Best Weed Market In 2023

Best Markets To Buy Weed
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Weed is arguably one of the most sought after products on the dark web. Far from its medicinal value, weed has got a huge number of uses. As a result, most darknet markets tend to include it in their list of products to attract more customers and vendors. So you find that markets give weed varied attention based on the foundation upon which such market was created. 

Recently, many nations have decriminalized or started the process of legalizing weed. But at the same time, weed is illegal in most countries. And people found in possession can face jail terms. So it’s not a surprise that most of the drugs you’ll meet on the dark web are cannabis related. In this article we’re presenting to you the best markets to buy weed in 2023. Come along. 

Tor2door Market

Tor2door Market 1
Tor2door Market 1

Onion Link: Tor2Door Page

One of the legendary markets in the game right now, Tor2Door has over 80% of its listings on drugs. The market has over 11,000 listings spread across different categories. Under the drug category, cannabis has the highest number of listings. And it is arguably one of the safest platforms to buy weed. Just make sure that you properly investigate your vendor. Obviously, the market also features other items like counterfeit documents and fraud related items. 

The market isn’t wallet-less but the Multisig transactions offer users some privacy. Monero and Bitcoin are the accepted modes of payment. Tor2Door is a P2P market and so anybody can sell to any other person on the market. The vendor bond on Monero is a bit high, around $500. So all interested sellers must pay this, regardless. Still, there’s a 5% commission charged on all sales for the vendors. The market also features an inbuilt exchange letting users convert Bitcoin to XMR and vice-versa.

Kingdom Market

Kingdom Market 1
Kingdom Market 1

Kingdom market is another market which was only launched in May 2021 but strives to outdo its older competitors. The market offers fine weed and it’s one of the best choices for weed in the scene right now. Kingdom market is fully fledged and isn’t just limited to drugs. The market has nearly 2200 drug listings which covers a huge percentage of the total listing. The drugs available here include weed, meth, cocaine, cannabis and much more. Weed however is given the biggest weight. Infact it’s the major product here. 

Kingdom Market provides a choice of three coins that can be used for deposits, withdrawals and payments. So these products can be purchased using Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero or ZCash. The market isn’t wallet-less and so advance payment is a requirement. The vendor bond is roughly $300. 

Very young, yet a very stable and secure darknet market, Kingdom market has allegedly been built from scratch. Speaking from a neutral point of view, the market’s design is not only friendly but also very conservative. The interface alone is easily navigable and it slightly looks like Empire market. 


Just from the onset, Kingdom Market has always concentrated on improving its safety and functionality. The market enabled Mobile notifications for Jabber, Telegram as well as for Signal. Apart from security, the Kingdom market provides a wide range of other features. Some of these include Personal Phrase, 2FA, Unique Mnemonic Phrase, 6-digit PIN, Escrow, FE , User Activity Log, I2P URL, a possibility to encrypt personal messages etc. They highly recommend you to use Tails OS and for transactions to use Monero, which is more anonymous than BTC or LTC.

You can try Kingdom Market for weed. The administrators are friendly and most of the vendors trustworthy. Still, if it turns out the other way round, you only have yourself to blame. Always do proper scrutiny before any engagement on the dark web. 

ASAP Market

Onion: Asap Market

Anyone who knows the ASAP market very well knows that it’s a drug market. And without doubt the main drug on Asap is cannabis and its related products. So it’s not wrong to say that the market is a weed market. If you’ve been keen enough, ASAP considers all drugs categories as primary categories and doesn’t sub list them under drugs. 

If you look at the picture below, Cannabis and hashish has one of the highest numbers of listings. It’s infact the highest. Stimulants is a general term, and so I don’t see any excuse for that. 

ASAP Market
ASAP Market

Another thing, the drugs have got the highest number of listings on the market. ASAP even gives a lot more attention to drug related cases and complaints than any other. Some of the available products include Cannabis, Benzos, Opioids, Weight loss, Psychedelics etc. 

Navigation and Functionality

ASAP is just a Market on its own level. It is not only easy to navigate but the functionality is clear and everything is ok in the home page. You can browse ASAP even without any formal registration. It accepts payments in the form of Bitcoin and Monero. The market isn’t wallet less, thus need for deposits before purchases. ASAP has some two unique features that makes it even more outstanding. These are the FRD (Fake Review Detector) and Scam Hunter. They’re used to track fake reviews and hunt for vendors who may be scammers. This makes the marketplace pretty secure. Vendor accounts are priced at $400. 5% additional fee levied on each sale. 

Actually the market is more secure. In their own words they write ” ASAP Market is built with top notch security and performance, well known as the most stable market platform. Proud to be first to introduce DeadDrop and with Maps feature. Offering the best user experience and advanced safety features for dead drop marketplace. ASAP Market represents new era, next generation marketplace.”

You can try them out at your own time and liking. 

CannaHome Weed Market

CannaHome Weed Market
CannaHome Weed Market

CannaHome Market ought to have been the first in this list. It was majorly known as a weed and a cannabis market. It came to stand in for CGMC after the giants exit and so far it has played that role well well. But we can also believe that CGMC only came back with a new identity. CannaHome had the same thing as CGMC. Same admin, same vendors and same back end and design. The only difference was of course the name and that it only allowed sales in the USA.

