Abacus Market Fighting Phishing Links – Users Beware

Abacus Market Fighting Phishing Links – Users Beware
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These seem to be bad days for the darknet fraternity. A few days ago, this publication reported about the state of Versus Market. Upto this point, all is not well with Versus and users are advised to avoid it. Over the past 24 hours, Abacus market has also been having problems and people should take caution. This is the dark web and so every information should be given the attention it deserves. 

Abacus is arguably one of the biggest marketplaces in the game right now. So any issue with Abacus shouldn’t be ignored. No prominent darknet personality has addressed the issue, but take it from here that all is not well. Maybe people still think that this is a mere technical hitch, but believe it or not, something is a miss. 

This is how various darknet markets usually go down in unclear circumstances. We don’t want to say prematurely that the administration isn’t able to control the situation, but what we know is that all isn’t well. People have been complaining now for more than 24 hours, and honestly there’s a reason for curiosity. 

Users Report Issues With Abacus

On the Dread Forum, a user identified as nasyer asked: Which markets are down or not working properly today? Well, he got some responses which have prompted us to believe Abacus is experiencing a problem. He personally wrote; Are we waiting for another announcement who show himself so cold security president? Because checking today post about Abacus Market(may post that site not working) like Abacus market is fighting with phishing link problem, many user report within 24 hour and many lost coins and site is down. 

Other Responses

Alpha bay always on action 🤟👌🏻

/u/AvoidingTheLandlord 1 points

6 hours ago

Versus disappears and then I try to place an order on Abascus and it shuts down in the process. Bad times.

/u/zip 1 points

5 hours ago


/u/plkqcs 1 points

5 hours ago*

Abacus has been up and down today. There is only one user reporting a phishing link. That  phishing link was from REDDIT!!! This is not a general problem. As regards being off line, there is also a post on the sub saying the site is undergoing updates. There is no reason to think the site is compromised at this time


dont use clearnet links. get your links from either recon, the official dread sub

So What Is Going On? 

Abacus market is without doubt a renowned market. Abacus came as AlphaBay, and later rebranded after the giant decided to come back. As a result of the name it came with, Abacus got much attention. According to most users, the site isn’t now accessible. Like, it’s up and down, working and stopping in intervals. And this isn’t the norm so when such a thing happens, I think it’s only good to bring to your attention. 

A user has also reported a phishing link. Well, he’s only one so far but we’re waiting for more information and we will bring it to your attention. The phishing thing isn’t a general problem so it’s not something we’re going to talk about in detail. Infact a few users are advising that there’s no reason to think that the site is compromised at this point. 

About Abacus Market

Abacus was launched in 2021 as AlphaBay. It however rebranded following the return of the giant. The market features  bitcoin, Escrow, XMR, FE and Multisig.  Abacus looked exactly like AlphaBay both in operation and even the technical work. So it gained a lot of attention as many people thought it was truly the giant. However, it was under a different management. 

According to the management, the market is coded 100% from scratch. This gives a high level of security to users and vendors. Vendor bonds are waived for vendors with more than 100 sales and a minimum of 75% positive feedback. All vendors are reviewed by Abacus staff to avoid scammers. Trusted vendors can gain finalize early privileges.

Abacus is one of the markets that came out to castigate the fight against drugs by various LE around the world. They write ; Abacus Market is totally against the War on Drugs, which today is questioned around the world, has only brought deaths, abuses of power, spending of public money. We are against of limit people’s access to controlled substances that they decided to get. The will be able to get it from streets without knowing what they are buying and eliminating the simplicity of sharing information with other people in the same situation.

The Future of Abacus Market

We for sure don’t know a thing about this, but one thing we can say is that it’s uncertain. Nobody can talk about the future of most of these darknet markets. Today they’re up and running, the next day they’re no more. Takedowns by law authorities also lead to the closure of most of the markets. Another current trend is scam exits. Most marketplaces are just around for some time then later scam their customers and flee away with their crypto. Generally, the game isn’t as safe as in the early days. 

So one advice to any dark web user is to be vigilant. Pay attention to even the slightest detail. Otherwise you might not like the way things usually turn out faster in the game. Don’t trust any market or any vendor by the way. People are here for business, to make a few dollars and go back home. Don’t gamble with your safety and even your finances. Sharing crucial information with anybody in the game is also a very big mistake you should never make. I Know most of you already know, but I just have to keep on reminding you until it sinks. 

Abacus management is yet to make a statement if what is being experienced is from their side. But as things are, be on the lookout. The authorities may be on this or just any other site with I’ll intentions. Veterans know how things are done and they will not risk anymore. Otherwise take care and be safe. We wish you well, bye.