Torch V3 Darknet Search Engine

Torch V3 Darknet Search Engine
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The Internet is a vast and mysterious place, full of hidden corners and dark recesses. And, deep in those shadows lies the dark web: a murky world of illegal activity and dangerous characters.

But there are also some useful things in this digital underbelly – including a search engine that can help you navigate the dark web safely and anonymously. One search engine is Torch! In this article, we’re going to discuss how it works and what you can find on it. So, let’s get started.

Torch: Introduction

Founded in 1996, Torch is one of the oldest and most prominent dark web search engines. It is known for the extensive database it maintains, containing over 100,000 onions and 4 million web pages.

Torch Search Engine
Torch Search Engine

The search engine is 100 percent unfiltered as it lists every onion site that exists on the dark web. The platform explains its approach to uncensored queries regarding law-enforcement demands to block specific searches.

This significant amount of freedom may create a great deal of space for illicit activities that have played a central part in defaming the dark web and deep web environments.

Torch Features

The homepage of the Torch holds numerous advertisements. These are not always flashy or hidden, so you can easily ignore them. Torch users can market their sites using the advertisement option as an intermediate step to getting a wide audience.

With just $100 a month, you can acquire an ad space on the dark web’s oldest search engine. Torch claims that its advertisement network receives about a million views a day.

Torch Features
Torch Features

Torch’s word match feature stands out and is very enticing. It offers users two options, the first being the ability to match any words they input. If this option is selected, the search engine will display results when the specific match is made across any word according to your specified keyword string.

The other option the search engine gives is “Matching all Words.” When this option is selected, the search engine will display all the exact results based on your keyword string. In simple terms, if a user searches for a drug vendor in Nederlands, the search engine will only show the results of drug vendors residing in Nederlands.

You may also find the search result page of Torch very informative. It shows you how many times a specific term users have entered has been listed in the search result pages. In addition, it lets you know the page size.

Torch identifies the keywords associated with every web page and displays them beneath every site to educate users about it.

Summing it Up

Overall, the Torch Darknet search engine is a powerful tool that you can use to find hidden websites and information. It is user-friendly and easy to use, and it provides accurate results. However, some of the areas that Torch needs to work on is at limiting displaying duplicate results. We noticed only 2-3 websites being unique out of 10 websites we searched on the platform.