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ASAP Market – Full Darknet Market Review

Asap market retired. But you can try others: Tor2door, Abacus, Bohemia, Vice city.

Asap market link: a3uwkelkhesvlgytugiolcusjuvozi5cyq6alcid5frqyv2ugdiup4ad.onion

ASAP Market, formerly known as ASEAN Market, was struggling for success in 2020. As far I know, the marketplace got some traction when it was listed on in December 2020. 

Since then, the team behind ASAP has been working hard to provide users with anti-scam measures and active community presence. And guess what? The marketplace has become one of the best darknet marketplaces in 2023. 

asap market link

And that’s not it, there’s so much about this marketplace that you must have missed. So without any further ado, let’s get started!

Asap Market URLa3uwkelkhesvlgytugiolcusjuvozi5cyq6alcid5frqyv2ugdiup4ad.onion
Launched03/2020 Originally as Asean market
Current statusOperating
Total Vendors2000+
Total UsersOver 1 Million
Vendor Bond$1500 Paid with BTC/XMR
Supporting Crypto CurrenciesMonero, Bitcoin
Escrow SystemAvailable
PGP Security SystemAvailable and mandatory for vendors
MultisigMultisig Option is not available
Bug bountyYou can open a support ticket
and get bug bounty
Instant WithdrawsWithdraw will process immediately
Security IssuesNone
Support Rating5/10 – Lately announced that need to
deposit some amount in order to get support
UptimeDue to DDOS attacks the market need
to rotate urls.

What Does Asap Market Offer? 

I must say the ASAP is as diverse as Tor2Door. From drugs to fraud guides, there’s almost everything that you can buy. 

Here I’m listing the type of products I’ve seen on this marketplace:

  • Stimulants (12.8K+) 
  • RCs (164)
  • Cannabis & Hashish (16.8K)
  • Drug Paraphernalia (60)
  • Steroids (1.6K)
  • Barbiturates (4)
  • Fraud (21.8K)
  • Lab Chemicals (26)
  • Weight Loss (95)
  • Ecstasy (6.4K)
  • Drug Precursors (22)
  • Prescription (2.7K) 
  • Tobacco (24)
  • Opioids (3.3K)
  • Counterfeits (171)
  • Dissociatives (4.4K)
  • Digital Goods (15.5K)
  • Benzos (2.4K)
  • Psychedelics (5.5K)

Asap Market: Account Creation

Step 1: First, you’ll come across this captcha. In order to solve this captcha, you have to put the letter you see in the circle. Once you fill the first letter and select the next square, the letter in the circle will change and you can repeat the process until the captcha is solved. 

how to solve asap market captcha

Step 2: On the homepage, you’ll see the ‘register’ link on the top right corner. 

asap market registration

Step 3: Fill the form, solve that captcha, and click on the ‘register’ button. 

asap market signing up

Note: PIN and password resets are no longer available. Make sure you save these somewhere. 

Step 4: A green ‘registration successful’ strip is the indicator that now you have an account on the ASAP market. Login using the credentials you have put earlier. 

asap market signing in

Step 5: Enter your pin to approve the new terms and proceed further. 

approve terms of asap market

That’s it, you have successfully made an account on the ASAP market. You’ll soon be redirected to the homepage. 

Asap Market overview

Marketplace Rules

For Vendors

1. Physical Product

  • Include the date, printed vendor name or logo, printed ASAP logo, and bulk quantity in product photos
  • Act and present yourself as a vendor

2. Digital Products

  • Do not list illegal duplicate or clone products
  • Do not include misleading content in your listing
  • No FE is allowed
  • Violators are subjected to penalties and listing removal

3. Disputes

  • Provide tracking information for shipped products
  • Orders will be refunded if a listing is deleted or out of stock
  • Dispute rates higher than 30% may result in account suspension

4. General 

  • Scamming will result in fund confiscation and escrow refund to buyers
  • Listings with misleading information will be permanently banned
  • Do not include onion or redirect links that are not ASAP Market-related in messages
  • Selling outside of ASAP Market is strictly prohibited
  • Keep wallet balances low for personal safety and insurance reasons
  • Escrow orders for physical products are auto-finalized after 14 days and 3 days for digital products with disputes pausing the timer
  • Only reputable vendors with positive feedback can get FE
  • Apply for FE only after reaching 10,000 sales and 95% positive feedback
  • Encrypt sensitive information and never store buyer information
  • All vendors are required to set up PGP and 2FA
  • Poor packaging will result in warnings, and multiple warnings will lead to account suspension
  • Western Union, bank, and money transfers are banned
  • Duplicate listings are not allowed, but different quantities are allowed
  • Threatening, abusive, discriminatory, and violent behavior won’t be tolerated

