimagining the darknet market shopping experience. Start by allowing businesses to market to existing customers by allowing them to explore listings or vendors in an anonymous manner. Due to time limits, we were unable to check out Incognito’s distinct gaming area.

For us, Incognito’s emphasis on PGP and two-factor authentication is a big plus” (meaning you will have to decrypt a message each time you want to log into the market). The market does not advocate the “autocrypt” feature on this device (in short, you should always PGP-encrypt any shipping or other sensitive information when sending a message to a vendor). In the future, more merchants (and items) may join the Incognito Market, which is currently too small to draw shoppers and the media’s attention.