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Tor2Door Market Interface Overview – Wallet, Security, Orders.

Tor2Door Market Interface Overview - Wallet, Security, Orders.
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Among the Darknet Marketplaces, Tor2Door is known for being the most well-organized and friendly market for non-experienced users.

Tor2Door Market Interface
Tor2Door Market Interface

The marketplace was launched in 2020 and has grown rapidly providing nearly 150000 registered users, approximately 800 sellers and almost 16000 products are listed here.  

Their admins maintain an active presence on Reddit where they keep the community up to date with any announcements or new features.

According to the website, it is the number one Multi-signature Darknet Market in 2022.

Interface and Design

The design of the website is simple and presents a top navigation bar displaying links such as Become a Vendor, Orders, Help, Messages, Wallet and My Account.

Tor2Door Main Menu
Tor2Door Main Menu

A left sidebar offers the product categories and an expand button revealing the product subcategories for each product category.

Hovering the mouse over a product displays information such as Multi-signature, shipping options, the accepted cryptocurrencies, etc.

Another interesting characteristic of the interface is the live exchange rate of Bitcoin and Monero in multiple fiat currencies.

Tor2Door Market Products Listing

Around 16 thousand products are listed on Tor2Door Market including:

  • Fraud (Accounts and Bank Drops, CVV and Cards, Personal Infos, Others)
  • Drugs and Chemicals (Benzos, Cannabis and Hash, Dissociatives, Ecstasy, Stimulants, Opioids, Prescriptions, Psychedelics, Others)
  • Digital Products (Guides and Tutorials, E-Books, Software, Accounts)
  • Counterfeit Items (Clothing, Electronics, IDs/DLs, Fake Passports, Other Items);
  • Jewels & Gold (Gold, Silver, Others)
  • Services (Carding, Others)
  • Software and Hosting (Software & Malware, Hosting, VPN, SOCKS, Others)

Tor2Door Market Features


To access Tor2Door it is required to set up an account and it is simple to do. All users must provide:

Tor2Door Market Register
Tor2Door Market Register
  • Display Name
  • Login Name
  • Password
  • Repeat Password
  • PIN for withdrawals


Languages Available
Languages Available

Tor2door can currently be navigated in English, German and Spanish.


Instant exchange messaging. No link to any personal data is required to keep the communication between sellers and buyers totally anonymous.

Contact Info
Contact Info

Exchange Conversion

Tor2Door Exchange
Tor2Door Exchange

This unique feature enables the users to convert Bitcoin to Monero and vice versa. A fee of 2% is charged for this service.

Multi-Signature Transactions

The payment transaction using a Multi-Signature is more complex and it involves 3 signatures in order to proceed with the payment: the signature of the buyer,  the signature of the seller and the signature of the Tor2Door marketplace. Only with 2 or 3 signatures, the payment will be finalized.

For any of the 3 parties involved to move any of the Bitcoins or Monero out of the Deposit Address, it requires at least 2 of the key holders to authorize the transaction to release funds to the seller account.

If there is a dispute, the market can work with either buyer or seller to refund the funds. Or in case Tor2Door shuts down completely, the buyer and seller are able to finish the transaction without the presence of the market.

To set up the account for Multi-signature Escrow, first create a new wallet, choosing the Multi-Signature Wallet 2/3 option. You can locate the Bitcoin or Monero public key by clicking Wallet >Information. Next, paste the Tor2Door mnemonic Bitcoin or Monero public key and corresponding address in the spaces provided.

Once the wallet is set up, hover over the displayed username and next click on [Edit Profile]. Next, click on the [Multi-signature Settings] tab.

Click on  [Update] when you are ready to attach the Bitcoin or Monero Public Key to your account. Once this step is complete you will get a message confirming that the key has been attached to your account and it is ready to begin making multi-signature transactions on Tor2Door.


Tor2Door only accepts two cryptocurrencies as payment: Bitcoin and Monero and it also supports Finalize Early (FE) for trusted sellers.

Any purchases can only be made after depositing funds to the user’s centralized market wallet.

The website has an advanced withdrawal policy and users can withdraw both coins.

Seller Bond Fee on Tor2Door


About Sales Commission On Tor2door Market?

5% fee.

Tor2Door Market Security

Tor2Door marketplace is 100% anonymous and it enables all users to set a few security features like:

  • 2-FA via PGP: This feature makes sure the password, even if it gets leaked, does not give anyone else access to the user’s account.
  • PIN: This is used to protect funds and withdrawals. The PIN will always be required at the moment the user tries to access the marketplace.
  • Mnemonic Code: This feature is used to recover the account and change security permissions related to the user’s PIN. It is also required in case of changing the account password.
  • Personal phrase: Used to verify market legitimacy and prevent phishing attacks.

How to Shop on Tor2Door Market

Placing orders on Tor2Door is not much different from most other marketplaces and it is straightforward and very intuitive. All orders can be finalized in Escrow, finalize early, or through the auto-finalize options.

Once the payment is deducted the order is submitted to the seller. The seller will receive all the necessary shipping information and proceed with the delivery afterwards.

Final Thoughts

Tor2Door has a system that makes it easy for vendors and sellers to trade. If you take a look at the panel section, you’ll come across the overall stats of your activity:

Tor2Door Wallet
Tor2Door Wallet

With a community that is increasing daily, a security system that is assured by the admins with constant updates and the positive feedback rating, Tor2Door is a safe marketplace for anyone attempting to purchase on their platform.