The Best Darknet Forums (2023 UPDATED)

darknet forums
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The “dark web” has forums where people may openly discuss about any activity, including hacking, drug trafficking and child pornography. On those darknet forums, member statuses vary from VIP to Premium to Moderator. Keeping tabs on forum members who are actively engaged might help law enforcement and security services catch criminals.

On the other hand, marketplaces are locations where a variety of merchants may showcase their items. Customers may purchase a variety of unlawful commodities from dealers on the dark web, including cocaine, PayPal accounts, and credit cards. A dark web marketplace is a site where sellers may sell their wares and customers can purchase them. Exit scams are common because money travels through the market. As a result, forums are more dependable as a result of the lack of a platform.

So, why use the darknet forums of all other options?

Security experts are concerned since there appeared to be a wide range of potentially harmful actions. With OSINT technology like signal, security experts can discover exploit kits intended for their organizations, get early warnings of data breaches, and avoid physical attacks on assets and people with OSINT technology like signal.

Learn about some of the most popular dark web forums and how professionals may utilize OSINT tools like Signal to keep a watch out for danger.

Anyone may say whatever they want on the dark web because of the anonymity it provides. For many security professionals, the dark web, particularly web forums, is a valuable source of intelligence. Keeping a watch on these things can reveal big threats such as cyber and physical assassination plots, fraud, and data breaches, to name a few.

Raid darknet forums

raid darknet forums seized
raid darknet forums seized

Status: Inactive

Raid Forums was established in March 2015. at the moment we wrote this post, it hosted 475k members in total. This darknet forum topics of interest are database sharing and cracking.

It is a popular forum that has attained popularity through its high-profile mega leaks. The database posted in the forum consists of database breaches and leaks. Not to mention, many of the users also offer information about the active marketplaces that offer these leaks. The site itself has over a thousand new members on a monthly basis. The number keeps growing from time to time.

Dread Darknet Forum

dread darknet forum

Status: Active

The Dread Forum has been operating since February 2018. This post had over 18k members online at the time we wrote it.Their interests are diverse, but the most frequently discussed topics include darknet marketplaces, hot trends, drugs, counterfeits, and many others.

Dread Forum is often called as Reddit-stylish forum. The reason is obvious, it has the UI and UX similar to Reddit. When you jump into the forum, you will surely know why many Reddit users are fond of this forum compared to the other darknet forums.

Hugbuner as the main admin of Dread Forum even proclaimed that they didn’t make any plan for the paid membership. Probably, that is also one of the reasons why the number of the members keep growing from time to time.

The forum also has active members. According to the statistics, it yields over 500 posts per day and 700 sub-dreads. Most users are conveinent with the Dread Forum mostly because they will not deal with any cencorship when posting some bizarre topics o the net.

The forum is also arguably the response to the banning of several popular sub-reddits related to darknet topics and discussions. For that reason, many users have moved to the Dread forum.

Access dread darknet forum here


It is a forum which offers information relevant to the hacking. Besides, the users can also find the information of database breaches and leaks. Some darknet marketplaces information is also available in that platform.

Freehacks Forum

Status: Link not forum

Available categoris on Freehacks forum

  • Hacker World News
  • Humor
  • Hacking and Security
  • Carding
  • Botnet
  • Electronics and phreaking
  • Brutus
  • DDOS
  • Programming
  • SEO Optimization
  • Web Development
  • Private Software
  • Malware and Exploits
  • Financial operations

It is arguably the most popular hacking forum in the web. Most of the members are coming from Russia. The cyber-criminal community posts some resources which are abundant for the hackers and crackers. You could use the forum wisely.

Hacktown Hacking Forum

Status: Active

hacktown forum
hacktown forum

This is a website that offers a range of courses on the subject of profit-generating hacking. New thieves and crooks may develop their abilities and execute successful fraud, phishing campaigns, and other sorts of cybercrime with the assistance of this resource.

Go to Hacktown Community here (Tor only)

4chan forum

Status: Active

4chan forum
4chan forum

Harassment, assaults on other websites and internet users, posting of illegal information, threats of violence, sexism, racism, and misogyny are all examples of subject matter.

4chan originated as a forum dedicated to anime, a genre of Japanese film and television animation, but it has now extended to contain sexual content as well. Users can post without a username by leaving the field’s name blank, which gives 4chan a higher level of anonymity than other forums. Posts are also erased after a set amount of time, making it difficult for other users or law enforcement agencies to find them.

As a result of its position as a source of cyberbullying, child pornography, harassment, threats of violence, and other unpleasant behaviors, 4chan has gotten a lot of media attention.

Go to 4chan forum

XSS Hacking forum

Status: Active

xss forum
xss forum

Concerned with: malware exploits, security holes, carding, sales of access, and databases of credentials.

When DamageLab’s administrator was jailed, the Russian-language forum renamed itself XSS. The site is well-known in the cybercriminal community, with over 217K posts and roughly 120 postings each day. It covers conversations on illegal themes, such as hacking and financial fraud. Additional areas and discussions in the forum can only be accessible by paying for a premium account and can only be seen by paying users.

Go to XSS Forum

Cryptbb darknet Hacking forum

Status: Active

cryptbb darknet forum homepage
cryptbb darknet forum homepage

This site was once known for having a strict application policy and only accepting users who had passed an interview. It began as an English-language hacking community in 2017 and soon grew in popularity. On the other side, Cryptbb has been expanding, with a new section dedicated to newbies.

Available discussion boards on CryptBB:

  • Beginner Programming
  • Beginner Hacking
  • Beginner Hardware
  • Beginner Carding & Fraud
  • Training Challenges
  • Darknet Discussions
  • Public Leaks & Warez

In order to gain access for the more advanced discussion boards you will be needed to pass some tests by the forum admins. in order to maintain a high level of discussions and connections.

Go to CryptBB Darknet Forum (Tor only)

Nulled forum

Status: Active

nulled darknet forum
nulled darknet forum

After its database, which held information such as PayPal email addresses, passwords, purchase histories, and invoices, was stolen in 2016, the forum was thrown into the spotlight. As a result of the incident, authorities were able to track down hackers and cybercriminals who were utilizing the site. Nulled is one of the most well-known groups for exchanging illegal information, which includes anything from leaks to pentesting and money-making schemes. Some parts of the forum are only accessible to VIP and premium members.

Go to Nulled forum