Darknet Markets For 2023: Post AlphaBay Exit Scam

Darknet Markets For 2023 Post AlphaBay Exit Scam
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Darknet Markets are a ruthless industry where one market could fail, be taken down by law enforcement, or simply run away with your money. Each of these instances takes place within a few days, and the entire market and its users tend to shift drastically. Today we’re going to look at the best Darknet Markets in 2023 along with Darknet onion links (after AlphaBay took the exit scam route.)

Tor2Door MarketA$AP MarketArchetyp
Now the largest darknet marketplace. A worldwide open market offers some of the best features.The most stable market. Worldwide. specialising in fraud, narcotics, and digital services. Fastest growing market with a pleasing design and unique features. Worldwide. Drug only.

Before Selecting a Darknet Market

If you haven’t used the darknet before or haven’t used it in some time, make sure you gather a basic understanding of how they work and how you can keep yourself clear from any issues. The Dark web is filled with scammers, phishing websites, and even honeypots.

These are the basics of using the darknet, and you should do your best to have a basic understanding of these basics.

  • Cryptocurrencies: You simply can not use the darknet without a basic understanding of crypto. Make sure you understand addresses, payments, fees, and using a block explorer. All markets in this list use Bitcoin or Monero. Here’s a Detailed Guide on How to Buy Crypto (Bitcoin and Monero)
  • Tor Browser: Without The Onion Router (Tor) you can not access any darknet website. This is a firefox based browser that has your privacy in mind. Here’s a guide to using Tor in 2023
  • OpSec: Operations Security (OpSec) is the basic understanding of how to keep your identity private through using the darknet. Whether its using alternative passwords and usernames for every website, changing your wallet regularly, or removing a centralised exchange from your operations. Here’s a guide to OpSec.
  • PGP Tools: The PGP key is used as another form of security on the Darknet. This keeps your communications private and encrypted, but it only works if you do it correctly. Here’s a PGP tool guide

Aside from this, you want to ensure any link is authentic by only using trusted sites like or Dark.Fail

How To Find a Good Darknet Marketplace

There are a few signs to consider whether a darknet market is worth using or not. Ultimately this is a choice you should make at your own tuition, and you shouldn’t just trust what a website tells you. Here are some things to look for. 

  1. Only use sites that accept cryptocurrencies, preferably Monero. No darknet market in 2023 would request a fiat payment. 
  2. The website should push for greater privacy features like PGP,  2FA, and XMR payments.
  3. Use sites with an Escrow or Multisig system, this makes for safer transactions with unknown vendors.
  4. Look for sites that have a community backing them. Especially if you are new to the scene.

And finally, let’s introduce you to our picks for the best darknet markets in 2023, along with some important details regarding the websites.

Darknet Markets With Onion Links 2023

Finally, let us introduce you to our picks for the best darknet markets in 2023, along with some important details regarding the websites.


tor2door top darknet market 2023

Onion Link: xn62pd2o7luuwrp6rqg3xmrrchwcaeo3reolifjvx3sunmwqy74j5gyd.onion

Location: World Wide

Currencies: Bitcoin and Monero

Established: June 2021

Payment Method: Escrow / FE (Auto-FE with a timer of 3 – 14 days)

Fees: 5% commission on all sales, $300 Vendor Bond

Tor2Door darknet market is one of the most beginner-friendly markets and easily the largest English darknet market. All vendors and staff have forced PGP and 2FA, enabled, and users can sell almost anything besides weaponry, CP, fentanyl, and murder services. This is seen as the standard for what is acceptable on darknet markets. 

At just two years old, the market has steered clear of all controversy, has fairly decent uptime, it’s grown from about 400 listings to over 20,000 in the last year. 

Check out our Tor2Door Market guide

ASAP Market

asap darknet market
asap market

Onion Link: asapi47ujno2qa6uhdgbzybv2unvnd2cfsld2ysiezdjwh6sfpw4jcqd.onion

Location: World Wide

Currencies: Bitcoin and Monero

Established: Around Mar-2020

Payment Method: FE (Auto-FE with a timer of 3 – 14 days)

Fees: 3% commission on all sales, $700 Vendor Bond

This three-year-old darknet market has a reputation for its stability, low downtime, and simple yet effective user-interface. As with most markets, drugs are the most popular of the listings, but users have access to a plethora of digital items, and PGP and 2

The market has a unique system where it changes the mirrors rotate every 30 minutes. The developers do this to mask their online activities so that the third parties won’t compromise their dark web market activities. 

They have the average PGP tool for sign in and 2FA is an option. They have a 24-hour dispute system and their staff are fairly quick to help should an issue come through. Unfortunately, they don’t offer Multisig Escrow payments. 

See our detailed ASAP Market page


Archetyp Darknet Market
Archetyp Market

Onion Link


Location: Europe, America, Australia

Established: 10-May-2021

Currencies: Monero only

Payment Method: Escrow / FE (Auto-FE with a timer of 5 – 99 days)

Fees: 5% commission on all sales, $200 vendor bond (or $100, if you offer to give a customer $100 off an order)

Over the last few months, and especially since AlphaBays exit, Archetyp turned some heads due to its aesthetically pleasing designs, top-notch features and reliability.

They include features like “automatic vendor vacation” where users can not purchase from vendors who haven’t logged on in the last five days. They have a Deadpool to bet on which market goes down next, and a staff crew that will always reply and help within a few hours, easily putting this market into our top three.

Check out our Archetyp Market Guide here.

Vice City Market

vice city market
vice city market

Onion Link: vice2e3gr3pmaikukidllstulxvkb7a247gkguihzvyk3gqwdpolqead.onion

Location: EU and US, mainly

Currencies: Bitcoin (Team says they plan to implement Monero in the future)

Established: May-25-2020

Payment Method: Multisig, Escrow and Finalize Early.

Fees: 4% commission on all sales,$300 Vendor Bond

Vice city first gained popularity in 2020 as one of the most used darknet markets because of its safety systems and well-coded website. The name comes from the popular GTA game Vice City and has a layout similar to the in-game website. The site has over 18k listings and a massive community. Almost every recommendation the website provides users proves they are not working towards an exit scam, such as walletless transactions. It’s an open market that allows for almost all services and listings. 

We would have easily added Vice City higher in the list, but they don’t currently accept Monero payments which is a privacy risk we don’t like to take. 

See our Guide to the Vice City Market

Abacus Market

Abacus Market
Abacus Market

Onion Link: abacuseeettcn3n2zxo7tqy5vsxhqpha2jtjqs7cgdjzl2jascr4liad.onion

Location: Worldwide

Currencies: Bitcoin and Monero

Established: May-25-2020

Payment Method: Multisig, Escrow and Finalize Early.

Fees: %4 commission on all sales, $300 Vendor Bond (Automatically wavered for well-established vendors with 100+ sales)

Abacus Market first started out at “AlphaBet” and made it clear that they’re planning to rival AlphaBay and what Silk Road used to be. The market offers one of the largest listing selections outside of the drug range, and the team tend to the vendors, often manually reviewing each application

The admins coded the website from scratch and did it well. The market has impeccable uptime, and the only issue we can really point out is it’s really frustrating Captcha system which forces users to grab a new identity every time they’re wrong. Aside from this, the admin and staff tend to all issues, and there are very few who even dare to accuse them of selectively scamming users. 

See our guide to the Abacus Darknet market here


We have a list of the best darknet markets in 2023 with reliable onion links. Over the last few years, the darknet marketplace has shifted so drastically that it’s difficult to keep up with. We hope this list of our pics for the top 5 works for you, but if you are looking for others, take a look at our total breakdown of darknet markets

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