For Buyers

1. Overall market rules

  • ASAP market is not responsible for any losses from using unverified/phishing links from other places
  • There’s no reset for lost PIN or passwords 
  • Always enable 2FA to prevent unauthorized access
  • Do not scam any vendors, you will get caught and funds will be confiscated
  • Misleading listings will result in a permanent ban
  • Do not send onion or redirect links that are not ASAP Market-related in messages
  • Keep wallet balances low for personal safety and insurance reasons
  • Buyers are not allowed to deal outside the marketplace with messaging systems like wickr, jabber, or email
  • Escrow orders should be finalized promptly, and there are no refunds after finalization
  • Orders are auto-finalized in 14 days for physical products and 3 days for digital products
  • Contact support if there are any FE order issues
  • Always encrypt shipping/sensitive information with the vendor’s PGP
  • Buyers should never discuss vendor’s stealth on any forums or markets
  • Threats or abusive behavior towards staff, vendors, or site users will not be tolerated

2. Verification and security

  • Only use verified links from Dark dot Fail
  • Always verify links with ./pgp.txt ./mirrors.txt
  • Enable 2FA to prevent unauthorized access
  • Buyers are required to set up PGP and 2FA for their own safety
  • Laziness towards setting up proper security measures may result in loss of account

3. Dealing with vendors

  • Contact support if a vendor’s stealth is packed poorly
  • Don’t deal outside the marketplace with messaging systems
  • Contact support if vendors ask to deal outside the market
  • Never describe or discuss vendor’s stealth on any forums or markets

4. Disputes

  • Initiate a dispute to pause the Escrow timer
  • Escrow orders are auto-finalized in 14 days for physical products and 3 days for digital products
  • Contact support if there are any disputes

5. Prohibited behavior

  • Threats or abusive behavior towards staff, vendors, or site users is not allowed
  • Discrimination or hate speech is strictly prohibited
  • Do NOT post any false or unfounded accusations
  • NO doxxing, FUD, threats, actual violence, or making false accusations

6. FE orders

  • Refer to vendor’s terms and conditions to avoid any misunderstandings
  • FE orders are not refundable since payments are credited directly to vendor wallets
  • Contact support if there is any issue with an FE order   

Major Updates & Concerns About Asap Market in 2023

Don’t Create Tickets for Lost Pins/Passwords

The ASAP market has mentioned that they don’t reset lost pins, which means that if a user loses their account information, they need to create a new account. If a deposit is missing, this may indicate that the user was phished. 

Note: Vendors should not create a ticket for missing withdrawals as this will be auto-refunded to their market wallet. 

Stop Cloning Listings

Recently ASAP market admins have warned vendors that if they clone listings, their withdrawals will be blocked and they will face a $2000 penalty. The company will also auto-refund failed withdrawals into a vendor’s market wallet, so no ticket needs to be opened in such cases.

Unexpected Redirect to Home Page Issue

Admins acknowledged that users were experiencing unexpected redirects to the homepage, which was causing frustration. Now that issue is resolved as well. 

Search Bug Fixed

The marketplace team has successfully fixed the search bug where shipping labels were mixed up. 

Buying on Asap Market 

Order Flow

  1. Register as a user and set up two-factor authentication and PGP encryption. It is recommended not to use iGolder PGP and instead use OpenPGP or Gnupg with 4096 bit encryption to ensure account security.
  1. Top-up your BTC or XMR wallet to make a purchase on the market.
  1. Add the items you want to purchase to your bucket and double-check your orders before checkout.
  1. Ensure your shipping information is encrypted and not sent in clear text to keep it secure.

Getting Back ESCROW Refunds

  1. ESCROW refunds will credit back to your account wallet on the market.
  2. Note that FE orders are non-refundable. If you insist on a refund, consider contacting the vendor personally for assistance.

Order Issues

  1. Contact the vendor for help if you have any order issues, such as not receiving the product in the stated time.
  2. For Escrow orders, initiate a dispute, and support will assist you.
  3. Refer to the vendor’s reship/refund policy and avoid cheating, as the market has a “Scam Hunter” system in place to protect both buyers and vendors.

Fake Review Detector (FRD)

  1. The market has a Fake Review Detector (FRD) to detect almost all possible fake reviews
  2. All feedback is genuine and any fake reviews detected will be deleted to keep all feedback clean
  3. FRD has high-accuracy detection and ensures no fake garbage reviews

Withdrawal Frequency

  1. Keep your balance low and withdraw funds frequently to ensure account safety. 
  2. The market is just a platform to ease buyers’ purchases, so keep your funds in the bank to build long-term trust.

