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Versus Market: Best Vendors To Check

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Versus Market Link & URL: http://fklyn57dj4i6jcxvz3d352jawzoayixj43z4ra6korc6kylvvj5jjmad.onion

Another failing market results in the loss of consumer and vendor funds, as well as a loss of faith in the darknet community. While we are deeply saddened by the news of Dark Market’s demise, we see it as an ongoing reminder of the importance of using a trust less payment system like Multi Sig to protect customers and sellers from losing money in an exit scam or a bust. As a result, we must ask: Are you sick of losing money to exit scams and busts?

Then we are ready to welcome you to Versus Market, where all users are required to use a multi-signature payment process. This means we won’t be able to defraud you and steal your money, and even if we are apprehended, your assets will be safe.

For the next seven days, we will give away free vendor bonds to all Dark Market vendors who have made at least 300 sales during that time period. We strongly advise you to go to Versus and reclaim your faith in the darknet.

Not only that this site offers good security and experience for the customers. It also has some sellers that you could check.

CaliService – Jungle Boys Flowers provider

Here are some offers from this store:

Infinity 1oz 420$




WAR HEADZ – (2lbs 4oz Left)

45454 1
45454 1

JUNGLE CAKES – (1lb 1oz Left)

45454 2
45454 2

Exquisite 1oz 380$

SUNDAE DRIVER – (19 oz left)

45454 2
45454 2

SLUSHIE – (11oz left)

Polkadot Mushroom Chocolate 1-60$ // 5-290$ // 10-550$ // 20-1000$


Lazed Cannabis Edibles – 1 – 45$ \\ 5 – 200$ \\ 10 – 350$ \\ 20 – 600$

CaliforniaSoul – Ketamine etc

CaliforniaSoul offers Uncut ketamine, lemon haze hash, mimosa, and girl scout cookies. In the Versus Market, this store is quite popular since it already has a lot of things to achieve. California has made over 4000+ sales with mostly positive reviews. It offers great price of products.

Prices for GSC flower Great quality and Lemon haze hash which is fragrant and malleable


1G = 8 GBP

2G = 14GBP

3.5 = 25GBP

7G = 45GBP

14G = 85 GBP

Mimosa is Fire, has a great nose. we only have a little left so

3.5G = 30GBP

7.0G = 70GBP

And of course they are stocking the finest ketamine on the market


0.5G £14

1G £22

3.5G £65

7G £118

14G £224

28G £412

EmeraldLake – Cocaine, Weed, Etazene

EmeraldLake is probably still relatively new vendor in the Versus Market. But its offers are indeed tempting for many lovers. Here are the products they offer:

Etazene death dope $120 per gram

High Heat Fishscale $50 per gram

Ice Glass Methamphetamine $20 per gram

Shatter $15 per gram

Weed $3 per gram AAA

Not only coming with considerable prices, the store also offers free samples for reviews. So, for the starters, there is nothing to lose. If you are not sure about this store, you could ask for free samples from them. They will gladly give what you need.

HydroNerd Shop – US Pharma products only

The HydroNerd vendor specializes in only some products such as

– Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone 325 mg / 10 mg (next batch coming soon)

– Acetaminophen and Oxycodone Hydrochloride 325 mg / 10 mg

– K56 (Oxycodone hydrochloride 10mg)

This store offers various products which are only sourced from the US Pharmacies. They make the great supply on monthly basis. With high standardized practices, they make sure that their products are 100% authentic.

In the Versus Market, the vendor has 100% ratings. It is a great deal for all of the shoppers.

What you need to know about shopping at Versus Market

They hoped to create something along the lines of the Silk Road or Hansa. In truth, the VS Market’s real tale is still unfolding.

This is being referred to as a “security-driven onion initiative” by those in control of the Versus market. However, the platform is currently unable to address security concerns.

After months of planning, the project began in January 2019. DDoS attacks began immediately. Because of the severity of the damage, the website was forced to be taken down. Critics claim that the dark web marketplace Versus was a scam. The platform’s administrator has promised a rapid restoration of the service. In order to keep in touch with their friends and colleagues, they use Reddit. In the end, there is some good news…

When a new user enters the system, they automatically accept the terms of the system. It can only be accessed by the account’s creator. It is the client’s responsibility to protect their account from unauthorized access. Furthermore, never try to game the search feature by stuffing terms.

The members of the community should be mindful of one another’s personal space. Tolerant and respectful behavior is required. No public or private teasing, insults, or humiliation will be tolerated here. No one should ever try to con someone, either.

Users are encouraged by the platform’s administrators to discuss their thoughts and ideas in a civil manner. Avoid spreading bogus rumor or gossip. A better strategy would be to provide the community with interesting and useful information.

For your security and UX, you would need to do the following.

  • Insert the URL of the site in their TOR browser.
  • Download and save their PGP key.
  • Download the signed mirrors and validate.
  • Download the canary and validate.

When a customer puts an order, they are indicating that they have read and agreed to the terms of service. According to the supplier, these guidelines can be found in the FAQ section of their website (FAQ). You can also send them a personalized message. You should not request samples if the vendor’s website does not state that they are available. An order is not amendable or returnable once it has been authorized. Nobody, even customer support representatives, has the capacity to manually cancel an order. Only when the vendor fails to process the order in a timely manner are exceptions created.

Only sellers with a good reputation are allowed to sell on this market. Customers are also urged to leave evaluations, which the administration promotes. A review should be objective and neutral rather than favorable or unfavorable. A second investigation may be conducted if the administrator considers the comment was overly emotional. Prior to going public with their complaints, customers should try to address their issues with the seller.

The system may decide to halt orders once a specific number of them have been placed but no feedback has been left. To protect their identity, customers should not provide their address while leaving a review.