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ASAP Market Link & URL: a3uwkelkhesvlgytugiolcusjuvozi5cyq6alcid5frqyv2ugdiup4ad.onion

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This ASAP Market review will enlighten you about exclusive darknet market features that you won’t find anywhere else.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that the majority of these resources are about drugs. Benzos, racoonoids, prescription pharmaceuticals, opioids, stimulants, and a variety of other medications are all available.

If you pay closely, the terms “Digital Goods,” “Fraud,” and “Counterfeit,” as well as other words that sound like them, will appear.

Around 3,000 listings are estimated for “Digital Goods.” ASAP Market is a full-service health care provider, not just a drugstore. There’s a lot more to it than that. There are no sub-categories for any of the drug listings. For whatever reason, they are constructed in this manner.

There are so many products to pick from, but more classification is required.

Rainbowland – Vendor from France

Come over to Rainbowland to find the real products In ASAP Market. The vendor itself claimed to be the best vendor who ships from France.

They are also doing huge sale as the way to celebrate their moving to France. For your information, this vendor was living in NL. So, they no longer ship from NL. Instead, they are shipping their products from France. Of course, they are not only doing shipments to Europe countrioes, but also across the world.

Here are the products they are offering:

  • 20 MG 2CB PILLS

FlavourStop – Selling Cocaine, MDA, MDMA, and Meth

The vendor has claimed to adjust their pricing. In some listings, they claim to have up to 30% cheaper products.

Here are their offers:


  • 1g $28
  • 2g $52
  • 3.5g $90
  • 5g $125
  • 7g $168


  • 1g $38
  • 3.5g $128
  • 5g $176
  • 10g $320
  • 14g $400


  • 1g $36
  • 2g $60
  • 3.5g $96
  • 5g $128
  • 10g $244


  • 1g $100
  • 2g $180
  • 3.5g $320
  • 7g $600
  • 14g $1100

They are also operating in other darknet marketplaces. You might want to check their reviews in other marketplace before shopping at ASAP Market.

TopShellNL – A popular vendor from NL

The vendor TopShellNL has claimed to be the safest vendor who comes from NL. They are offering Cocaine, Keta, MDMA, MMC, and so on. It is one of the most reliable vendors from the NL. They always ship free to every country across the globe. Regardless shipping from the NL, they are ready to serve you anywhere you are.

Here are the products and pricing that are pulled out by the vendor.

  • 2C-B HCl powder 99%: 1g €80 / 5g €275 / 10g €500 / 100g €4100 / 250g €10250
  • 3-MMC Metaphedrone 99%: 1g €20 / 10g €115 / 100g €650 / 250g €1450 / 1kg €5250
  • 4-MMC Mephedrone 99%: 1g €25 / 10g €170 / 100g €1250 / 250g €2350 € 1kg €8750
  • Amnesia Haze 22% THC: 2.5g €35 / 5g €60 / 10g €115 / 25g €240
  • Colombian Cocaine 88%: 1g €75 / 3g €195 / 10g €575 / 100g €5100 / 250g €12000
  • Crystal Meth Ice 98%: 1g €45 / 10g €310 / 100g €2100 / 250g €4450 / 500g €8600
  • Ketamine S isomer 99%: 1g €25 / 5g €90 / 10g €150 / 100g €1350 / 1kg €9900
  • Ketamine R isomer 99%: 1g €25 / 5g €90 / 10g €150 / 100g €1350 / 1kg €9900
  • Dutch MDMA 84%: 1g €20 / 5g €50 / 10g €80 / 25g €180 / 100g €550 / 1kg €4750
  • Uncut Dutch Speed 75%: 5g €30 / 10g €55 / 100g €250 / 500g €1000 / 1kg €1800
  • 2mg Xanax Alprazolam: 10x €30 / 25x €55 / 100x €145 / 500x €550 / 1000x €1050


If you are looking for the US vendor, this provider is definitely one of the best bangs of the buck. This store focuses on offering some exotic mushroom varieties like Melmac, Albino, Lizard King, and Hillbilly.

ASAP Market product restrictions

Be mindful of the drawbacks when you first enter the darknet market (in most cases). However, in very tiny amounts, these are kept for the most extreme products and services.

Payments by Western Union or credit card are not accepted at ASAP Market, sorry! At the present, they are two of the most frequently used darknet products. However, they are the most welcoming to scammers among the bunch.

It also prohibits the use of viruses generated by humans, poisons, narcotics, pornography involving children, animals or violence. Also prohibited are firearms and hired guns.

Payment policies

Isn’t it true that the method of payment you use determines how anonymous and untraceable your purchases are?

Payouts at ASAP Market are divided in half. The good news is that it accepts Bitcoin as well as Monero. Isn’t it wonderful, to put it mildly?

However, it is not free of charge. As a result, all deposits are required to be paid in full prior to the event. What if I disagree with you? No. Markets devoid of wallets, on the other hand, are undeniably more appealing.

As a result of the advance payments, a minimum deposit is required. Deposits in BTC must be at least 0.0005 BTC in size. XMR deposits can only be 0.06 or greater. In terms of dollars and cents, we’d say they’re reasonably priced.

The criteria for confirmation differ depending on the currency. A bitcoin transaction is considered successful after two confirmations. Monero, on the other hand, requires ten confirmations.

Is it possible to buy cryptocurrencies with a small deposit? This has completely blown us away.


New darknet markets appear to be getting more creative and feature-rich on a daily basis, according to my observations. This online ASAP Market study focuses on one such market.

Markets today aren’t only about making transactions easier. It appears that they are also concerned about other things. The validity of sellers, the prevention of fraud, and even the safety of shipments and deliveries are all important considerations in this industry.

We’d give ASAP Market a 4-star rating at this time. Unique features and payment options are among the company’s advantages.

Furthermore, the loss of one star was not a coincidence. It has been found that vendor openness can be improved, and a wallet-free payment method would also be welcomed as a result of this.

The market, on the other hand, does not suffer from a lack of overall quality. If it keeps up its current rate of growth, it could soon be the darknet’s dominant player.