Method of payment

The ASAP market has its own wallet. As of now there are two wallet types: BTC and XMR. Once you deposit funds in either of these wallets, you can use them to buy stuff on the marketplace. 

Just in case you don’t know how to deposit funds in ASAP marketplace, follow these steps: 

  1. On the top right corner, you’ll see BTC. Click on that and you’ll come across this wallet page: 
deposit on asap market

Step 2: You can deposit funds to either BTC or Monero wallet. Make sure you know where you’re adding funds. If you’re adding XMR or Monero to BTC, your funds will be lost. 

asap market wallet address

Step 3: Once you send your crypto to the displayed address, your funds will be shown. That’s it, now you can use it to make purchases. 

Step by Step Process to Make An Order on Asap Market 

  1. Select the product you want to buy from the homepage or by browsing categories from the left pane. Once you have it, click on ‘add to basket.’ 
how to make an order on asap market
  1. Now you’ll see the Basket (1) on top, click on it and you’ll see your product listed in the cart. Press the ‘Checkout’ button.
asap market basket
  1. Select that ‘wallet’ where you have deposited funds earlier. Once that’s done, put your message in the box with delivery info, enter your pin, and press the ‘Place Order’ button. 
placing an order on asap market

That’s it, you have successfully placed an order on the ASAP market. 


It is however true that ASAP Market looks deficient in contrast to some of its larger competitors. It does not appear to grow significantly and looks like it’s encountering a number of issues. Although they’ve been in business for less than a year, ASAP has successfully retained every client’s funds while offering a market for them to sell them. If, on the other hand, you are receptive to new experiences, there is nothing to say about them. So as long as you’re willing to try new things, it could worth your time and effort.


ASAP dark web marketplace available on the onion version?

Yes, ASAP is available on the onion version. Infact it’s more secure on the onion version than it is on the open web. So always access it on Tor especially before making any inquiries or purchases on the market.

What are some of the products available on ASAP market?

Well, just like any other dark web marketplace, ASAP has tried to accomodate vendors from all walks of life. From hard drugs to credit cards, Asap has most of these goods under one roof.
Who are the administrators behind the operation of this market? Most administrators of dark web platforms usually prefer to remain anonymous. This is purposefully to hide from the authorities.

Can one file complaints on ASAP darkweb marketplace?

Yes, you just inform the administrators.

Is ASAP market Active?

Yes, the market is up and running. Just register an account with them and always make sure you use the right links accessible through the Tor browser.

How does one make payments on ASAP darknet marketplace?

As discussed earlier, people can make payments through Bitcoin or Monero.

Who can register on ASAP?

Anybody, even you!

My BTC/XMR Withdrawal is Missing

High traffic of withdrawal requests caused the system to fail in processing your withdrawal. If your withdrawal fails, you’ll get a refund back to your market wallet. I got my refund within 24 hours. In fact, I made a ticket for this and the customer service told me I don’t have to create a ticket for such issues. 

How Can I Extend Auto Finalize Time?

To extend the Auto Finalize (AF) timer, please click on the AF timer button 72 hours before the timer is up. If your order may take up to a month to reach its destination, you can dispute the order and state that you need to extend the AF timer. Always check with the vendor for the estimated time of arrival. 

Why Can’t I Deposit from Exchange/P2P? 

There are only 3 sites you can trust at this moment.

Anything else apart from these are spreading phishing links. Recently, one of the admins of ASAP market posted this: 
known asap market phishing sites

Why Am I Not Seeing My Deposit Amount? 

If you have made a deposit and it has not been reflected on your account, create a ticket and provide your transaction ID or transaction hash. Here’s a pro tip: If you’re a new user on any marketplace, I’d suggest you make a small test deposit to avoid any unnecessary financial loss due to active phishing attacks. Get verified market links from trusted sources like and bookmark market links to avoid mistakenly logging onto phishing links. Also, note that users deposit addresses will never change unless requested to do so.

What is Below Minimum Deposit? 

Deposits below the minimum amount will be treated as malicious deposits due to the potential for “dusting” attacks, which can infect wallets and result in other users being tracked by attackers through the blockchain. To avoid this malicious activity, the marketplace purges all deposits below the minimum to keep their system and users safe. 

Why Can’t I Create a Ticket? 

If you are unable to create a ticket, it indicates that you may have fallen victim to a phishing link and most probably have been scammed.

One last thing

You might come across several links and URLs on the internet claiming to be directing you to Asap. Well, most of them will neither lead you to Asap and their safety is also questionable. So here is the main Asap Market Url: a3uwkelkhesvlgytugiolcusjuvozi5cyq6alcid5frqyv2ugdiup4ad.onion