But ever since, their main goal has been to offer a safe space for cannabis and shrooms consumers. Weed is without doubt the highest listing on CannaHome. 

The only problem is that the market mainly focused on the United States market. So most vendors and buyers outside the states didn’t have the opportunity to trade on this market. But anybody who has experience on CannaHome knows exactly what these people are missing. So shipping to other countries is prohibited. Seems the market decided to concentrate much on the US market to avoid complications and more issues with the authorities.

Another unique thing about CannaHome is that they only accept the most trusted vendors. Only vendors with over 500 sales in other markets and a rating of 4.95 can be considered. They also consider the experience on has in the game before being allowed to trade as a vendor. So this means that there are very minimal fraud cases on CannaHome, like it’s almost impossible. No one wants to destroy their reputation which took them years to build. So to anybody in the states, the best place for buying weed is CannaHome. 

CannaHome Weed Market Closed

Before we go to the closure, the cannabis section featured over 3,000 listings and 100+ vendors on CannaHome. So it had all that you may need. Ordering is also easy and simple as payments are made directly to the vendor or using a Multisig address. This means the market itself cannot steal user funds. 

But there’s something. A while ago, I told you w ought to have started with this market. Now, in April 2022, CannaHome through it’s administrators announced it’s shut down. ON a Post published on the dread forum in early April titled ‘Important Announcement’, they talked of their retirement.

The post read in part”…It’s been 2-1/2 great years, but now it’s time for us to move onto the next phase of our lives. Scientific fact: 1 year in normal time = 10 years in darknet market admin time. In other words, we’re 25 years older now or at least it feels that way. Today, we’re beginning the process of closing down CannaHome. For everyone’s safety, we’ll be doing this fast and efficiently. The CannaHome website will go dark 14 days from today…”

The reason we featured CannaHome is beca most people doesn’t know what happened with the market. Others are also still being scammed through other phishing links. Well, CannaHome Closed

DarkFox Market

DarkFox Market
DarkFox Market

Onion: Darkfox Market

DarkFox is allegedly a scam market, but its role in supply and sale of cannabis and its related products are just outstanding. We therefore had to give it a slot in this listing. However, before anything else, know how to play your game right. Otherwise we won’t be part of any negativity resulting from posts on this site. We believe that consumers of our content are fully grown adults who are able to make their own decisions without any influence. 

So that aside, DarkFox is generally good when it comes to weed. It was launched in May 2020, and so far it has stood the test of time. It has actually grown to be one of the biggest darknet markets. DarkFox Market sells Cannabis, Hash, Opioids, Dissociative, RCs, Benzos, Stimulants etc. And these are just some of its listings in the “drugs” category. The total number of products in the drugs category is 1469. But cannabis boasts the highest number of listings.

Obviously, because DarkFox is a fully fledged market, the actual product types and quantity is much larger. Security on DarkFox is a bit over the top and this distinguishes it from other competitors. The market alleges to have been coded from scratch. They use their own code base and not that taken from any source. Like ASAP, one can browse DarkFox Market without registering. The market has a 0.00005BTC minimum deposit requirement. Another thing, on DarkFox you only register when and if the product of your choice is listed.

AlphaBay Market

AlphaBay Market
AlphaBay Market

Onion: Alphabay Market

AlphaBay is without doubt a big player in the scene. According to the FBI, AlphaBay is the world’s largest darknet marketplace to ever exist. The FBI closed the market in 2017 and some of the administrators were apprehended. The crackdown was known as Operation Bayonet. And it led to the death of one of the co-administrators in unclear circumstances. Authorities claim he committed suicide while fellow administrators claim he was killed. 

Current administrator DeSnake is one of the survivors of Operation Bayonet. He recollected himself and opened the market again in 2011. Being one of the biggest players at the moment, AlphaBay features a very huge Drug listing. Though the market offers all black market items. AlphaBay is not only a principle driven but also a vision oriented and a community centred marketplace. The market boasts a very mature management as its main administrator, DeSnake is one of the notorious names in the dark web. 

AlphaBay is credited with most of the features you see in the marketplace right now. Sticky listing, featured listings, autoshops, monero as a payment, PGP-signed addresses, shared account access for vendors just to mention a few. So it actually has all these features. The rebrand and top features it came with easily paved way for this world class market to reach the top once again.

Decentralized system On This Major Weed Market

According to the management, they’re working on a decentralized system. DeSnake with a team of experts are building the next generation decentralized marketplace network. When complete, this new system will allow markets and vendor shops from all around the world to join and form the future. The network will make it impossible to LE takedowns. This will be the long awaited progress in the darknet market scene.

In matters of weed, AlphaBay has it in plenty. Remember this is a bigger market and so many vendors strive for the recognition. 

One Last Thing About The Weed Markets We Featured

So there you go, top markets to buy weed in 2022. Just go through the list and see which one best suits you and your needs. But just as we said, know how to play your game. Use Tor and a paid VPN. Only deal with trusted vendors and avoid revealing your identity to anybody on the dark web. But above common sense!